A Scene From My First Short Film

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My first action short film, Instant Risk, is similar to The Long Kiss Goodnight, Jason Bourne, for instance. I think, the script is quite good. I may remake the film again from the same script in the future. And it will be a feature film this time. So, I will consider writing the feature-length screenplay one day after I am finished with my sci-fi horror movie manuscript. I am working on my sci-fi horror movie screenplay at the moment. I work backward. I want to complete my feature-length script first. Then I will write the short film version of the feature-length screenplay. Then I will have two spec scripts ready, one short film and one feature film, ready to make the movies. Writing a feature-length screenplay can be tough and take time. So, I want to get it done as soon as possible. Then the short film script can be written after. The big and difficult tasks have to be accomplished first. Other small goals can wait, in my opinion.

Watch a scene from my first short, Instant Risk:

New Passport

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I went to renew my passport at the Danish embassy in London not long ago. She told me I have to wait around 3-4 Weeks. But after a week, I got my new passport already. It’s very quick. My passport was about to run out. So I had to renew it in good time. Now, it’s out of the way. I renewed my passport on time because I knew I was going to travel a lot soon to various film festivals if my short sci-fi horror film, which could start its production process in the very near future – maybe within 1-2 Weeks from now, was selected and being shown at the festivals around the world. So, I have to be prepared to attend the festivals myself. It’s no point sending a film to festivals and if it’s chosen I won’t be attending it anyway. But even though, some of the festivals that I may not send my film to I will maybe visit them anyway, to see how it is. But most importantly, I have to finish my film first and see where I want to submit it to. I look forward to it already. The day that I have made my second short film Final Day, which I know it’s going to be better than my first short, and start planning where to send it to, where to promote and market it, what I can get out of making this film, how people will think of it, and so on. That’s how I measure the success of my film. Now, I have to try to complete the screenplay soon in order to begin the filming process asap!

At the Danish embassy to renew my passport about two weeks ago.

I Love Reading

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I love reading as well, not just writing. Well, if you love writing you also love reading. Who doesn’t? So when I have time I try to read as much as I can. It’s so relaxing reading a good book. It really feeds my imagination and takes me somewhere new – both real and imaginative places. I also like studying screenplays. It’s as fun and entertaining as reading novels or books. I also learn a lot in script writing by reading other manuscripts – both good and bad. So, when I like a film I have watched I find its script and read. And I’m amazed how a good screenplay can make a good film. But a bad screenplay can rarely make a good movie. So, a good script is the start of everything.

I have read many exciting, well-written screenplays, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Conjuring. Then I compare them to the movies and can see it for myself that it is a fact. Especially The Conjuring, I have read it many times. I don’t know. It’s just so good and horrifying. Basic Instinct script as well, it’s so exciting and entertaining to read that I have to reread it again and again. So I’m not surprised the writer, Joe Eszterhas, sold the script for a huge sum. And I read somewhere that he only wrote the screenplay in 13 Days. And when I read the screenplay I wasn’t surprised it only took him 13 Days since there’s a lot of white space on each page, which made the script a fast read. But you still understand the whole meaning, the plot, the characters’ personalities, their motives and goals, and still be entertained, despite less text on the pages.

I started reading Game of Thrones late last year or early this year. I don’t remember. After having read the first few pages I can see why it’s so sensational – both the novels and the TV series. The story is unique and the writing style is very good. A good book or screenplay doesn’t require a reader to read that many pages to find out how good or bad it is. The first few pages or max 10 Pages is enough to hook or turn the reader away. I come to this conclusion by reading many books and screenplays myself. Yes, I have read somewhere about it that the first few pages or 10 Pages is very important, which I now agree.

Another book that I have read and liked is The Onion Field. The writing style really turns a true crime story into something very entertaining to read. I liked it so much that I have to read it again soon. The same with “The Girl on The Train” and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I think, I have read them twice. But I didn’t like the films that much. But I haven’t watched Fifty Shades of Grey, yet. And I don’t think I will. But I did see The Girl on The Train which I didn’t like it. It somehow didn’t translate into film that well.

A relaxing evening with scented candle and books. I made the candle myself.

