Busy Day

I am quite busy today. I have a meeting with filmmakers. Then I also have to attend a casting, afterwards. So after this blog post, I will be on my way out. I’m out every day, doing something or having a meeting. All of these have something to do with my acting, producing, writing, and directing careers. I’m getting there. I am making a little progress towards my goals each day. I believe in hard work, devotion, and persistence. If you really look for something you will find it, eventually. So, I’m happy that I’m always busy both with my own projects and others’. Being positive is also one of the main things that keeps me going. I always begin my day with a positive mindset that today is going to be a good day. Then, my day will turn out good accordingly.

I went to dancing class again yesterday, which was amazing. I could feel yesterday while I was dancing that my body becomes more lithe. It’s not so stiff anymore. I could execute a split a little more. In the beginning when I started last week, I couldn’t really execute a split. Maybe just a little. But yesterday, I could do slightly more without difficulty. I also don’t really have to catch my breath so often when I exercise a lot. I feel more healthy now. Before, I would stop to catch my breath every 5 or 10 Minutes between dancing or exercising. It’s so wonderful how exercise helps improve my health and condition.

The tutor doesn’t really teach each individual how to do the steps correctly. She has lots of people attending her class. Maybe that’s why. So, each lesson I have to try to follow the others and the tutor myself. Some of the steps I can mirror and some not. But, it’s ok. It’s fun to dance, after all. It also helps me focus more in order to be able to keep up. I also consider going to yoga classes again. I did attend yoga classes some time ago. But then I was busy. So I stopped going there. But now I think I have to begin again since they will benefit me a lot.

With all that meetings, auditions, castings, acting workshops, dancing classes, and so on, I have to write my screenplay at night instead. I have now finished the drafts of the manuscripts of my short and feature films. Now, it’s a matter of writing the whole scripts in harmony with the drafts. I plan to make my short film about 10 – 18 Minutes long. So, writing a script in about 10 – 20 Pages shouldn’t be that bad. Especially now that I have a pattern to follow, which should help me write the whole screenplay more easily.


Just finished my dancing class yesterday.


Art in Piccadilly, London.

Charity Shop

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I’m sorting out some clothes that I no longer use to give to the charity shop. I have lots of clothing and shoes that I don’t really use. Some of them I only wore once or twice. I will not buy more apparel till wintertime. I think the problem is that I liked buying lots of clothes from Primark in the past because they are affordable. But it’s not entirely true. People go to Primark with the sense that they will save some money. But they end up spending at least £50 – £100 buying things they don’t really need since the quantity they get tricks them into thinking that they get a good deal. But those cheap stuff just piles up and takes up space in the wardrobe and never sees the light of day again. Besides, the quality isn’t that good. I stop buying things from Primark now. Only the things I really need and like. On top of that there’s also a rumor that it uses child labor in India or somewhere in Asia. Or that the factories it hires to make its clothes use child labor without it knowing it. I don’t know about it is true or not. But when you look at its prices it might be true. Anyway, I have spent lots of money in Primark. No more now. I will only buy quality clothes that are nice design and good quality, but not too expensive. Then I only buy it because I need it.


A pile of second-hand clothing ready to give to a charity shop. Most of them from Primark. Some of them were a little more expensive, such as AllSaints, Hollister.

