Busy Working On Set

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I am busy working on set at the moment. So you may not see me blog every day. Today is my only day off for now, and that’s why I can blog. However, the people who wish to apply for my short film project, Escape from Death, please do apply. I still look for people to participate in my short film for the shoot next month. I am still shortlisting people. People keep applying constantly. So even though I am busy working on set myself for the time being, but I do read every application whenever I have time to check my emails and reply to people during my breaks, to keep up with all the submissions that are coming in. Because, when I get home I will take a shower and go straight to bed, ready for the filming early next day. I won’t have time to do all that when I come home. There’s no time for that anyway since I will be coming home late, get some sleep, and back on set again the next day very early in the morning. So I have to make use of my breaks to a great length instead.

The selection process will be divided into two stages: First the shortlisted people will have to send in a self tape, then I will shortlist people from the self tapes again and invite them to audition. And the audition will be a final step to choose the right candidates for the roles. I give myself more than 100% for my short film project since I will promote the film some more and send it to more film festivals this time. I have a good feeling about it. This is an opportunity where my knowledge and skills in filmmaking, writing, and as an actress can be put to good use. And I will utilize it to a full extent. This will be my chance to test my ability as a screenwriter, filmmaker, marketer, and as an actor as well. Therefore, I so look forward to finalizing my project, working with interesting, talented artistes, creating a work of art together, and so on. I really work hard to write a good screenplay, too. I read my script over and over again, to be sure it’s exciting, riveting, and intriguing.

Now, I will have a bath, ready to continue to work on the film set tomorrow. Then, I might watch a great film or read a good book, afterwards. And then go to bed early. I will not look at my manuscript today. I just want to relax.

My recent selfie from last week.

I Read Every Actor Application

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I read every actor application for my upcoming short horror film, Escape from Death. Every cast & crew submission will be read and selected carefully by me. I am passionate and serious about my filmmaking project. So, I devote my time to find the right candidates for my project. I have spent almost half a day already sorting through submissions, looking at CVs, headshots, showreels, etc. I don’t even have my breakfast, yet. As soon as I got up, I started going through applications right away since they come in constantly. When I’ve finished the first set of submissions I will take a break, have my breakfast, and continue to work on my screenplay to finally complete it. Then, I will start studying the applications again. I have a feeling that this project will be interesting. Therefore, every morning I wake up with incredible energy and enthusiasm to continue to work on my project, to move it forward as much as I can. And I might hold an actual audition as well, to see everyone perform.


My Film is Ready to Shoot Next Month

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So far, I have already posted my ads on Mandy.com and Shootingpeople.org looking for cast & crew for my upcoming short horror film, Escape from Death. If you fit the bill, you can alternatively send a CV and showreel (s) to me directly to actress@buppha.com

I plan to shoot the film early next month. So I have time to assemble the cast & crew, have meetings to discuss the project, plan the shoot, rehearse, and so on. This looks exciting! The jobs are unpaid since I fund the film myself. But in return, everybody who takes part will get a lot of exposure and, probably, get noticed because the film will be sent to some major film festivals. So, it’s a great opportunity not to be missed. And plus, everyone will get a credit on IMDb, a copy of the footage for their showreel, be fed, and travel expenses will be covered within London only, and possibly, continue to work on my feature film project as well with the same name. This short film is just a short version of the feature film I plan to make, afterwards. The feature film version will also be submitted to film festivals. And if I do get a fund for my feature film everyone who works on the feature film will get paid.

You can view the ad and apply for the job on Shooting People here https://shootingpeople.org/production/work/project/13881

And on Mandy here https://actors.mandy.com/uk/job/public/d0b47e98915b0467b3474ddf37b269dc

Or email your CV and showreel to actress@buppha.com

I look forward to collaborating with you soon!


I also look for extras about 3-5 people to play a group of demons or zombies, any gender and ethnicity. If interested, please email me with your CV and showreel if you have one. Thanks. If you’re on Mandy you can also apply on Mandy here.

My Filming Project Starts Now!

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I have begun to look for cast & crew today already. Tomorrow, I will post on more places. I have been busy looking for cast & crew all day today. By the time I have all cast & crew ready, I will also have finished my script. I’m too tired tonight to continue to work on my screenplay. I will start tomorrow morning again. And hopefully, I can finally complete it tomorrow. I am happy with the premise & themes. I won’t change it again. So tomorrow is about refining the script, then I’m done. Then the next step is to find the cast & crew to collaborate with. It’s good that I start searching for cast & crew now. It will take some time anyway before I have everybody ready for the shoot.

