New Teaser

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I have just made a new teaser for my upcoming horror film, Nightmare in Hell. I have added some scary music. So, this time, I think the teaser looks more interesting and terrified than the previous ones. I just used free music. Why not? It’s an indie film. So, whatever I can use for free I will do it. Then the next step, I will create a poster for it. Again, I will make it myself. But not today. I’m done for today. I will read or watch some movies and relax. Hope you like the new teaser with music 🔥👻👿


Another Day On Filmmaking Project

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Today, I will spend time working on my film, Nightmare in Hell. Maybe I will add some scary sound to the teaser. Anyway, I will work on the project the whole day. I want to start shooting soon. So I must effectively work on it whenever I can. As I said before, this film will be made professionally with cast & crew and a real DOP (cameraman) – not me. But I’m not gonna hire an army of film crew. Just the people that I think I really need, to keep the costs down as much as possible. It’s a low-budget film that is based on an unexplained event, after all. So I have to be careful what I am gonna spend the money on. I start planning now, actually, who will do what, how many people I need to work behind the scenes, how many actors, how long it’s gonna take shooting the movie, how long with the post-production editing, where to submit my film, and so fort. It is very important that I have a control over my project for each step of the way. It makes me see things more clear and how realistic it is, to make it happen. Otherwise, I will be so overwhelmed and stressful if I don’t plan it well beforehand. And then, I may give it up all together since I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. So, it’s crucial that I know what I’m doing and how I’m gonna perform it. I end up working 9 to 5, eventually. So, it’s a full time job anyway. I also have to attend acting classes, go to different film festivals and events, and so on. That’s why I have to manage my time well, to be able to have time to do all that. Today, I’ll see how far I can get my filmmaking project done.

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Shopping Spree

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I went on a shopping spree all day long today. I have not shopped new clothes for a very long time. I just spend my money on food, acting classes, my filmmaking project, and anything else but clothes. Also, when I have to work on set I can’t really dress my own outfits anyway. Most of the time, I have to wear the clothing the costume department has for me. So, I often don’t use my own apparel. Therefore I forget to buy new clothes. But I love fashion. And the weather is nice and sunny day by day. It makes me feel like buying new summer clothes, to celebrate the season. So today’s the day. I bought new cowboy ankle boots in brown, beige cardigan, a pair of pants, sandals, and some tops. And that’s enough for now. I can’t wait to wear them soon. I tend to buy bohemian fashion clothes and rock ‘n’ roll style. I do have some cute dresses and outfits. So, they are not all jeans/denim and raw look. Now I feel renewed. It is my way of giving myself a gift once in a while or when I have accomplished something – big or small. It gives me a new energy to continue to work hard. And I have neglected it for sometime. From now on, I have to remember to pamper myself for every little goal I have reached.

Before I went shopping, I went to Hyde Park first. It was so sunny today. It would be a waste of time not to stop by Hyde Park and have a walk around it, to enjoy the nice weather. I was on my way to Oxford Street anyway.

shopping spree

women boots

ankle jewelry

hyde park

pink rose

flower garden

Best European Movies

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Sometimes, I like European movies better than American films. There’s something unique about European films that you don’t really see in American movies. I just can’t explain. Maybe because I live in Europe. And also maybe because I see American movies everywhere. So I get used to it. Then, when I watch something different that has nothing to do with America, I see things in a new perspective which fascinates me. The Danish Girl has received many good reviews. So, it must be an excellent movie. But since I am straight so I thought, maybe this film is not for me. But when I browsed through Netflix one evening searching for an interesting film to watch, I stumbled upon it. Then I thought to myself, why not? I shall try to watch it. And it turned out to be a fantastic film. It made me miss Denmark all the more. Even though Britain is also in Europe like Denmark, but these two countries are totally different in, almost, every way. It’s difficult to describe. I just think, the Danish culture, mentality, way of life, and so on, are very much unlike England. You have to try to live in Scandinavia for a while, to notice a lot of differences. But of course, each country has its own identity which should be kept intact as much as possible.

