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With this extensive screenwriting online course, I've got the resources you need to turn your passion into a full-time career.

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Learn step-by-step how to write an interesting, entertaining, original screenplay - even if you're not a writer.


There is an entire audience wanting to watch your inspiring movie.

With this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write your (first) movie 
  • Write your movie according to your budget, restrictions, etc.
  • Learn to understand professional screenplay functionalities

After completing the course, you’ll have a finished movie script that you've written yourself, which you may turn your masterpiece into a short film or a movie. 

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Who Is The Course For

It's for all serious filmmakers, writers, actors, etc. See some of the benefits below how this course can help accelerate your dream career (s).


Aspiring Screenwriters

To learn how to write movie scripts, to practice their writing skills and to familiarize themselves with professional screenplay format standards.

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Ambitious Directors

To write and direct their own films. Who knows? Maybe with just one excellent short or feature, it could simply open doors for you and help launch your career.

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Budding Filmmakers

All zealous filmmakers who want to have a go at screenwriting and / or directing, to branch out as a director, screenwriter, producer, etc.

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  • You are in control of your visions and the stories you want to tell
  • Sharpen your screenwriting and visual storytelling skills
  • To enter script competitions to get noticed
  • To direct or make the movies yourself, which could be a short or a feature, to work your way up as a film director, producer, etc.
  • To get funding for your (debut) feature
  • Write and direct your own movies, both shorts and features, is a great way to build experiences and knowledge, so that you can learn to confidently and effectively manage a film set
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Learn How to Write a Movie Step-By-Step

My foundational, easy-to-follow training will make the screenwriting process a no-brainer for you.

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Idea Generation

Learn how to generate story ideas and how to select the best story concept that only you can tell.

Start Brainstorming

Outline & Structure

Unlock the secrets of screenplay outline & structure and why they're important. 

Start Shaping Your Story


Create characters that are three-dimensional, interesting and unique, which make audience wants to keep watching the film till the end.

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A Finished Script

By the end of this writing course, you will have written a screenplay yourself that you can be proud of, which you can turn into a movie.

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Why Study With Me

  • Write Your Movie in 60 Days taught by me, an actress & filmmaker of 20+ years. Recently, I also started working as a script supervisor, script reader and script development.
  • Study with me to learn the craft of  screenwriting or just for your own enjoyment and learning.  
  • Tried & tested screenwriting formular.
  • Study the analyses of popular movies that have used the same screenwriting blueprint successfully and be inspired by them.
  • Learn the art of screenwriting and cinematic storytelling.
  • Have your questions answered by me in my dedicated Tutor Q&A.
  • Write a movie that is original and personal to you, which only you can tell.
  • Text-, video-, audio- and pdf-based learning.

Yes, You Can Learn To Write Movies

My proven screenwriting blueprint for teaching screenwriting skills (Developed over the years of writing, reading and training) means when you study with me you'll gain the writing skills, knowledge and support to succeed in writing movies.

You don't need a writing background; my course covers everything you need to know. You can be certain that you are learning from qualified, experienced professional who's passionate about helping you cultivate your writing skills and to give you the result.

We begin with how to generate story ideas, choose the right story concept and progress to the more advanced steps, so you can gradually learn and build your skills and confidence in the process. 

I'll teach you to write movies by providing the following resources for each module: 

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Fundamental Knowledge

Such as professional screenplay format standards, movie script cheat sheet.

Analyses of Well-known Movies

Study the analyses of popular movies that have used the same screenwriting secrets successfully.

Script Guidelines

I break down the script into easy-to-follow steps for you to see how each element functions, why it's important, etc.

Screenplay Template

I make and provide professional screenplay format and blueprint ready for you to adapt and follow saving you time and energy.

Video Presentations

There's also video-based teaching method that will help you learn the writing skills required to successfully write your screenplay. 

Writing Worksheets

Follow the prompts and guidelines in my worksheets to write your own movie and take the fast track to success.