My Photo Website

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I have created a separate photo website, to showcase all my photos there. I need another site for all my images – both my own pictures and the stills that I take for my filmmaking projects. So, there will be lots of images to be uploaded regularly. Therefore, it is ideal to have a new website to exhibit just those photos. I anyway use Adobe Photoshop to edit my images, so I can also use its portfolio. It’s more sleek, elegant, and artistic. I will be taking more and more pictures for my film from now on. So, do keep an eye on my photo website for latest stunning images. It doesn’t only host my pictures. I can also upload or embed videos as well. It’s more organized. I can just only embed my footages from YouTube or Vimeo or simply upload them that I want to display. Then organize them into categories, which makes it easier for people to see and browse through without distraction from ads or recommended videos. Check my photo website out here https://buppha.uk/

Visual Treatment

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I have taken some pictures to create a visual treatment of my movie. Having some idea of what the scenes, setting, locations, characters, and more, would look and feel like really helps me create the right tone & style for my film, The Existence (2019), which is a sci-fi horror. So, I must have some images that harmonize with its genre. I love photography and taking photos as a hobby. I wanted to be a photographer before. But I had to drop the idea because I wanted to devote all my time and energy to pursue my acting & filmmaking career instead. So, I didn’t have time to practise, running around and taking pictures all day long and every day when I could use the time to write instead. Since if you want to be a professional photographer you have to take lots of photos and edit them almost constantly. I couldn’t do that if I also want to be an actor, writer, and filmmaker. So I just do it as a hobby instead. I therefore sometimes walk around with my camera and take some pictures of ideal filming locations, setting, etc., and edit and color grade the stills to suit the look, theme, and premise of my film visually and cinematically. I don’t need to exactly use all the locations in the shots I have taken. It’s just to create a visualization of the film look and where it could be filmed or find a similar locations instead. So, a visual treatment of my movie can, actually, help me make my film the way I want to make and write the treatment faster.

Below are some photos I took just yesterday:

Working on my Movie Treatment

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I have finished the synopsis of my feature film, The Existence. Next is the movie treatment. I have already written it. Now, it’s time to go back and revise it. I have done several versions of outlines, loglines, pitches, synopses, treatments, and even the characters, including the rough scripts. I just write and write whatever comes into my mind. Then, I will fix it later. And that’s what I’m going to use my weekend for. And hopefully, to finish the screenplay as well. I like the narrative and concept. I just have to find a thrilling, compelling way to tell it. But, I think, it’s getting very exciting already. The more I work with it the more I can see and feel that this is going to be a good, unique, original movie. Well, it’s inspired by a true event anyway. And since I know the story very well so I can tell it truthfully, and in a way that only me can write and tell the story.

The reason why I want to complete my feature film’s screenplay before I make the short film which is a short version of it, Final Day, because I want to have the feature-length manuscript ready before I shoot the short film. If I started filming the short film without a script of the feature film ready it’d be difficult for me to pitch my movie to potential producers, distributors, and the like. I could. But, if I already had a spec script in my hand it would be easier to have the script optioned and, finally, purchased by a producer, production company, or studio. Because, I would sound unprepared if after people had seen my short film and would like to see my spec script for the feature film version and I say I haven’t written it yet – get back to me in a year time. All that things I have done would be such a waste of time, actually.

And when I begin to shoot my short film I will also be busy with lots of things, and therefore will hardly have time to write the whole 120-page screenplay anyway. So, while I’m working on my film treatment now I can continue with the feature-length movie script right after. Then, I will have everything ready to move on to the next phase. The solid foundation has already been established. Then, it’s simpler to build anything on top of it. I think that’s a good idea.

Directing Class

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I’m about to go out to attend a directing class. I am serious with my movie projects: The sci-fi horror feature film, The Existence (2019) and the sci-fi horror short film, Final Day (2018). They are the same movie, one is a short and another is a feature. So, I work hard constantly to bring my filmmaking projects to life. So I want to attend directing, acting, and writing classes, to really improve my skills in acting and filmmaking. I don’t have to. But I want to. If you’re passionate about films and have watched lots of movies then it’s enough. I just want to gain new knowledge, to see if it will make any difference. I try to combine my long-time experience in film & TV, strong interest in the fields, and education together. And why not?