Back to The Danish Girl, I think, it’s a film for everyone. It’s not just for homosexual. It has universal themes that we all can relate to: Love, courage, and be yourself. In fact, I have watched many good gay/lesbian movies that were equally good, which were also for everybody. Here’s a list of some of the films:

  1. The Danish Girl
  2. Boys Don’t Cry
  3. Brokeback Mountain
  4. Dog Day Afternoon
  5. Kiss of the Spider Woman
  6. Gia
  7. Bound

And this is a list of some of the best European films I have seen:

  1. A Clockwork Orange
  2. Trainspotting
  3. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
  4. Betty Blue
  5. Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin)
  6. Breaking The Waves
  7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  8. Amélie
  9. Nightwatch
  10. The Danish Girl
  11. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I consider it a European movie anyway since it’s based on a Swedish novel. And I read the novel in Danish before the movie was made. The book was very captivating to read, especially when you read it in its original language Swedish/Danish. I have never read it in English version. Stieg Larsson, he had such a unique writing style that kept you turning pages.)
  12. A Fish Called Wanda

Smoked Salmon Bun With Blue Cheese

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Just woke up a while ago, preparing my breakfast (actually lunch) which was smoked salmon bun with blue cheese (I love blue cheese), listening to morning music, then I’m ready for a new day. I got back home around 2 am from filming. It was a long journey home. Then I went to bed around 3 or 4 am this morning and got up around 8:30 am. I didn’t sleep that much. But, it’s ok. I don’t have to be on set today. So I can relax. I was running and screaming all night long on set. Even after the director shouted “Cut, cut, cut!”, I still continued to run and scream because my own scream overpowered his voice. Then some people who already stopped running and screaming were laughing and telling me that they stop shooting now, so you can stop. I was laughing at myself as well. It was a fun shoot anyway. I had to run, scream, and fall, in the snow and bad weather all day long for several days in another film back in winter earlier this year. So, I’m getting used to it now. The weather in the previous movie was also very tough and we had to wear spring/summer clothes, so that at some point I thought my body was going to surrender to the freezing condition. But I survived it. Now I know how it was like for Leonardo Dicaprio and the rest of cast & crew during the filming “The Revenant”, the toughest film shoot ever, perhaps.

So, I really need to rest today. I also have to catch up with some tasks. Well, I must see what assignments I will get them done first today. And then just chill out for the rest of the day. Yeah, I think, I will do that.

smoked salmon bun


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I have come to the point where I’m not sure whether or not I want to make the film myself or just sell the manuscript? Making film is a big challenge for me. Maybe not quite. I did make my first short film and write the script for it in no time at all. I also directed, shot, and edited the movie myself. I think, the most original screenplay and easy to write comes from an original idea (of course) that spontaneously springs to your mind. Or some stories that you have in your mind, or know very well for a long time waiting to be told which makes the plot unique and original since no one knows it better than you. So, they can’t tell the story the way you do. Or, you just love a specific subject so much that you feel fun writing about it in your own way. That’s why I just write and write.I don’t read books about writing. Heck, I don’t even care about my grammar. But of course when I have to sell the finished screenplays the grammar has to be correct. But before then, I will just write whatever I want to write without fear of embarrassing myself about my grammar. I don’t care if everyone will like it either. But there must be some people that will like it. And that’s enough for me.

But since I’m also busy working on set myself, attending acting classes, martial arts classes which I haven’t attended it for a long time now because I’m busy, and many more, maybe I’d be better off just write and sell the scripts. I don’t know yet. I must wait and see. Because, I still have a strong desire to produce my own films. So, my interest in filmmaking is still there. It hasn’t gone anywhere. I just don’t think I have time to do it. I will just take a little step a day. So I can digest it slowly and see how badly I want it done.