Next Steps

More advice. You can also choose to take some of my other courses, coaching programs and podcast to advance your knowledge & skills.


Have your questions answered by me and join my student community for peer support. You will also gain access to my FB group available exclusively to my students.

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What's Included: 

Have a look at the list below of the massive learning materials as well as the help & support you will receive when taking my Write Your Movie in 60 Days online course.

writing skills

Adaptable Writing Skills

You can even use the writing skills you've learned from me to write short films, novels, TV pilots and similar. Just adapt it to suit your stories, plots, characters, budgets, etc.

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learn writing from anywhere in the world with online course

Study From Anywhere in The World

Study from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world, in your own time. You get lifetime access. So, take your time to craft your writing skills.

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learning modules for screenwriting

7 In-depth Modules

7 Detailed, easy-to-follow modules. Each of them is breaking down into about 4-5 manageable milestones, lessons and steps including pdf files, videos, audios, templates, cheat sheets, worksheets, high quality photos and more making your learning a breeze.

Do It
learning videos for online writing course

Practical Demonstration Videos

That visually further illustrate the writing techniques and methods.

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analyses of famous movies

Analyses of Popular Movies

For you to study and see for yourself why the techniques in this screenwriting blueprint work.

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writing tips and tricks

Writing Guidance 

On writing your own movie that is original, entertaining and captivating, which only you can write.

Write Your Movie
screenwriting tips

Advanced Tips

Extensive information like tips & advice after completing your course to help guide you further where to go from here.

Write Your Screenplay Now
online workshop for screenwriters

State-Of-The-Art Online Classroom

So you can learn effectively and quickly with the extra help of useful materials like videos and audios. 

Write Your Movie Today
writing certificate


A course completion certificate and tutor support throughout your learning journey. So, there's always help.

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Course Curriculum



The first module is about introducing you to screenwriting and welcoming you to the course. This module includes:

  • Welcome to the class
  • An intro about me, your tutor
  • Outline and objectives
  • Quizzes, to get to know you and what you want to get out of this course

This module is to warm you up before the next module where there'll be more substantial materials to study.

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This module gets you to familiarize yourself with the online classroom. It includes:

  • How to use this course
  • An overview of the course
  • Screenplay format
  • Screenwriting software

After this module, you'll be well-prepared and ready to start working on your screenplay.

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This is a preparation phase before you actually start writing, so that you can craft a compelling story and to write efficiently & rapidly. This module includes:

  • Identify your target audience 
  • Movie script cheat sheet
  • Study the analyses of popular movies and get some inspirations
  • Character development
  • Brainstorming and conceptualization
  • Outline and structure

This is a very thorough stage. You will be equipped with lots of tools, tips and advice that will help you craft a compelling story and a well-planned writing process.

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Now, let's get down to business! This module includes:

  • Writing Act 1: The Setup
  • Writing Act 2: The Confrontation
  • Writing Act 3: The Ending

Each act will be broken down into smaller, achievable elements, so that you can follow it step-by-step and how each of them helps drive the story forward, for instance.

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Now that you have finished writing your first draft. Whew - and you thought it's difficult! You will move to the next module which includes:

  • Celebration
  • Read the script
  • Get feedback
  • Revision

This is the time to polish your script, to make sure that the story is coherent and engaging in terms of language, dialogue, emotional impact, etc.

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After completing the course, I will advice you what next. This module includes:

  • Further tips & advice
  • Tutor Q&A
  • Recommendations for my other courses & coaching programs that may be useful to you and may interest you to get more comprehensive advice on your pursuit of your dream career (s)
  • Going beyond this course

All in all, I will give additional tips & advice to help you pursue your writing and filmmaking careers more effectively.

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Congratulations! You have now written your movie yourself! Think about all the things you could do with an interesting, original movie script that you have poured your heart & soul into crafting it. This module includes:

  • Wrapping things up
  • More resources

Extra resources will be given and this is also your final chance to ask me anything before we say, "It's a wrap!"

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