I will watch a good film tonight to relax after a long day. I have seen Paddington 2 once which was good and funny. I think, I will watch it again tonight. It’s one of entertaining underdog family movies, definitely.

My Short Film Screenplay Could be Ready Today

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I woke up at 6 am sharp today and started working on my short film screenplay right away. I worked until 12 noon. Then I needed to take a break. I then went out and bought a can of beer to celebrate. I don’t really want to drink alcohol while I’m working on my script. I just don’t want to lose focus. So I try to drink alcohol only when I need to stay away from my work for a while. And only little alcohol, like a glass of wine or a beer – just to chill out and relax.

I had worked on my script for 6 Hours since I stood up. I took a timeout at 12 o’clock exactly. I had written the whole script of my short film. And I think it looks good – so far. Now, the second step is to go through it again, adding something, taking something out, making some adjustments, and so fort. After this blog post, I will continue to work with it again. And if everything looks good today, which I hope, I will start looking for cast & crew asap. I will try to see if I can manage to finish my script today. I have a feeling, I can. And the screenplay looks unique & interesting. For me. I don’t know for others. Until I have shot the film and submitted it to film festivals.

It’s nice to have some feedback. I don’t care if it is negative or positive. Feedback is valuable for filmmakers. So you know how others see your work. You can only learn by practicing, I think. Therefore, I spend my time trying to craft a good short film script. Rewrite it again and again, until I’m happy with it. It’s just a short film. The screenplay for it might not need to be that perfect for some. Just get it written. So the film can be made. But for me, I take my time because I am experimenting with unique concepts, themes, plots, characters, and so on.  So, I am in no hurry. And now, I think I am happy with the new concept I have come up with. So hopefully, I can complete the script today. Fingers crossed.

cold beer

A glass of cold beer on a warm summer day to chill out.

New Photo Gallery

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I have just created a new photo gallery for the photos I took yesterday. I try to update my pictures every week, so that I have up-to-date images as often as possible. I took all the photos myself using tripod. I don’t need a photographer every time I need new portfolio. I think, if you have a tripod you can take good photos of yourself as well – almost as good as professional photographers, even with a mobile phone. Just use natural light and maybe a little bit of editing and makeup – not too much. The photos I took yesterday, I didn’t wear foundation at all, no eyeliner, and no eyeshadow either. I only applied a little blush on my cheeks and a little bit of lipstick. And that’s it. I try to keep a natural look on every photo of mine. I don’t really use makeup anyway. And when I use I use very little. Then I put a date on each gallery. So it clearly shows when the images were taken. This time, I’m wearing smart, casual apparel. Next time, I will wear something different. So there is a variety of my photos with particular outfits. It’s very convenient taking pictures of myself with a tripod since I can update my photos as often as I like. The summer light really helps as well. Yesterday, I could take some clear images without having to manipulate them at all. I just uploaded them to my gallery as they were, no editing. You can also view the new gallery here.

New Fashion Clothes

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I love fashion. If I didn’t decide to become an actress I would still be working in fashion industry now. Fashion is also one of the best ways to express yourself. My recently bought items were a pink blazer, a cardigan, a denim mini skirt, a t-shirt, a pair of sandals & sunglasses. These items can be worn with anything. I can, for example, wear my suit blazer with a business outfit or on top of a pair of pants, shorts, mini skirt, dress, and more. So it looks more casual, but still smart. I can wear my denim mini skirt with a cute top or shirt with or without blazer or jacket. I can wear my smart sandals with my denim mini skirt, shorts, jeans, dresses, and so on. My outfits tend to be in the style of smart, casual, and cute. And that I can combine them with the rest of my wardrobe easily. It’s fun mixing the clothes together, to create a unique style that I like. I also like keeping the color tone of my clothes in pastels and creams.

Today, I’m wearing the new clothes I bought not long time ago:

I can wear my new, baby pink blazer with almost anything – smart or casual.

Love my new denim mini skirt.

New, smart sandals.

