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Hi, I'm Buppha - filmmaker & actress. I help ambitious filmmakers, writers and actors advance their careers.

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I knew from a young age that I had artistic talent, but it wasn’t until about 20 years ago that I decided to devote myself to filmmaking & acting and turn my interests into my life’s work. I have thus been working both in front and behind the camera for about two decades now, but mostly in front of the camera. I then made my first short film in 2018 with no budget and have since made three shorts so far. All my short films, I wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in as well. I'm still editing my 3rd short as well as working on my debut feature.

My latest short film I'll Be Alright is about drug addiction & mental illness, which is a very impactful and inspiring film to raise awareness of consequences of drugs. So, I just can't wait to finish the edit soon so it can be released on October 10 - the World Mental Health Day.

I Blog Regularly Sharing My Own Experiences, Lessons, Knowledge, Insights, Tips & Advice

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