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Why Write Your Own Screenplays

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Writing the screenplays yourself is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door (fast). You can start writing maybe a 7-minute short script. Then, turn it into a short film that you also produce and direct. If that's what you also want to become: A screenwriter/producer/director. As I said in my blog post that if you're a good writer, prolific even, you can write anything and screenplays are what you'd be writing to increase your opportunities in this industry. You can, for example, write short films so you can produce and direct them yourself to further your career, write movies, write TV pilots, and the like. The possibilities are just endless how you can use your writing skills to get your foot in the door.

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You will also be seen as someone who is serious about this career. Because the fact that you write, produce and direct the films yourself says a lot about you as a serious filmmaker, who is multi-talented. It will thus showcase your skillset to potential agents, commissioners, investors, and so on, that you're the person they will want to work with. People just like someone who is fearless, proactive, who is not afraid to try and fail in order to succeed, who is not afraid of coming out of their comfort zone, who is a self-starter, for instance.  

You can also send your screenplays to screenplay contests, which will then open even more doors for you. Because screenplay competitions will present you to potential agents, investors, studio execs, and many more. Who knows? Maybe with just one great script that you've poured your heart & soul into writing it, an agent may want to represent you who will then help you get more professional work with decent pays, send your script to studio execs / commissioners to greenlight it, etc.

In conclusion, you have to look past the obvious things such as wait for the opportunities to come knock on your door, spend money on various job sites hoping you will find jobs there (Most good job sites won't charge you money, though), and just think outside the box and be more proactive by creating your own stuff, gaining new skills, and so on, to get your foot in the door as fast as possible!

Because if you do the obvious things that most people do, how are you going to stand out and how are you going to compete with them? Why would your potential employers hire you when almost everybody does the exact same thing that you do? The world is moving fast now. Things change all the time. The same methods that used to work just last year, or maybe just yesterday, may not work now. So, you must find a way to stand out from the rest.

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