Acting Helps Me Become a Stronger Person

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Acting does, actually, help me become a stronger, better person. Why? Because, I think acting job is the toughest job in the world in terms of uncertainty, rejection, always have to maximize your skills, make connection, and many more. And when you work on sets you have to work as a team. So, you can’t be selfish. Otherwise, your acting career will have a very short life. That’s why it also helps me become a better person, learning to work with others as a team player. Having to deal with all the rejections over a decade, I have become a stronger person. The fact that I have already put my foot in the entertainment industry for 14 Years now, so I have to keep going, just to prove to myself that I can make my dreams come true, which also motivates me to keep doing what I love and keep improving myself. I have already fallen in love with it. I have come to the point of no return. Even though I also work as a background artiste, but my real goal is to become a working actor. Actors and background artistes have to deal with lots of rejections more than other professions. On top of that, we also have to cope with the unpredictability of the future. Sometimes we do have jobs; sometimes we are unemployed. It’s a freelance job and lifestyle that come with a big risk of having a long downtime. You get nervous: Is my acting career going to end?, no one likes me no more?, am I too old for this? am I a bad actor?, am I horrible onstage or onscreen?, and so on. It’s a very competitive industry. Everyone is vying for roles, to be cast, to be part of the projects they’re passionate about, to make their dreams come true, etc. And there’s more, they also have to endure the disrespectful perception from the people that think this is not a real job. How about getting real jobs, huh? Unless, you are an established actor. Therefore, there are lots of ambitious, aspiring actors who lose their interests fast and find real jobs instead. New faces come and go. So, you have to be strong and committed to succeed in this risky business. You’re either in or you’re out. No one says it would be easy. But for me, it really helps me become a stronger person with all the things I have to deal with more than a decade in the entertainment industry. And I never regret a day why I chose to become an actress. Just keep going and everything will be alright.

In Brighton earlier this year.

Egg Noodles for Lunch

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I made egg noodles for lunch today. It’s one of the simplest, fastest, tastiest of all Asian dishes. When I don’t know what to eat I always make noodles. Therefore, in my kitchen, there will always be noodles & rice in it, so that I can make a quick meal out of it when I don’t feel like cooking or don’t have time to cook. I also love chili. So, chili can’t be missing from my kitchen. I put chili in everything. I love to cook. I rarely go to Thai restaurant or order takeaway. I can’t stand it. I get disappointed every time – either the food is too sweet or there’s too much MSG in it. I get MSG symptom complex every time I have been eating out in an Asian restaurant, especially Chinese. Therefore, I prefer to prepare my own meals, using quality ingredients & produce and no MSG, of course. It’s such a true enjoyment cooking good food for yourself. There’s nothing can compare to home-cooked meal. So I do that almost every day. I have even created a new Instagram account devoted to my hobby, cooking. You can visit it here @BupphaThaiFood and follow, like the posts, comment, etc.

See you there!


Egg noodles with sausage and lots of chili.

Fade Out

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I managed to type FADE OUT  just about an hour ago on the last page of my short film screenplay, Escape from Death. I’m so happy now. I want to go out and celebrate. But, my job is not done yet. I still have to revise the manuscript, looking for the usual suspects such as bad grammar, useless scenes. So I have to refrain from going out, until my script is completely finalized and ready to go on to the next stage which is to be made into film, to start shooting it. I want to go to martial arts class today; I won’t do it either. The same like yesterday, I also skipped my dancing class. I felt bad about it. But finishing my horror short film screenplay, Escape from Death, is more important than anything else at this moment. It’s my second short film that I want to make it better than the previous one. I try to improve my skills in writing, directing, and acting, each time I make a new movie. It’s what I love doing. So, seeing myself getting better and better each time is very rewarding in a way, which only actors and filmmakers or whoever works in the entertainment industry understand.

I had just had my late breakfast. Now I will start modifying my script, to complete it. It’s not that easy writing a short film script, after all. Well, it depends on how long I want it to be. But regardless the length of the film, which could be anywhere between 1-45 Minutes, I personally think it is more difficult than writing the whole feature film screenplay since you have limited time to convey story and plot in a succinct but interesting way. So, it’s very challenging. Maybe just for me. Now I have to start editing my script, so that it can be completely finished today.

oriental actress

In Brighton this Spring.

My Script is Almost Done

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I plan to complete my short film script this week. And it looks like, I will make it. I had written a lot yesterday and today. I only have about 3-4 Pages left. I didn’t even attend a dancing class today, which I normally go every Tuesday and Saturday. I have to sacrifice a lot if I want my manuscript to be written. And I’m getting there. I have about 3-4 Pages left to write. Then I’m, finally, done with it. I mean, I’m done with the script. But I’m not done with the revision, yet. After the screenplay is done, I also have to re-read, check the grammar, make sure that the plot and story make sense, do I have too many actors in the film, and are the film locations easy to film or find, if not I have to re-write to change the locations, and so on. So, even though I have successfully written FADE OUT at the end of the script, but it doesn’t mean I am totally done with it. But at least, I have written a complete script. The rest is easy, I think. The most difficult part is the manuscript itself, to get it written to the end. That’s my opinion. Things will flow more easily once I have a finished screenplay in my hand. So 4 More pages, I think I can manage to get it done tonight. It’s not even 11pm, yet. I do have about 3 More hours to go because I go to bed around 2am almost every day now, working on my script until late at night. After this blog post, I will continue to work on my screenplay straight away. I really hope, I can complete it tonight. Then tomorrow, I will go through it. Then my horror short film script is done this week, as I have set a deadline for it.

Thai actress

New selfie.

A Teenage Football Team Stuck in Cave in Thailand

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I have seen the news almost everywhere about a teenage football team stuck in cave in Thailand. I really hope they will be rescued. But time is running out as well. So the rescuers have to work against time. The cave is so big. And it’s like a labyrinth in the cave. Then the rain and the flood also prevent the rescuers to get through. But we can only hope for the best that they will be found. When I lived in Thailand I had seen lots of caves when I was used to living in the woods. But I never felt the need to go in there and explore because I knew it could be dangerous. My own fear saved me sometimes. If I did explore those caves I had seen when I was young I might never come out again. And I wouldn’t be here writing this blog. But if I was with a group of friends I might do. And then we would all get lost in there. But when you’re alone you’d be reluctant to do so.

I have wonderful memories of the beautiful nature and landscape in Thailand. When me and my family lived in a small village near the woods we didn’t have a bath (you can read this blog post here about why we, sometimes, lived in small villages). So every day, I would set off into the jungle to the waterfall to take a shower there. I would sit on one of the rocks that scattered at the bottom of the waterfall and let the water ran through my feet. Then while I was having a bath there I would look around and adore the nature around me. I just sat there in the middle of the forest all by myself and took a long shower as long as I liked. I felt so free, away from civilization. I didn’t have to worry about I would be home late and miss my favorite TV programmes or anything like that. We didn’t even have the electricity. We used lanterns instead.

My mother planted the vegetables herself. Some of them grew free around our house. And when it rained everything looked so magical under the rain. Everything just looked so verdant and refreshing. It’s like the trees, the flowers, the lands, etc. were waiting for this moment to come, the rain. It was a happy time, indeed. I just love the nature, the wild jungle, the ocean, the beautiful beaches, the golden sand, the sea breeze, the paradise islands, the singing birds, the coconut trees, and the simple life. And when I felt sick and tired of the city I would travel to the south of Thailand, to go sit and stare at the sea and relax, feel calm, recharge my energy, experience a different world, and to get away from all the hectic life in the city.

Sometimes, me and some friends would go mountain camping, just to experience something new. We would go to Khao Yai National Park, Thailand’s first national park. But also because it’s in my city, Nakhon Ratchasima. So, it’s convenient for us to go there since it’s not so far from where we lived. It was such a wonderful experience. We would rent a car to drive up the mountain. And on our way up we had to drive slowly, we would then get a chance to see some wild animals sitting on a tree, strolling in the woods, walking across the road, etc. When we got to the camping area the park security guard told us that some elephants even fell off the mountains and died because they couldn’t see that they couldn’t walk any further, which made us feel so sad to hear about it. We would then set up the tents, make a campfire, cook and eat and sing around the campfire. In the morning, we would wake up early to go see the mist that covered the mountain top like a carpet. It’s such a stunning view.

It’s an unforgettable adventure. I will go back there and experience those remarkable moments again……one day.

London Nightlife

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I have taken lots of photos of London nightlife or London at night over the years. Some of the beautiful pictures I have lost. I also took some stunning images when I wanted to be a photographer as well, which was about maybe 6-7 Years ago. So I trained myself taking some nice pictures everywhere – day & night. I also used very good camera. But when I didn’t want to pursue my dream as a photographer anyway I sold the camera and didn’t save those artistic photographs. So, I only have the shots from my mobile phone left. Some of them might be from my good camera as well, but only just a few of them. See all the lovely stills of London at night I have taken over the years below:

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park.

Putney Bridge

A view from Putney Bridge.

Canary Wharf at night.

Oxford Street & Regent Street during Christmas.

Harrods during Christmas as well.

piccadilly circus

Piccadilly Circus

Southbank in winter.


Maneki-neko or Lucky Cats in Soho.

30 St Mary Axe

30 St Mary Axe

Chicken Red Curry Recipe

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If you’re a fan of Chicken Red Curry today is your lucky day. Because today, I will share with you the recipe how to make Chicken Red Curry. I know you can find its recipes anywhere nowadays. But I think my recipe is a little more simple, delicious, and fast…..hehe. I love curry dishes. The most popular curries in Thailand in spicy order are red curry, green curry, yellow curry, massaman curry, panang curry, for instance. We like to adapt foods from our neighbor countries, such as India, China. Then we make it our own with the new aromas, flavors, ingredients, etc. to suit our taste. I like spicy food. So red curry is my favorite of all the curries. I think all Thais do. Then, green, yellow, and massaman curries are very popular for the people who can’t eat that spicy. Curry dishes are very convenient, too, since they are very easy and quick to prepare. You don’t have to spend time to make the curry pastes yourself either. Some might do. You can buy curry pastes in any Thai/Chinese shop or in a supermarket.

You can make the curry pastes yourself if you like. But, it’s not worth it if you’re not going to cook Thai food that often. You can just pop all of the ingredients to create the curry pastes in a food professor or in a spice grinder. But before that you will also have to grill them first, to cook them a little bit, and to create that aromatic flavors. But Thai curry pastes comprise lots of different spices. Some of them, you can’t find them here. And to buy those spices to make curry pastes which you don’t use that much is not worth it. Then you will have all of the spices store in your kitchen cupboard for nothing.

I make curry dishes almost every week – once or twice a week. Because, it’s quick, simple, healthy, and tasty. And it uses minimal ingredients. One of the good things about Thai food is that it’s healthy, too. Most Thai dishes consist of lots of vegetables and spices. So, eating Thai food often will, more or less, help improve your health as well. And all of the ingredients I can buy in any supermarket near me, including Thai curry pastes. Many supermarkets have now a section just for Thai ingredients and produce, for anyone who fancies cooking Thai food at home. So now, it’s easier than ever to make Thai food yourself.

Now, let’s get started with the Chicken Red Curry recipe. Shall we?

red curry recipe ingredients

Chicken Red Curry recipe ingredients.

Red pepper

Chopped red bell pepper.

Serves: 2-4 persons

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes


2 Whole chicken breast fillets, chopped.

240g A pack of fresh mixed vegetables

1 Red bell pepper, chopped

1 Handful fresh Thai sweet basil leaves

750ml Coconut milk (you can also just use 500ml Coconut milk and 200ml Water instead if you don’t like it too creamy)

2-3 Tablespoons red curry paste

3-4 Tablespoons fish sauce

2 Fresh Thai red chilies, sliced diagonally (optional, just for garnishing)


Thai cooking1. Add 500ml of coconut milk in a cooking pot, bring to a boil over medium heat, add red curry paste, keep stirring until it blends well with the coconut milk.

red curry dish

2. Add chicken and keep stirring.

Thai red curry dish

3. When the chicken is about 70% cooked add vegetables, fish sauce, and the rest of coconut milk. Stir everything gently together and continue to cook for 2-3 more Minutes, or until the vegetables and chicken are almost done.

Thai chicken red curry

4. When the vegetables and the meat are just about to finish add sweet basil leaves and chilies. Give it a few, quick stirs. Then turn off the heat and remove it from the heat. Serve it straight away on top of fresh-cooked jasmine rice, or in a separated bowl. Enjoy!

Tip: If you only serve it for two persons you can save the leftover in the fridge, to have it the day after. It will taste even better after it has been in the refrigerator for 1-2 Days.

A Good Film to Watch

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Yesterday, I watched a good film, Thief. It was an incredible film. I’d recommend anyone to see it if you love action/drama/thriller and 80s films. I’m a big fan of 80s movies myself. That’s also one of the reasons why I like this film. I was glad I saw it. That’s why I love action and horror movies because they give you similar thrilling, suspenseful, and chilled sensation. It’s exciting and entertaining if you like the genres. So for me, watching good action thriller movies is the same as watching good horror movies. A good action/thriller/horror will manage to have me on the edge of my seat, or, quietly fill me with fear inwardly. The film, Thief, is not just an action film. It’s also a good drama. That’s why I also like, “No Country for Old Men” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” for instance. You have to see these two films for yourself if you like drama/crime films. Watching, Thief, made me compare it to the film, The Bank Job. They’re quite similar. But they’re both good films. No doubt with that. Now, I will find more good films to watch, to relax after a long day of writing and writing. After watching a movie, I may continue to write again. I am not completely done with the script, yet. I managed to write 3 More pages today. So hopefully, I can write some more pages, or even complete it tonight.

How I Wrote The Dialogues

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In my previous short film, Instant Risk (2018) I wrote the dialogues and monologues the way people would talk or say to each other in reality, to create a sense of realism. I didn’t style my text. I try to experiment with the new techniques in each film I make. I may try to style the lines up a little bit in my next movies, to see how it works. Have you ever wondered when you see a movie that is full of designed dialogues and monologues, is that how people do talk to each other in the real world? But it can be both good and bad. It’s good if you know how to do it right. And people get to hear something so profound and intellectual they have never heard of before, or never in their daily life. But if you do it wrong it can get the opposite effect. So, it’s a challenge in itself. But, it’s an art form that requires rehearsing and rehearsing. But for me to begin with, I will keep it simple and original.

My Short Film Script Will Be Done Today

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I worked on my short film screenplay till about 2am this morning again. And I got up at 6:30am already. It looks good so far. I rewrote the draft, then managed to write the first page of the script. I am happy with the draft. So I won’t change it again. Now that I have written the first page of it. I have about 6 – 15 Pages to write today. It depends on how long I want my short film to be. But I think I want it to be about 10 – 18 Minutes. It’s funny when I started to write the first page last night the story wrote itself. It just followed its pattern automatically. So, I am certain that I will finish the short film manuscript today. After finishing writing this blog post, I will begin to write the rest of the screenplay straight away, till I can type FADE OUT. Then when I’m done with the short film script I will begin to work on the feature film screenplay right away.

I have set a deadline that I will finish both screenplays this week. So, I have to stick to it. Now it feels like I can do it. My targets don’t seem so far away anymore when I have set a certain date to reach each of them. And it must be a short time period. I didn’t really set the time limit to finish my manuscripts before. I just plan to complete my films in time for Halloween. And that’s it. But before the movie can be made, I have to have a complete screenplay first, then I have to recruit the cast & crew, then start shooting, then edit it, and so on. But because, I didn’t set the finishing dates for those tasks or small aims. So it seemed unrealistic to reach my real goals. So even though Halloween seems far away which makes me think I have plenty of time to make the movies, but without a well-organized system to execute and follow I don’t think I will finish in time for Halloween anyway.

Filmmaking makes up of small tasks and elements towards its completion. So when I didn’t assign the target dates for each of them thing got so overwhelming and complicated. I didn’t know where to start and how to begin. Now, I have more control over my project after I begin to concentrate on each step and give it a target time, so that I can move on to the next. Then thing starts to flow effortlessly. Therefore, I have a feeling, it will be an exciting film since I have planned it thoroughly. And it will be better than my previous short. I have learned from my past film what went wrong, what need to improve, and more. So in order to advanced my skills in filmmaking I have to keep making movies. You learn by trials and errors.


My movies are coming soon!