French Toast with Maple Syrup

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I just make French toast with maple syrup and a little bit of butter on top for breakfast. I love it! But I don’t make it that often. Because, if I have it too often it will lose its delicacy. I only make European breakfasts once in a while. So it feels special, like I’m pampering myself. The same like you go to brunch on Sundays only, to indulge in a brunch, to make it an exceptional day, and to relax. So, I only make full English, French toast, steak, burger, spaghetti, and all kinds of European food and breakfast when I really, really want to add something extraordinary to my ordinary day. To spice up my day a little. It tastes very yummy. I picture myself walking around in Paris while I’m eating French toast. It’s incredible how food does to your soul. I have only been in Paris once. And I miss it a lot. I will go back there one day. It’s only about an hour from London anyway. But I can be spontaneous. I might pack and go just for a weekend. I also want to go see Venice and Rome. I have been to Florence and Bologna once in Italy. Me and a friend of mine took the train from Florence to Bologna. I was spellbound, seeing the beautiful landscape bypassed through the train’s windows. Travelling by train is the best way to really see the world and appreciate its beauty. But Venice would be on my top list. It’s a romantic city, after all. I think lots of tourists flock to Venice like never before after the invention of Instagram, to take the stunning photos of the city and share on the social networking site. Well, it’s very understandable. We don’t live in the stone age no more. There will always be something that people invent, as a new way to enjoy life, make connection & new friends, and more. Now I’m full. I will work on my screenplay a little bit before I get myself ready to go to dancing class.

french toast with butter

French toast, one of my favorite breakfasts.


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It was very warm yesterday. There were so many people. People just pilgrim to London, to do some sightseeing. I went out again, networking, watching short film, and had a drink. I wanted to see a show, afterwards. It’s a good play, I think. But it started late. Well, not that late. But after I had had a drink and just sat there waiting for the show to begin, I felt bored and left. Working in film industry you have to network a lot if you want to build connections, get to know the right people, meet like-minded people, make new friends, perhaps. It’s like you’re signing a contract that you have to party a lot if you want to work in entertainment industry. There’s no other way around. So I go out almost every week. And also, networking and going out make you move away from your familiar world and come out of your comfort zone to new territories and patterns. You never know what you will discover, who you will meet, or where it will lead you. There’s always a possibility that something good might happen.

And today, I have to go dancing again. But it’s later today. So I have all day to work on my screenplay. I have a very good idea for my manuscript of my short film, Escape from Death. And that’s why sometimes I like keeping my mobile phone on at night as well, in case I get a fantastic input during the night. I then can write it down on my notebook on my phone. I don’t write it down on paper. Then I have to turn the light on each time I have an input, to write something down. There’s a light on the cell phone already, which makes it convenient whenever I want to write something down on the phone in the dark.

But this sudden, great thought I have for my film, I just got it yesterday while I was walking around in the city before I went to the party. That’s why I like walking. I always get some excellent ideas while I am walking. So, I might be able to finish the script this week. This new input really save my day. It’s like the missing piece of the puzzle I have finally found to put it back into its place, to complete the story. Now I don’t feel stuck no more to write my screenplay. I can look forward to finishing it very soon. But it’s not about finalizing it fast enough. It’s about good story, too. If I didn’t care about the plot I would have concluded my script a long time ago. But I can’t go on forever. It has to come to an end soon. You can become so obsessed with researching and researching and never get written any manuscript at all, or just a halfway through and never get it complete. Therefore I have to move on quick after I have got this great idea. If it’s not good enough then I write a new screenplay and make a new film, until I succeed in telling great stories and making good movies.

piccadilly circus, london

It’s so sunny yesterday. 


Cold brew frappe or frozen coffee is one of my favorite summer drinks. Every time I go out I have to have this.

oxford circus, london

With my new blouse on.

Leadenhall Market

Beautiful Leadenhall Market roof.

More selfies.


Soho, London

A hidden, cozy place in Soho, with nice restaurants and cafes.

Wake up to a Good Day

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I always think that I will wake up to a good day every day. I’m always excited to experience a new day. What’s in store for me today? What can I achieve today? Where life will take or lead me today? Is something incredible and joyful is going to happen to me? And so on. It motivates me in a way to get ready for a new day – new life – new path – etc. I think the sun has pretty much something to do with it as well. People always connect the sunshine with happiness, positiveness, possibility, opportunity, joy, and so forth. That’s why people always look forward to welcoming summertime, so that they can dress in some nice, colorful clothes and go out and enjoy the sun and eat ice cream. Sounds very simple. But sometimes that is all we need, really, to be happy. For me, when I feel stuck in my work & writing the day after I do nothing but going out and enjoying life, experiencing something new, being inspired, eating out, having an ice cream as a dessert afterwards, walking around London and admiring its sophisticated architecture, or visiting one of my favorite flea markets in London. Then when I get home I feel so lively and ready to continue to work on my project, with greater enthusiasm this time.

