Shopping Spree

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I went on a shopping spree all day long today. I have not shopped new clothes for a very long time. I just spend my money on food, acting classes, my filmmaking project, and anything else but clothes. Also, when I have to work on set I can’t really dress my own outfits anyway. Most of the time, I have to wear the clothing the costume department has for me. So, I often don’t use my own apparel. Therefore I forget to buy new clothes. But I love fashion. And the weather is nice and sunny day by day. It makes me feel like buying new summer clothes, to celebrate the season. So today’s the day. I bought new cowboy ankle boots in brown, beige cardigan, a pair of pants, sandals, and some tops. And that’s enough for now. I can’t wait to wear them soon. I tend to buy bohemian fashion clothes and rock ‘n’ roll style. I do have some cute dresses and outfits. So, they are not all jeans/denim and raw look. Now I feel renewed. It is my way of giving myself a gift once in a while or when I have accomplished something – big or small. It gives me a new energy to continue to work hard. And I have neglected it for sometime. From now on, I have to remember to pamper myself for every little goal I have reached.

Before I went shopping, I went to Hyde Park first. It was so sunny today. It would be a waste of time not to stop by Hyde Park and have a walk around it, to enjoy the nice weather. I was on my way to Oxford Street anyway.

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