Rewriting my Screenplay

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I have done a lot to my script today. I am glad that I take the time to revise my short film screenplay. I have thus discovered that I do not need some of the scenes and characters at all. It’s too much for a short film. It makes it lose focus and makes it difficult for me to produce the film as well since I have to find those locations, actors, props, etc. as describes in the manuscript. It’s just too much and unnecessary. So today, I’m taking my time to cut out some scenes, actors, filming locations, etc. Then, I will have to rewrite the script after I am happy with what I have left in the script. It’s such a relief. Therefore, I like analyzing my own screenplay, looking for mistakes, unimportant scenes, dialogues, characters, locations, and so on, and only concentrate on things that have something to do with the story. Now, it’s easier for me to write the script when I know what I should focus my energy on instead. Then, I can, perhaps, start filming it very soon. When you lose focus, what your film is really about, you try to pop everything in it that has nothing to do with its concept. Consequently, you end up spending more time trying to figure out where your script is going? And it’s going nowhere because it has forgotten its destination. And that’s why I seem to be working on my screenplay forever. I think, I started working on it since earlier this year. And now, the summer is almost over, and I still wrestle with my script. Now, I know why. And since I know where the mistakes are I can now finish the script faster and with more exciting plot and characters.

New Film Project

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While I was working on my filmmaking project yesterday new idea just came into my mind. I might make a new, quick, short film before I finish making this short film that I’m working on at the moment, Escape from Death. This new film plan is an easy one. I can act alone or need one more actor. I can film and edit the whole thing myself, again, as in my first short, Instant Risk, which I shot the whole film and edited it myself, but there were 5 Actors in it. This time, I will only use 1 or 2 Actors. I can even make short film every week if I want to. One week one film. I will see first how it goes with my new short film task.

And beside that I will still continue to work on my current short film project, Escape from Death. But I’m not sure yet, if I will start making this new short film or not? Because, if I do it will mean my current short film scheme, Escape from Death, will be slower to complete, which I don’t really want to. I want to finish it as soon as possible, so that I can begin to submit it to film festivals. I might take one thing at a time. But my new idea seems so tempting. Well, I just wait and see what I will do. I will start working on my film script as usual today. Then, if I can’t resist the new film’s idea I will just make it. I just have to follow my instinct. If it feels right I will have to make it.

I will give myself some time to think about it today. And then if I really want to make this new film, which I don’t have a title or have written a plot yet, I will start preparing to film it right away. I don’t wait anymore. I won’t get things done if I continue to wait for the right moment to come. So, after this blog post, I might start planning already how I would make the film and how long would it take to shoot. But acting alone is boring. I might find one more actor to be in the film as well, which is not difficult to find one. I feel so excited already. Today is Thursday. I think I can make the film within 3-4 Days. Then by Monday, I might have the footage ready.

New selfie from last week, I think. Or just very recently.

Learning by Making

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I stood up at 3 am today. It’s pretty early. Then I took a nap this afternoon because I was a little tired. I had no idea why I got up that early? So tonight, I think I will go to bed late and spend time working on my screenplay, Escape from Death. Even though it is just a short film about 15 Minutes long, but I plan to submit it to some major film festivals, so it needs to be good both the plot and the acting. Therefore, my script needs to be good to begin with. So I focus on drafting a compelling manuscript first, then the acting, the shoot, the post-production, and so on. This is my chance to become a professional screenwriter and actress. So I have to work hard to get it right from the get-go. But I don’t put a lot of hope in it. I mainly do this to train myself to be a good filmmaker and actor. By writing a lot of screenplays (good or bad), acting in my own films, making lots of boring or interesting movies, trying to get people to care, and more, I automatically gain the useful experiences in filmmaking I need. So, I don’t really waste my time anyway. You can only be good at something by making mistakes, trying it several times before you get it right, practicing, experimenting, etc. So, I learn a lot along the way. It’s the best way to learn something, I think. Just do it. No one can become a good filmmaker by making just one movie. You just have to keep making it and seeing, where are your mistakes?, how can you improve it?, can I make something no one has ever never done it before?, what if I make this just for fun, but others may find it super interesting? And so on. So you never know how it will turn out and what you may find along the process. So the practice of writing and filmmaking gives me lots of insight, knowledge, new ideas, confidence, and skills I need without going to film school. You can teach yourself a lot of things by jumping right in – just get started. I may make lots of boring films to begin with since I’m still learning. But it’s better than nothing.

Can’t wait to start shooting my next film, Escape from Death.