I aim to shoot my short film first very soon. So at the moment, I work day & night to complete the short film script asap. It’s getting more and more exciting and interesting the more I pour my heart & soul into it. I wake up every morning with excitement and can’t wait to write, to tell a unique story and make a good film. I’m done with the synopses and loglines, which help me a lot to see where my plot is going: Is it captivating, phenomenal, has a good message, entertaining, does it make sense, and so on? It’s really a true joy for me to try to move the story forward in a thrilling way as much as possible. At first, I wanted to stick to just one genre which was horror. But then, it looked like it contains some elements of sci-fiction as well. So, I changed them to sci-fi horror. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m also an actress. I also have to attend auditions and castings, including making self tape auditions. So, every day, there is a variety of things and tasks I have to do. Thank god, I don’t have a television no more. If I did I had no idea how much it’d slow down my productivity. That’s a good thing.

I will get ready to go out now. Speak soon!

Have a nice day.


The title of this short film has changed to Final Day instead.

Movie Synopsis

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I had just finished my movies’ synopses and changed their titles and genres as well. After working through the loglines and synopses, I found out that they’re not just horror movies. They also fall under a sci-fi genre. So, I had to alter everything in one go today. I dedicated my whole day just to do this since I want to start shooting my short film asap, which I had also changed its title to Final Day. Then tomorrow, I will try to finish revising the screenplay for it. But I have two meetings tomorrow, too. So, I’m not sure if I could do it. If not, then I will do it on Tuesday instead if I’m not busy. Or, I might do it tonight. Then I can start filming as soon as possible. I plan to shoot my short film first this year. Then my feature film, The Existence, can be made next year when I have enough fund to create it. When you visit its page don’t forget to read its synopsis as well, to get an idea of what it is about. But the short film, I will fund it myself which will be a very low-budget film. I am very exited with the films. I think, I have found the right movies and genres to make. I like sci-fi/mystery/thriller movies. So, I shall enjoy to make these two movies to a great extent. Can’t wait!

I might continue to work on the script tonight anyway, to move my filmmaking project forward as much as possible. Time to start filming. I really hope, I can start shooting within next month – in time for the Halloween.

Healthy Breakfast

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I’m having a late, healthy breakfast or brunch. It’s just some breads with cheese & jam, green smoothie, black tea, and some fruits. I just stood up late. Well, maybe not quite 8:30am on Sunday. But for me it’s late. Because, I went to bed around 2am this morning, working on my screenplay till late. I will continue today again. I haven’t touched my manuscript for more than two weeks now since I have been busy. So, last night, I just went crazy with it. Lots of things to write, all of the sudden. And I still have some self tape auditions to make as well. I have to read the scripts and memorize for my self tape auditions. And lots of many things I have to do, prepare, and catch up today. So, Sunday is not a day where I relax like most people do. To be exact, I work 7 Days a week. So, when I got up this morning I planned my schedule right away. So I have a control over what I have to get done and prioritize. It really helps me stay organized. Instead of keeping everything in my head. I have them on my calendar or on a to-do list. Then I can see what I really have to complete first, second, etc. That’s what it is. Life is a to-do list. It may not sound creative. But what else can I do? That’s the way we live today. It’s almost unavoidable for people who’re multi-tasking or busy and want to manage their times efficiently, to get the most out of time. Whatever that helps me to stay focus, increase my productivity, get things done as much as possible, and don’t mess up, I will do it.

I feel like going out and walk around London – just to take a break. But since my schedule is jam-packed with tasks I can’t go nowhere. And it’s raining anyway. So, I will just stay home and work on my assignments.

healthy breakfast

New Photos

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I took a new photoshoot about 4 Days ago. Time for new pictures, finally. I like them. And all the images that were taken, the photographer did not retouch them at all. They were straight from the camera without manipulating or retouching. But I did the retouch a little bit myself, only on some of the photos – not all of them. My next photoshoot will be about 3 or 6 Months from now. Just click on each image below to go to the gallery of each of them: