Very Simple Thai Fried Rice Recipe

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Today I have a delicious Thai Fried Rice recipe to share with you, with very simple ingredients. You don’t need to run to Thai/Chinese shop at all to make this yummy Thai dish. The seasoning you need is already in your kitchen. No fish sauce, soy sauce, chili, and things like that to be used. You may wonder, what should I be using instead to make this dish? The food will taste nothing at all if I don’t use fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc. You just use the secret ingredients you already have in your kitchen which are salt & sugar. And that’s pretty much it. The result may surprise you how delicious this fried rice is using just salt & sugar. It’s also a good way of eating clean, free from loads of seasoning and ingredients. Some ingredients in the seasoning have names that you don’t even know what that mean or how to pronounce them. And most importantly, those chemical ingredients in the seasoning, are they good for your body anyway if you keep consuming them? So I try to eat clean as much as I can to stay healthy.

Fried rice is a simple Asian dish that everybody likes since there is no chili in it. So kids can eat, too. And kids tend to like it. Because, it just tastes so yummy. Thai fried rice is also an excellent dish to teach kids to eat more vegetables since it has lots of vegetables in it. It is slightly different from Chinese fried rice which has minimal vegetables. And it’s very quick & simple to make. I make Thai fried rice often when I have some leftover rice. It’s one of the best ways to use up leftover rice and meat. And freshly cooked rice isn’t the best rice to use for Thai fried rice anyway since the rice will become mushy and stick together too much when you stir-fry it. So leftover rice is the perfect rice to use for Thai fried rice because it has a dry texture, compared to freshly cooked rice. And Thai fried rice has to be a little dry, not mushy.

And one of the good things about Thai food is that it can be adapted for vegetarian, using tofu or just vegetables instead of meat. And it will still taste delicious.

Ok. Now, let’s start cooking!

Serves: 2 Persons

Prep & Cook Time: 30 Minutes


200 Grams extra lean diced pork, chopped (you can also use the meat of your choice, for example, chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, or just vegetables)

125 Grams leftover rice or freshly cooked rice if you don’t have leftover rice

2 Eggs, cracked them into a small bowl ready

1-2 Handfuls chopped or sliced broccoli (I like using Chinese kale. It’s what we traditionally use in Thailand for this dish. But normal broccoli is fine if you don’t want to take a tour to Chinatown)

2 Tomatoes, wedged

1/2 Onion, sliced

1 Tablespoon chopped garlic

2 Teaspoons salt

3 Teaspoons sugar

2-3 Tablespoons cooking oil

1 Lime for serving, wedged

Some sliced cucumbers for serving

Some spring onions for serving, cut the tips and the ends off

Chopped some chilies in fish sauce (optional)

White pepper (optional)


  1. Heat the oil in wok or big pan over medium heat, when the oil is getting hot add garlic, fry it until fragrant.
  2. Then add pork, stir-fry the pork until about 70% cooked, add eggs, stir-fry the eggs gently until they are half cooked, then add rice and broccoli.
  3. Increase the heat to medium high heat, just a little bit. Then stir-fry everything together quickly until the broccoli is about to finish, then add tomatoes, onion, salt, and sugar.
  4. Stir-fry everything together again for about a couple of minutes. Then taste the rice first. If you think it needs more salt or sugar, then adjust the taste until you are happy with it before turning off the heat and removing it from the heat.
  5. Serve it straight away on each plate, garnish it with a wedge of lime, 2-3 spring onions, 4-5 cucumber slices, and a small bowl of chopped chilies in fish sauce on the side if you like.
  6. How to eat: Squeeze the lime on top of the food, add a sprinkle of white pepper, then mix everything together. Take a bite of spring onion and cucumber between mouthfuls.

Simple, delicious Thai fried rice.


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I’m going to hibernate in my studio for the rest of this week since it seems, I won’t get busy working on set this whole week. I was busy last week, working on several productions. Yesterday, I got home around 22:00 pm after finishing working on set. It was a long day. But it was the last day working on this production. Maybe that’s why it took longer than the other days. So after I came home, I was too tired to blog, so I went straight to bed. I usually blog at least once a day. But yesterday, it was too late for me to write a blog anyway, so I skipped it. Then I stood up around 8:30 am. So, I got plenty of sleep. Now I feel full of life for a new week, ready to pour all my energy and passion onto my screenplay.

Since it looks like I don’t have to work on set for the rest of the week, and that I can then use this opportunity to work on my own manuscript this entire week, I will then have to stock lots of food. So I don’t have to go out too often to buy food, which can really interrupt my workflow. And today, I will go all the way to Chinatown, to shop Asian ingredients and produce. I love Asian food. So, I have to eat it almost everyday. I have been eating food on sets almost every day last week. Now, time to pamper myself with delicious Asian food or Thai food. There is a Thai shop near me in Putney. But it doesn’t have lots of things like in Chinatown since it’s small. They do have basic ingredients, noodles, vegetables, and things like that, but not a lot. And since I have to go out anyway I will just go to Chinatown instead. Then I am sure I will get everything I need there in one single place.


You will see cilantro or coriander as a garnish in most Thai dishes. But, it doesn’t only look good on food, it’s a healthy herb or vegetable as well. I eat it a lot as vegetable. I don’t just decorate the food with it and then throw it away.

Walked Home

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I walked all the way home from Putney Station this afternoon because some roads had closed due to the Prudential Ride London 2018. It took me only about half an hour. So, it wasn’t that bad. Exercise is good anyway. And it drizzles all day long today. So I was walking in the rain, which was very refreshing. When the weather is so hot at the moment walking in the rain is exactly what I need. Luckily, today is the last day for the Prudential Ride London 2018, I think. Tomorrow, everything will go back to normal. Otherwise, I will have to walk to the station to get the train tomorrow morning. But even if I have to I don’t really mind. I will walk anyway. It’s not that far.

Tonight, I will find a good film to watch. And if I don’t get that tired I may read a book, afterwards. Or maybe, I just see one movie and go to bed early. I have to work on set again tomorrow. So I need to get some rest and get up early and be fresh. I think, I will do that. I will find a comedy to watch or maybe a horror movie again. But I have been watching lots of horror films lately. So I think, I need a little break from it. But when I browse through Netflix or Amazon I typically end up with some kind of horror/thriller/crime film anyway, or even sci-fi. Sometimes, I re-watch those films I have already seen again and again. So tonight, I might re-watch one of my favorite movies that I have seen years ago.


The road in front of my house was closed all day today due to the Prudential Ride London 2018. It looked dead quiet. But I think it reopens now. 

I Missed The Blood Moon

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I missed the blood moon anyway last night. I made a mistake that I didn’t check what times the blood moon will appear and disappear. I wrote a blog last night that I will wait and see the bloody moon. I mean, the blood moon. But when I blogged yesterday which was exactly 22:00 o’clock the blood moon already rose and gone, or almost faded away. So, I didn’t really realize that. After I finished blogging last night, I tried to look out the windows to see the blood moon. There was nothing in the skies, empty. But my studio is on the other side of the moon. I don’t know why I think it is. Because, sometimes, when I come home at night I see the moon behind my flat. But when I get into the studio and look out the windows there’s no moon to be seen. And there is only one side of my studio that has windows. The back side of the flat where there’re no windows is a kitchen. And on the other side of my kitchen, it’s my neighbor’s flat, which facing the moon. So, they will have a good view to see the moon and the blood moon. I can’t see it at all from my studio, unless I go outside. Then I went to bed after I couldn’t see the moon. I thought that I would go outside and see the blood moon instead. But I was a little too tired after coming home yesterday, and I had already changed clothes, so I took a little nap and then I would wake up a little later and go outside to see the moon. I ended up sleeping through the night. What a shame. But although I did stand up and go outside to look up in the skies, I wouldn’t be able to see the blood moon anyway. By that time, it might have already departed.

Blood Moon

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A lot of things going on today, for example, the blood moon, a sad and tragic incident at Swiss Cottage. A man, probably, jumped on the train track in Swiss Cottage train station this afternoon, which I wasn’t sure it was true since I couldn’t find any news about it. But there were lots of police cars and an emergency helicopter at the scene. So, there was something going on there at the station. Well, I will wait and see the blood moon tonight or tomorrow. It will be my first time ever to see it. So, tonight’s the night.

I’m also very busy rewriting my script at the moment. After spending time revising my short film screenplay, Escape from Death, I realize, the manuscript needs to be re-written. It’s not good enough, not compelling enough, not scary enough, and so on. I can’t produce a film from a bad script. So, if my screenplay is boring no one is going to care. I therefore have to write everything all over again. But I learn something along the process. I don’t thing I will waste my time by starting again. I see my next projects, one short film and one feature film, as an experiment and a learning to craft a better script – tell a better story – write a better scenes & sequences – build more interesting, believable characters, and many more – to really advance my skill as a good storyteller. I enjoy writing and telling a great story in my own unique way, in my own perspective, knowledge, experiences, how I see the world today, etc.

Blood Moon

Why I Want to be an Actor

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I think before I fully commit myself to be an actor, I need to clarify with myself first why I want to be an actress and why I like acting. If I can’t answer these questions to myself as truthfully as it can be maybe it isn’t the right job for me anyway. Consequently, how am I gonna prove to others that I am an actor who is truly passionate about her art & craft and loves what she does?, and who’s gonna believe me anyway if I don’t believe it myself? I like acting is because I get the opportunity to put myself in someone else’s shoes or story and portray it or tell the story as believably as possible in my own artistic way. I get to entertain people in a creative way. The true reward I get and the affirmation why I love what I do and my ability to act and entertain, is when I see the recognition on the faces of the audience and the good reviews or comments I receive, which also motivates me to keep going.

I feel satisfied in some way after having been acted. It’s just indescribable. Being on stage or on screen and act my heart out is what I want to do in my life more than anything else. Otherwise, I would have given up a long time ago. I started my acting career in 2004 when I went to film school in Denmark to study filmmaking, which had nothing to do with acting – well, at some levels. But then my interest in acting began to manifest itself while I was running around and making films with others. I always knew I wanted to become an actor since I was young. But the public misconception, at that time or even now, about acting career that it is just a dream – no artiste really makes a living and makes their dreams come true because it is difficult.

I then gave up the idea and forgot all about becoming an actress, not until I went to film school in Copenhagen in 2004 and started discovering my long-lost dream that I want to become an actor so bad – really bad. Sometimes, you take a new path in life or make a choice that leads you to something completely different or helps you discover something you have forgotten. And the same with me with the film school. If I didn’t attend the film school in Copenhagen in 2004 I would, probably, be doing something else now and I would, perhaps, get bored to death.

And funny enough, I did ask my ex before why he wanted to become a musician and why he couldn’t imagine himself doing something else, he replied: “Every time I turn around and look at the stage, my guitars, and all the music gear, I know I am in the right place. I can’t just walk away from it. This is what I want to be and do for the rest of my life.” His answer was simple yet powerful and genuine. Now, I have the exact same feeling. I precisely understand him now why he feels the way he feels about music because now I feel the same way about acting.

buppha headshot
My headshot taken by a Danish photographer. I don’t even remember his name, so that I can give him credit.

Chicken Caesar Salad

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I just had chicken ceasar salad for lunch. Then I had corn for dessert. I haven’t had ceasar salad for a very long time. But I love ceasar salad. So I don’t know why I don’t eat it that often. And I can buy it ready-made in a package in any supermarket. I don’t have to make it myself. So when I went shopping earlier this afternoon I saw it and bought it. It tasted yummy as always. Now when I go shopping I have to look for ceasar salad. I just completely forgot that this salad is one of my favorites. But then, I always walked past it every time in the supermarket – never thought of buying it till today. Now I know what I have to remember to buy when I go to supermarket. And the corn, I love it. I eat it like 2-3 Times a week.

Now my stomach is full, I will soon go out to the commercial dancing class. Look forward to it.

fried chicken caesar salad

Fried chicken caesar salad. Love it!

sweet corn

Sweet corn for dessert.

Yoga Day

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Today, I will start going to yoga class again after a long break. I went to martial arts, yoga, and dance last year. Then I stopped because I wanted to concentrate on finishing my screenplay first. But it seems, it can take longer than I expect to complete and I begin to gain weight – out of shape – since I just stay home and write and eat. I do walk almost daily. But that doesn’t help much. So now, I have to start taking action before it’s out of control. I started attending martial arts last week. Then I attend dancing classes twice a week. Then now also yoga. I will not succumb to fat. That will be the last thing I will surrender myself to. So, I will do anything in my power to prevent that. Time to take action. After yoga class, then I will go to commercial dance class later today. I attend jazz and commercial dances every week. And I feel amazing. I also have to go buy martial arts outfit. I totally forgot about that. I found a shop that sells it not too far from Putney, actually. So, I will go there and have a look. I do different forms of exercises not only to gain new skills, but also to maintain my health. And actually, my wellbeing is more vital than new talents. So, first and foremost, I exercise just to stay healthy. All other things are just extras. And I feel great every time I have been exercising. It’s like my body tells me that I did the right thing. I always listen to my instinct and what my body tells me. And most of the time, they are right.

At yoga class.

Peach for Breakfast

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I love fruits and peach is one of my favorites. I can eat it every day. It tastes so refreshing. So, I must have it for breakfast today instead of traditional breakfast, which I am so tired of it. Especially when the weather is so hot right now I can’t eat heavy meal. I like eating something light instead. So I eat fruits almost every day. I also make a smoothie and milkshake out of it. I just try to transform fruits into many different meals and desserts as much as possible, to create an invigorating variation of it. I just ate two peaches for breakfast. I might have two more after lunch as a snack, as well. I just can’t get enough of it. I choose to eat fruits as a dessert instead of cake, chocolate, coffee, candy, and the like. It makes me feel so healthy. And when I cook I like putting lots of vegetables in my food, too. And that’s why I love Thai food since every of its dish comprises of lots of vegetables. I wish I had a garden, so that I could plant my own herbs, vegetables, and fruits. That would be lovely. My mum did grow her own herbs, vegetables, and fruits, when I was young. So, we did have fresh produce to prepare our meals daily. I like living a bohemian, simple lifestyle – living with only the basics. I’m not a true Bohemian, though. That would be too extreme. I just adapt the parts that I think they are cool, such as fashion, creative thinking.

peach fruit

My healthy breakfast for today.


I love fruits!