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Watching a Romcom

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Today I will relax and watch a romcom, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I love watching romantic comedy as well such as Amélie, What Women want. Funny enough, I read the book long before the film was made. Then when I accidentally saw it on telly I thought to myself, this film has the same title as a book I have read before. So while I was watching the movie I realized it’s made from the book, of course. I think it has many good lessons for both women and men, who don’t want to waste their times for something that is not gonna go nowhere. You take initiative by following him/her on social media sites, liking his/her posts, and sending him/her message. But no responses from the other part?! No follow back, no likes, and so on. Just discreet flirts through social media sites back and forth, back and forth. Like cat-and-mouse – Tom & Jerry. Are they the games people play? If you really like someone you openly let the person know, your friends & family know. You take the initiative. I am not afraid of taking initiative. That’s how I find out fast if someone feels the same way and is being serious with me or not. So I don’t have to waste my time.

My Movie Teaser Lacks Sound

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My movie teaser lacks one more ingredient which is music or sound. I will need to make a new one with music or sound in it. Otherwise, it will seem bland. So today, I will spend the time creating a new teaser with music or sound. It will enhance the experience a lot. How can a horror movie be scary with no sound? Maybe some manage to horrify the audience anyway. I spent a lot of time making the teaser. Because making a movie intro or title is not that simple. You have to find the right design for the film and its genre, including the era the film takes place. And my movie took place in the 80s. Everything then has to reflect that such as the title, color tones. And the songs as well if I’m going to use the music not just scary sound. So, there’s a lot that goes into a 30-second teaser, actually. Then think about the whole movie how much work that has to be done? But I like it. I do it with a real interest in the project. So every step of the way does entertain me. That’s why I woke up pretty early today at around 5:30 am. I felt so excited about my movie project, so I could barely sleep. Every day, as soon as the sun rises, I jump out of bed. I try to move my film project toward its goal each day. There’s not a day I don’t work on it, except when I have to do the filming. I mean when I have to work on set for other productions. So the days I am not on set, I pursue my own plan constantly. I’m so thrilled to bits about the activity that I can’t stay away from it. By the way, I won’t be filming the entire movie myself. I will use a DOP this time. The film will be made professionally with different people working on each department who are skilled in what they do. I also welcome new talents, to give them the opportunity to try their skills out.

Below is another version of the teaser I have made, which I think it looks more horrified. But it doesn’t seem to echo the 80s that much. So, I will make a new one again with music or sound. What do you think?


This teaser looks more like from the 80s. But it doesn’t look like a horror movie enough, I think.


But this one doesn’t look like from the 80s. But it does look more horrified, I think.

My Film Teaser Is Ready

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My film teaser, Nightmare in Hell, is ready! You can view it here. I have been busy creating the teaser and website for my movie. So I haven’t posted much lately. Now, I have finished making the teaser and the film official site. I can start blogging again, to update you my progress. Feel free to follow Nightmare in Hell on Tumblr, to keep yourself up-to-date with its latest news, updates, teasers, trailers, clips, release dates, and more. I am not done yet with the website editing. There’s a lot to do. And I also want to create various versions of the teaser – to see which one works best.


Now I can relax a little bit. Now that one mission is accomplished. I might read something. I also need to go out to buy some soft drinks, desserts, fruits, and so on. The weather is getting nicer and nicer. But I don’t have any soft drink or dessert at home at all, except tap water. And sometimes I don’t feel safe drinking tap water. And next week the weather looks even more summery. I miss Brighton again when I see the sun shines. I went there about two weeks ago. But it was quite chilly back then. So I wasn’t there that long and I didn’t explore much of Brighton. I want to go back there again. But since I don’t know anyone there I think it will be boring for me. So, I don’t think I will go back there. Time to go to the next destination. I have lots of beautiful places in my mind that I want to visit in UK. Let’s see where will I find myself next?

Brighton Beach Photos

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Just finished editing some of the photos from my visit to Brighton Beach a week ago. There are lots of photos. I can’t adjust them all in one go. I have to modify them bit by bit. Then after this, I will also have to put the teaser for my film together. I will have a break now, have my dinner, relax, and start again. Hopefully, I will be able to wrap the teaser up tonight. Just click on the images below to view the gallery: