New Photos

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I took a new photoshoot about 4 Days ago. Time for new pictures, finally. I like them. And all the images that were taken, the photographer did not retouch them at all. They were straight from the camera without manipulating or retouching. My next photoshoot will be about 3 or 6 Months from now. Just click on each image below to go to the gallery of each of them:

buppha in business uniform

A New Kind of Audition

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I’m very busy at the moment. I’m rarely home. I haven’t blogged since Saturday last week because I have been busy since then. Tomorrow, I will be out all day long again. It’s the time of year that I get busy. Or maybe just this year. Working in entertainment industry can be difficult to predict when you will get busy. It depends on the projects and lots of things. It’s not like a regular or a typical job. Sometimes you get really busy and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you have a long downtime you begin to wonder: This is it, my acting career is over, no one likes me no more, maybe I’m too old, maybe I don’t have the right look, maybe my acting is horrible, maybe……

That’s the way it is in entertainment business. You have to be persistent, be patient, be active, be productive, always improve your skills, and more. If you can’t do this and can’t cope with rejections, downtime, and sometimes being busy constantly, then it’s not the right job for you. As far as I’m concerned, I love every moment of it, regardless of how much or less work I have. I just love acting, doing what I love, and enjoying the process of making my dreams come true. So I don’t mind the downtime. It also gives me time to relax, rethink my strategy, work on my own filmmaking project, write, make new plans, attend acting workshops, martial arts class, and so forth. So, I see it as an opportunity to recharge my energy and gain new knowledge in the meantime. Therefore, it doesn’t affect me that much.

I went to audition on Sunday last week. I have never been to this type of audition before. I normally do a 1-minute monologue. And that’s it. But this one, we did Shakespeare, dance, and a modern monologue as well – 3 in 1 audition. But it was fun. It really challenged my skills and talents: What and how many skills I actually possess, can do, or can acquire. I have never tried a Shakespeare play before. But it wasn’t that bad. I just had to jump right in without fear. Then we danced. I haven’t been to dancing classes for a while. But when I started dancing again last week I could feel I still love dancing. So I have to start going to dancing classes again. Then I performed a 1-minute modern monologue at last. It was a fun and good experience, indeed.

After that, I wanted to go to martial arts class as well because, like dancing, I haven’t attended it for some time. And I normally attended it on Sundays. I am busy with my script and my filmmaking project at present. So I stop doing all of the other things – just for now. But I think, I may have to start going to dancing and martial arts classes again. Just to keep training. Otherwise, I will never be good at it if I stop and start again for so many times. I have to keep practising regularly if I want to make some progress.

From when I attended martial arts class – last year, I think. We learned lots of things, for example, boxing, kung fu, armed and unarmed stage combat.

Egg Yolk Face Mask

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I’m using egg yolk face mask right now. I planned to do it yesterday. But then I was working on my screenplay constantly, so I just forgot and apply it today instead. Now, I’m waiting for it to completely dry, so that I can wash it off. Then after, I will have a soft, radiant, astringent skin like a baby face. I will mask once or twice a week. Egg yolk is a perfect face mask because it extracts all of the impurity from the skin and leaves the skin soft and clean. Egg yolk has lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more. And it’s very sticky. And therefore, it’s an ideal face mask to draw out the dirt, filth, oil, etc. and rejuvenate the skin since it is so rich in nutrients. I sometimes also use egg yolk as a hair treatment. And it will leave my hair soft and shiny. So, I rarely buy beauty or cosmetic products at all. I just use what I have in the kitchen as my skin care. The only things I buy are makeup, shampoo, soap, and similar, since I can’t make them myself. I can. But it will take time and cost more since I have to make them in a big quantity at a time, which is not worth it if I will just want to make them for my own use. So I don’t bother. But something like face mask, face oil, serum, and the like, I can make them in a small amount at a time – just for my own use. Like face oil or serum, I can just make only one bottle each time. Then when I have used it up I can simply make a new one. So, it’s very simple to make and rather affordable. I want to go to bed early, so that my skin can relax if I want to have a younger looking skin. But it seems, I will be working on my script up till late again tonight.

Waiting for the egg yolk face mask to dry before I wash it off.

Afternoon Tea with Apple Crumble

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I’m enjoying my afternoon tea with apple crumble. I bought the black tea from Harrods yesterday. It had a nice scent when I smelled it before I bought it. But now when I drink it it doesn’t taste of much. But it’s a black tea. Maybe it tastes like that. I don’t know. It’s a long time ago I drank black tea. So I don’t quite remember how it tastes? Anyway, black tea is a good tea. So I will just finish this package first. Then I can buy a new black tea from a different brand, afterwards. It may taste better. But the apple crumble tastes very yummy, which I just bought from Sainsburys. It’s the best apple crumble I have ever eaten. It normally tastes quite dry. But this one from Sainsburys tastes like a home-made dessert. I went out and did my shopping this morning, mostly just candies, because I’m going to work on my screenplay the whole day today – till I have to go to bed. So I need lots of snacks. It’s getting more and more interesting the more I edit it. I see my short horror film script, Escape from Death, as an experiment on my writing and storytelling, before I start working on a feature film manuscript. I have already written the treatment and the screenplay as a draft for my feature horror movie with the same name, Escape from Death. But I have not revised them yet. I want to work on my short film screenplay first, to practise my writing and storytelling skills. Therefore, I will just add, delete, and modify it as much as I like until I’m happy with it. And it looks good so far. I’m glad that I take the time to experiment with it before I start filming, and before I move on to write and make my feature film. It’s my second short, after all. So I just want to make a better film than the last one. If I don’t care how interesting the screenplay and film will be then there is no point of becoming a filmmaker. As a storyteller, I want to create a good art. I want to improve and make progress each time I create something.

Afternoon tea time with delicious apple crumble.

My Beauty Secret

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Nature is behind my beauty secret. I love nature. And I try to utilize it in my daily life as much as possible. I even make and use my own natural cosmetics, such as face oil, face mask. I use, for example, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil as my face oils. Then I use green clay for my face mask. Sometimes, I just use egg yolk. Especially, the latter really makes my face feel soft and taut like a baby skin. I can feel the difference immediately right after using it. I just do it once or twice a week before I go to bed. And egg yolk face mask is my favorite beauty routine for younger looking skin.

I tried to run a handmade beauty cosmetic business before since I love natural, handmade cosmetics so much. But I had to stop it because I didn’t have time to pursue my dreams as an actress, writer, and filmmaker. I also made and sold handmade jewelry before which I also had to put a stop to it, again, because I wanted to focus on my acting career 100% instead. So now, I only make handmade cosmetics and jewelry just for my own use. I might, in the future, restart my beauty business if my acting, writing, and filmmaking careers didn’t go so well. But even if it did, having a side business that could guarantee a steady income as well would be ideal since nothing is certain in the entertainment industry, or in this world.

handmade cosmetics

Handmade cosmetics that I make and use for myself.

I like buying natural ingredients to use in the formulations of my own beauty products. I know almost all the shops in London where to buy them. I don’t like buying my materials online since I can’t see them for real right in front of me. I am a visual person, I guess….hehe. Today is Friday, I will use my egg yolk face mask before I go to bed. It’s best to do it before bedtime, then use night cream, afterwards. Then my skin can relax during the night. Then I will wake up with a nice, healthy glow skin in the morning. I try to go to bed early as well. The latest I will go to bed will be about 10pm. I discover that whenever I go to bed early and then when I get up in the morning my skin looks so youthful and healthy.

I also eat lots of vegetables. Healthy food is vital for a healthy skin as well. Tea is also good for the skin. Because, it’s no secret that it contains lots of antioxidants which are good for the skin, health, and more. My top favorites are green tea and black tea. I can see a significant change in my skin after drinking these teas. Speaking of tea, I will start drinking it more often than coffee since it does more good to my skin than coffee. And I do buy my tea in a tea shop or in the malls, such as Harrods, Selfridges. I don’t know. When it comes to tea, I care more about the quality, product, packaging, what it made of, where it’s from, where and how it’s made, and so on.

green tea

Tea is one of my beauty secrets of a younger looking skin.

And I don’t like using teabags. I prefer loose-leaf tea and let it infuse in hot water for some time before I drink it, so its minerals, aromas, and more, from the leaves will fully be extracted. And then I will get more benefits from it. Making and drinking tea is like a ritual for me. Drinking a cup of delicate tea gives me a sense of luxury and I feels so relaxed. And it’s like, it’s taking me to the place where the tea plants were cultivated and made. It’s an exceptional experience and journey just by drinking a cup of good, quality tea. That’s how a brand distinguishes itself from others by connecting the customers to a unique, luxurious adventure. And it works.

I am on my way out now to buy tea!

Speak soon.



A Busy Week

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I busy myself with lots of things this week. I think, it could be because Halloween and Christmas are approaching. I have lots of self tape auditions to make, working on my own screenplay and film project, looking for film festivals to send my film to, meetings, attending acting & writing classes, going through actor applications for my horror film, and many more. But I have everything under control. I’m getting used to being busy. And I love it. If I’m not busy then I don’t know what to do. I would probably be bored. So I prefer having some creative works to do all the time. It just keeps me going. This is what I love to do or feel that I was destined to become an actress, writer, and director. So, every moment or every step I take to move myself forward is a pure joy for me.

I also have my hands full today. And that’s why I stood up quite early today 5:30am. I set the alarm clock last night to wake me up at 6:30am. But I got up an hour earlier instead. It’s always like that. I think, it’s because I have dedicated my life and time to my acting and filmmaking careers. So, I’m always so energetic, active, and excited to start my day to do what I’m passionate about. I can foresee, I will be very busy from now on till the end of this year and continue to the next year as well. All of the sudden, New Year is just right around the corner. Wow, time flies.

But I love New Year. I think, it has something to do with a new beginning. I always look forward to a new start, experiencing something new, new opportunities and possibilities, new friends, new connections, and so on. Therefore, I’m always very enthusiastic about my future and what I can do each day to reach my goals. When I think of it that way I don’t see it as a difficult thing to achieve. I just enjoy the process of getting there, so I forget how challenging it can be.


Morning coffee.

Comedy Night

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I’m working on my own horror movie project day & night. I need to take a break and see a comedy. I like watching Bridesmaids. I have seen it many times already. And tonight, I’m going to see it again. It’s such a good, funny film that always makes me laugh. Finally, a good comedy with all female leads that manages to make you laugh again and again.  Kristen Wiig is hilarious. The whole cast is just so funny. If my horror film fails I may try my hand at comedy movies instead 🙂

So tonight, I will just relax and watch a few good movies if I can. If not, then just one film. I have to see a movie anyhow to entertain myself since I don’t have a television. So, Netflix and Amazon are the places I go to when I need some entertainment. And I love watching movies and read books. But I have been reading and writing too much lately. So I need a change. If I don’t read or write I watch movies. And that’s it. I bought a book from Amazon not long ago, I don’t even have time to read or finish it, so many things to do. I have read the novel once which was very captivating. So I have to read it again. And it’s a long time ago I’ve read it. So when I start reading it again I can’t remember a thing.

I also want to re-read Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. I love thriller/suspense/mystery/sci-fi/fantasy. And that’s why I want to make horror movies and, perhaps, sci-fi films as well in the future. I just like reading books and watching films that keep me on the edge of my seat constantly, or, take my imagination to a whole new level. I also like The Girl on The Train novel, but never watch the film. I have heard it’s not very good. I think, it’s because I was just disappointed that the film didn’t use the novel’s original setting which was London. I think, many people, like me, were expecting to experience another side of London, as the author has experienced it, in movie as well how it would depict London scenes you’ve never seen it that way before, or no one has described it that way before. Instead, it used New York’s setting. So I never try to watch it. I might, at some point. I rarely read romance or comedy. But I do see romantic or comedy movies once in a while. Not that much. Just for the change.

The Power of Technology

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I am very busy at the moment. I plan to shoot my short film asap. But it seems, I might have to postpone it another more week. But that’s it. I have lots of applications which I haven’t even had time to go through and respond to them all – only some. So hopefully, this weekend, I will be able to do it. I have to if I want to complete my short film within two weeks from now. Giving myself a deadline is also a way to do whatever I can to meet the end date. Otherwise it could go on forever.

Tonight, I might continue to work on my screenplay as well. I write a lot every day. Even though I don’t blog that often now since I’m busy, but I do write daily. I have a lot to write, actually. But it can only benefit me. Writing every day gives me more confidence in writing, and at the same time improves my writing skill. And I love writing. So I enjoy the process to a fullest extent.

After finishing this blog post, I will continue to work on my script on my mobile phone. I work on my cell phone as much as I work on my laptop. At night time, I don’t like sitting up with my laptop on my lap and work. I just want to lie down and use my mobile phone for my work instead. Mobile phone has become a very convenient thing nowadays for writers. You can use it to perform lots of tasks without using a computer or a laptop. I use my mobile a lot, more than I use my laptop. I think. I also read and write a lot on my mobile, especially at night.

And when I can’t sleep I just grab my mobile and continue to write. Or, when I have something interesting I want to add to my screenplay before I forget it I can just do it straight away, using my mobile to add, delete, adjust, etc. the manuscript. Right now, I’m also blogging using a mobile app.


Oxford Street

Women’s Right

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It is very important that women start fighting back if they’re experiencing (sexual) harassment, discrimination, racism, or even crimes being committed to them. The silence only increases the problems even more. You may be seen as a troublemaker and get less job opportunities if you try to complain. But the people who dare to speak up make changes! And your dignity and right are far more important above all else. The people that don’t want to understand you or support you are not the right people to work with anyway, or have anything to do with for that matter. I like watching films or read stories that encourage women to come forward, to fight for their rights, be heard, be understood, get support, and more. I like to be inspired and learn how to tackle these types of issues since I’m a woman myself. So, I do sometimes experience similar problems many (color) women experience, especially in the workplace.

This film looks interesting on BFI website. I have, actually, watched many good, inspirational movies on its website. It’s really a good destination for filmmakers to discover unique inspirations and ideas. So I’m going to watch it here

Some of The Beautiful Places I Have Been in Europe

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I have been to some countries in Europe many, many years ago when I was younger and loved to travel. I still love traveling. I just don’t travel as much as I was used to. Some places were so beautiful that I would like to go back and visit them again. I will, for sure, one day. Today, I will just list the places in the 3 Countries that I have been to. It’s enough. I can’t list all the places and post all the pictures of all of those places I have been to here. Otherwise, this post will be very long. By the way, the photos are not my own. They’re from a site that you can download them for free for commercial use as well. I visited those places before iPhone was invented. And I didn’t own a camera myself. So, I didn’t take a single photo of those places I have been, which was too bad. My friends, they took some photos. But I have lost contact with them, so. Anyway, I can always revisit those scenes again with a camera. I include Denmark as well since I have lived there for many, many years. In fact, I have been living in Europe more than I have lived in Thailand. Denmark is a small, wonderful country. So I will just talk about it a little bit here as well.

1. France

eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower: I went to Paris about 20 or more years ago. I still remember till this day how hard I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower with my high-heel shoes on. Well, they were not that high. But they had heels. Even though they weren’t that high, but they were not flat shoes or sport shoes or something like that. Anyway, I went to the top with not so good shoes on, only to come down about 10 Minutes later again because it was rather cold. It was spring. And down there wasn’t that cold. But when I got up there the temperature suddenly dropped. It felt like winter, all of the sudden. So after a short while up there, I couldn’t take it no more. So I had to, almost, run down from the Eiffel Tower again. And it was far up. So, all that effort was for nothing. I spent a lot of time scrambling up and down the Eiffel Tower than I spent the time enjoying the view up there. What a shame. But it was a beautiful view up there – even it was for a short while.

Arc de Triomphe: After I ran down from the top of the Eiffel Tower, I walked from the Eiffel Tower to Arc de Triomphe. There was a lot to see on the way. So I decided to walk instead in order to see all the amazing things I wanted to see on the way. Again, it was worth it.

Place du Tertre

Montmartre: I felt tempted to have a drawing of myself there. But I had a lot to see and I got impatient having to sit there for a long while. Then, I would miss lots of things. So I skipped it.

Notre-Dame: I visited the beautiful Cathedral. Then later on I read The Da Vinci Code (I saw the movie as well, but didn’t like it. I liked Angels & Demons movie better. But both the books The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were equally captivating. They were some of the books that I’d not put down before I had read till the end.), it reminded me of Paris. But I wasn’t sure if Notre-Dame Cathedral was one of the locations in the novel as well? It was a long time ago I read the book and watched the film.

But what I loved the most was walking around the small, side streets nearby the Cathedral, or all minor streets in Paris in general. It’s so romantic. I could smell the richly scented aroma of freshly brewed coffee from the cozy cafes on both sides of the streets. It created such a unique experience and atmosphere.

Everywhere I went in Paris, everything looked so romantic and charming. It’s like the world stopped going round. And everybody would just live happily ever after in a spellbinding city like Paris.

Louvre Museum: I just passed by it. I didn’t go inside. It looked huge. So I didn’t bother to spend time in there. It would take me days to walk around in there, I think. So I also skipped it. And this location was definitely in The Da Vinci Code novel and movie. When you have visited the places that were being used as movies’ settings you understand it much better. You also appreciate the authors or writers more how dedicate they are to really describe the places in details, but in an exciting or poetic way – not a boring way. And you know it, it’s truthful because you have been there yourself.

2. Germany

Berlin: I have only been to Berlin in Germany. I studied German at school. So our teachers took us to Berlin, so that we’d try to speak German with the locals there. I didn’t speak German to no one, except my own classmates. But we went to lots of places in Berlin, which was very interesting. I think, we went to Berlin 4-5 Years after the wall was being taken down. So, the city was still quite silent. Not so many tourists, yet. And many of the areas were still untouched. We walked around some locations in the city as if we were the only people there – no one else. It was that quiet.

3. Italy

Florence: I saw small angels everywhere in Italy. Florence is a beautiful city as well. But I wasn’t there that long. Me and my friend, we were only there for a few days. We were just there for the fashion show because we both had shops. I had a clothes shop. She had a shoe shop. So, we were at the fashion show in Florence to find new, potential clothing companies to buy our apparels from, and to see new trends.

Bologna: We then took a train from Florence to Bologna to visit bag factories. My friend, she also sold women’s bags in her shop. So, she’s also looking for new, interesting bag factories to buy her bags from. The views outside the train’s windows were so beautiful and picturesque, as if they were straight from a painting or something like that.

Milan: Of course, all fashion lovers cannot go to Italy and don’t visit Milan! So me and my friend had to go there before we went back to Denmark.

4. Denmark


Nyhavn, Copenhagen: I love Nyhavn which is a very popular place by the water. During the summer, the place is always crowded with both Danish people and tourists. Mostly young people, enjoying drinks and hanging out with friends. When I lived there, I always went to Nyhavn all year long – not only summer. I don’t know. It’s such an interesting place to hang out, walking around and enjoying the environment, atmosphere, the food, the ice cream, and the view of the canal, of course. Nyhavn was one of the main locations in the movie “The Danish Girl” as well. When I saw the film, I’d recognize it right away where it was filming. It was the place where the main actors lived together throughout the film. But most of the apartments and houses there are also very beautiful and ancient. The city tries to maintain the houses and buildings in their original states as much as possible. What you see in the film is what you get. Many people there do, actually, live in an almost empty house with minimal furniture, to really let the true beauty of the antique building or house shine through.

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen: I think, this one is not the real one. The original one, someone has already stolen its head. I liked going there as well when I lived in Copenhagen. It’s not too far from Nyhavn, actually.

This photo, I took many years ago. And I think, it might be the real one before its head was being stolen.

The canal from Nyhavn goes through lots of important places in Copenhagen. One of them is H.C. Andersen’s home, which now is a museum. I think. The gold building on the right is also a museum which I once took a drawing class there as well.

The Round Tower, Copenhagen: It’s located near the walking street in Copenhagen, built as an astronomical observatory.

Tivoli Amusement Park, Copenhagen: You can’t visit Copenhagen without also visiting Tivoli amusement park. I have read somewhere, it’s the first amusement park in the world. But, it’s actually Bakken, located in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen, which is the oldest operating amusement park in the world. I went to Bakken many times during summer. It’s such a calm, beautiful place. It’s an old amusement park in the middle of the nature.

Aarhus, Jutland: An old town and an open museum. I liked going to Aarhus or Jutland sometimes when I was there. The place is so magical and preserved. You feel like you’re going back in time when you visit it.

An old shop in Jutland. You will still find some shops like this in Jutland. Nothing has changed much, which is good.