Today, I had a noodle soup as my breakfast right when I got up. It’s similar to Pho. It’s just something I made quickly, with something I already have in my kitchen. And I used leftover roast chicken from yesterday. I think, most Asians like having rice soup or noodle soup as early meal. But usually, we just eat a regular meal that we normally have for lunch and dinner as breakfast as well.

noodle soup

Spicy noodle soup Thai style for breakfast.

Enjoy my Sunday and The Sun

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It’s a sunny day today. So, I couldn’t refrain from going out – just to enjoy the sun. And tomorrow will be even warmer than today. In fact, the whole next week will be incredible warm – up to 30 Degree. It just feels like Thailand. Except, there are no coconut trees, tropical islands, and things like that. While I was walking around Hyde Park I was thinking about picnicking in the park, just by myself. I have done it before during summertime, but with some colleagues when I still had a 9-to-5 job. After work we would have a picnic in Hyde Park. We bought beers and wines, some food, then we enjoyed the picnic in the middle of the city and watched the sun set behind the skyscrapers. It was a whole new experience. I went to Oxford Street again to see if I could find some nice clothes in good prices. It’s summer sales in London, after all. And now we are in the last week of June, things will get even cheaper. I ended up buying things that weren’t even on sale. I bought a grey top and a pair of black woven heeled sandals from TopShop and a white boho style blouse from Zara. I just fell in love with them. So, I had to own them. Now, no more shopping. I have enough fashion clothes in my wardrobe now, I think.

I walked and walked and didn’t stop to eat at all. I think, all women are the same when it comes to shopping. So, when I got home I put the chicken in the oven straight away. It will take about 1 Hour and 15 Minutes to cook. So I have to wait one hour more before I can eat. But it’s ok. I haven’t eaten anything all day. To wait 1 Hour more is nothing. While I am waiting for the chicken, I write this blog post. And I am almost finish blogging, so the chicken. I will have my chicken with rice as usual. I don’t like potatoes. I always eat rice with almost everything.

At Westfield, Shepherd Bush.

women top

Cute grey top from TopShop.

Bohemian style blouse from Zara. This one was actually on sale.

Leather sandals from TopShop.

Move my Body to The Music

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It’s so fun moving my body to the music today. I love it! I love every minute spent in the dancing class. I’m glad I return to dancing. It gives me so much in return. I just don’t only learn new skills. I have fun, meet new people, get to exercise, relax my soul, and get to connect with myself and my body in a whole new level. It makes me love my body even more. Instead of alienating my true self, I embrace it. I feel more confident with my body and myself. Dance does increase my self-esteem, too. It’s just so amazing. It’s a jazz dance. Next week, I will also attend a commercial dance. I will still go to jazz dance as usual. I just want to try commercial dance as well. Or maybe street commercial. I just want to try them all. But that would be too much. Tomorrow, I might attend martial arts class, which I was used to going every Sunday. But I also want to finish my screenplay as soon as possible. I aim to give myself this week to complete it. And that’s it – no more. So I might skip martial arts class just for tomorrow, so that I can spend time working on my manuscript to really finish it. I’ll see what I feel like doing tomorrow.

Tonight, I will watch some good films. I have lots of horror movies I want to see. And maybe, I’ll also continue to work on my screenplay a little bit more. After I have seen a few good films.

dancing class

At the dancing class, Pineapple Dance Studios, in Covent Garden.

pineapple dance studios

Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Garden.

covent garden, london

A pub in Covent Garden. Did you see a helicopter flying above the pub?

Covent Garden’s surroundings.

