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I'll Be Alright (Feature)

My upcoming debut feature about drug addiction & mental illness, which I had made a short film of the same name early this year 2023 as a proof of concept.

I'll Be Alright (Short) - 2023

My 3rd drama short about drug addiction & mental illness, also inspired by my brother, which is still in post-production. But I'm almost done with the edit.

Blood Type "O" (Short) - 2020

My 2nd horror/supernatural short about a girl who gets Malaria that starts a chain of horrifying events. This film is inspired my sister.

Instant Risk (Short) - 2018

My 1st action short film about a woman living a normal life in London. But then things start to take a dark turn when her friend unexpectedly pays her a visit. 

Write Your Movie in 30 Days Intro Workshop

In this free mini course, you'll learn module 1 of my full screenwriting program "Write Your Movie in 30 Days" such as how to generate interesting story ideas, how to choose the best movie concept.