Bohemian Spirit

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I love all things bohemian. I decorate my home in bohemian style. I love and wear bohemian fashion. I live an easygoing, positive lifestyle. I just bought this boho style duvet cover set yesterday. It has a vivid color. I want to add some colors to my studio. But not too much, though. I just want to create a pleasant place to come home to. Next time, I will buy string of lights to hang on the wall behind my bed. And many other things that will create a cozy atmosphere in my home. I want my home where I live every day to be the most comfort place as much as possible, which makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. A place where I can call home sweet home. And that’s why I like going to markets around London sometimes, to look for unique finds to furnish my home. Or some vintage clothing to add to my wardrobe. Camden Market and Portobello Road Market are the places that I tend to find interesting stuff that I like – clothes, jewelry, and knick-knacks. I don’t really buy lots of decorations, though. I only buy what I do need. But a few knick-knacks here and there is fine. I try to keep my home fairly spartan. I therefore throw away things that I don’t really need once in a while, to clear clutter in my home and in my mind & soul. If I, actually, do need them later on I buy them again. I just don’t like things lying around in my place that serve no purpose at present. They just block my productivity instead. I don’t like hanging pictures on the walls either. Most of the things I simply put them on the floor, by the walls, etc. I might go to Camden Market again soon, to see if I can find something interesting to decorate my home with.

Bohemian style bed set.

gold ankle bracelet

I also love bohemian jewelry. I just love these gold ankle bracelets.

Fried Eggs For Breakfast

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I love fried eggs for breakfast sometimes. But I don’t eat it often. Maybe once a month. Most of the time, I just like having something simple & healthy for breakfast, such as smoothie, oatmeal. But today, I just feels like making fried eggs for breakfast. It’s yummy, as always. Sometimes, I’m even in a mood for making a full English breakfast with fried eggs or scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, baked beans, toast, cheese, yogurt, coffee & juice, except black pudding. It’s not my cup of tea. I tried it once. And I didn’t really like it. So sometimes, I do shop all theses things just to make a full English. But it is very rare that I do that. For me, breakfast is very vital. I have to have early meal before I can do anything – to kick-start my day. Then sometimes I eat lunch. Sometimes I don’t. I just eat dinner. And sometimes, I eat a big portion of lunch, then skip the dinner. During the day, I just eat fruits and vegetables as snack. I’m not really a fan of sweets, such as cake, chocolate. But I like chocolate ice cream. That’s an exception. But once in a while, I do enjoy a piece of pie or cake, with a cup of good coffee or tea.

early meal

Fried eggs for breakfast, with bread and cheese.

New Sport Shoes

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I finally bought a new pair of sport shoes. I didn’t like the color or style that much. But the other styles and colors that I liked didn’t have my size. I use size 3. And even this pair of shoes that I just bought are size 3.5. But they seemed to fit me ok. So I bought them. It’s just a small sport shop in a shopping centre in Wandsworth, not too far from where I live. So, they didn’t have that many options for me to choose from. And I didn’t want to go into central London just to buy a pair of shoes. They look kind of cute, though. Now, I have sport shoes for walking, dancing, and for my martial arts class which I plan to begin again after a long break. I walked to Putney again today to catch a bus to Wandsworth to buy shoes and shop some food. I could walk to Wandsworth if I wanted to. It just takes a little longer. But I just wanted to save my time to work on my feature film horror screenplay. So, I didn’t do it. I worked on my manuscript last night till about 2am again. It gets more and more exciting, the more I work on it. And after this blog post, I will continue to work on it again. I attempt to finish it this week. I really have to this time. I don’t want to waste my time no more. I have to complete it soon if I want to start shooting the film asap. But of course, the story has to be good. And that’s why I work on it almost 24/7. It’s getting more and more fascinating. If I don’t find my script gripping and interesting nobody does either. It won’t show in the script. I want my interest and devotion in this project to shine through my screenplay. So when people read it and watch the movie they will know right away how passionate I am about the project. I am not busy at the moment, which is good. So I have a huge amount of time to work on the screenplay. And that’s why, I hope, I can bring the script to an end this week. Now, I don’t have an excuse to say that I don’t have time to finalize my script.

sport shoes

My new sport shoes.