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I had just finished drawing one scene in which the protagonist is getting sick, or, begins to discover that she is ill. It’s a closeup, to focus on her facial expressions and emotions. When I was done with just one sketch I realized how important it is a storyboard. It really helps the filming process run smoothly. No guess, no doubt, no confusion, etc. with a storyboard. Every cast & crew that sees it will clearly understand what and how each scene will be shot. So, I will take my time to draw the whole storyboard from the beginning of the film till the end since it’s really useful. So, I can’t skip this step. I have to go through it. Luckily, I love drawing. So, I save one more film crew there. I try to do everything myself if that means I can use less and less film crew. As an indie filmmaker, I can’t afford to use lots of cast & crew. So whatever I can do it myself I will do it. And this technique is an easy, fun one.

A closeup of the protagonist when she starts getting sick.

Start Drawing The Storyboard

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I will start drawing the storyboard today, to see how realistic the sequences and scenes are to shoot, to guide me in the right direction, to visualize the sequences and scenes better, and more. I love drawing. So, this is a fun thing to do anyway. I will be very busy today since I have to start shooting the film asap! I have a long to-do list for today only. I have to be well-organized, otherwise this project, Escape from Death, may not go anywhere. And that’s not gonna happen. So I have to work hard to make it happen. I will work constantly night & day to move this project forward each day. Last night, I went to bed at around 1am. And I stood up at around 8:30am this morning. So I had slept enough. But I think, many hardworking screenwriters and filmmakers do sleep less than I do because they so dedicate themselves to their works and arts. So going to bed at 1am is nothing, compared to many successful writers who, probably, work until 3-4 am in the morning each day, until their scripts are done. It’s a highly competitive industry. Screenwriting, directing, acting, and similar, are very competitive, I have got to really push myself if I want to succeed. There’s no other way around. So today, I will see how many tasks I can accomplish. But I like giving myself a deadline. It makes me work harder to achieve my goals. No procrastination. It makes me utilize every minute, hour, day, month, etc. to the fullest extent of my capability. It really forces me to be active, productive, and creative in terms of finding the innovative ways to complete the project as soon as possible even though I lack resources, such as funds, filming locations. I only need strong enthusiasm to get things done.


So excited to start drawing a storyboard today.

A Lifestyle Video

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I just created a lifestyle video just for fun, with some images from different years, most of them are very recent – from last winter and this year. It’s fun to have a memory video where you can always look back. I think, I should create videos more often. But for now, my main goal is to finish my short horror film first. I have many projects and plans in my mind. But I have to take one thing at a time. I also want to create a web series. It sounds quite interesting. And it’s easy to start. So, I might consider making that as well later on. I haven’t had my dinner yet. I have been working all day long on my project, and plus viewing applications and replying them, shortlisting people, and more. It’s a lot to do. But, I don’t mind. It’s fun anyway, doing what I love: Acting and making movies.

Winter Wonderland this January or last year.

My fave shoes. I wear them almost daily.


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I’m making brunch for myself today. On Sundays, I like to pamper myself with something special, such as good food, a fun day out. But not today since it’s raining. The summer is gone now. We are transferring to Autumn. Anyway, I love fall. So, I look forward to it. Fall is the most romantic time of year, I think. And summer is the most fun, cheerful time of year, of course. I can’t wait to see the leaves turn into beautiful, golden color. But I also Love spring, seeing those pretty flowers begin to blossom is one of the most wonderful things in life. It’s nothing of significance. But it does something good to your mind & soul.


I didn’t have any breakfast left in the fridge at all. I hadn’t done my shopping for the past two weeks since I was busy filming. So I went out this morning to buy eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, bread, butter, juice, coffee, etc. It’s Sunday, after all. Time to overindulge in quality, good food. So, I almost always get up late on Sundays, so that I have an excuse to make brunch. I will buy the best ingredients and produce for the preparing of my brunch. Then, I will sit down and enjoy the lovely brunch I have just made for myself and totally relax. And the rain started pouring down since this morning. It makes the green look so verdant and refreshing in the garden. It’s such a calm, delight moment, sitting and enjoying my brunch by the windows, watching the rain bring everything back to life.


I ❤️ autumn! Time for me to visit the parks around London again, to take stunning photos of trees and leaves in golden-brown color. The nature just looks so magical at this time of year, like a fantasy world that only exists in our dream or imagination. It also fills me with nostalgia. I’m very lucky. I live by the park as well, Wimbledon Common. I can just walk across the road to the park with my camera and start taking pictures of the magnificent Mother Earth. The breathtaking beauty of scenery gives me so many ideas and inspirations, too. Maybe I should write a fantasy or romance instead 🙂 I just wish it would be like this forever. It’s like a good dream that I never want to wake up from.

Exciting Horror Film

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I’m going to make an exciting horror film. I just have to tell myself that. And it takes place in the early 80s. The era that I like. But, it’s based on a true story, which did happen in early 1980. So, I just follow the true event – pretty much. I want to make a good, interesting movie, to test my own filmmaking skill. So, I don’t only write the screenplay, I will draw the storyboard as well for each sequence and scene. I just want to make it easier for myself, to visualize the scene when I see it in picture in front of me. I love drawing anyway. So, this’d be fun. So, I don’t see it as a work. The whole filmmaking project is something I consider as a fun activity. I do it because I like it, and because I want to make the types of films that I’d want to see in cinema myself. Therefore everything I do, every step I take, every scene, dialogue, monologue, and so forth, in my script is something that I think will be fun and entertaining for me to see. If it’s boring for me I will change it. So, every day is an exciting day for me how I will achieve the end result of my film the way I want it. I can’t wait to draw a storyboard. But first, I will have to finish the revision of the manuscript. I’m almost done with it.

Where Are All The Brown or Yellow Actors in Hollywood?

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I think, I’m going to see “Crazy Rich Asians” in cinema next month, which is about a week from now. It’s interesting to see how I will perceive the film. The title may misguide you that it’s about rich Asian people and romantic comedy, similar to Cinderella. But I think, there’s more than that. I think, the movie is about how Asian actors fight for a place in Hollywood, to be seen, to be cast and treated equally. Because, to be honest, we rarely see brown or yellow actors in Hollywood movies. And how the movie imitates the glamorous life in Hollywood, and how difficult it is to get accepted into Hollywood as Asian actors. We, Asian actors / actresses, have to fight hard to get in. The same in the movie which the main actress has to go through lots of things, to be welcomed by his mom. But the movie also cast only Chinese. So, it’s not entirely about all brown or yellow people. Anyway, the movie is a good metaphor for a Hollywood film industry that lacks Asian actors and how hard it is to break into – in my opinion. It’s already a tough industry. But if you’re Asian actors, it’s even tougher. So, I’ll see for myself how it was made, how it mimicked the elite society in Hollywood, and so on. As a filmmaker myself, I’m always on the lookout for new inspirations. I like to be inspired. And this could be a good one.

My selfies just taken today.

Pizza for Lunch

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I’m having pizza for lunch. I didn’t get it for free from anywhere……hehe. I bought it from a supermarket yesterday. I don’t really cook that much now. I buy takeaway or fast food instead. I have been busy working on set for days. So, even though it is over now, I still don’t get used to cooking. I think, I have to wait a little bit more, for everything to get back to normal. After filming, I am still not free. I still have to continue to work on my own filmmaking project, Escape from Death, which I plan to shoot early next month. So, I have to race against time now. I don’t have much time left if I want the film to finish as soon as possible. So, this week, I have to go through the submissions again, asking people to send in self tapes, maybe holding an audition as well, meetings, rehearsing, and so on. So, I’m getting busy again. But just with my own project this time. I really want the film to complete asap. So, I must go through a pile of cast & crew applications this weekend. There’s no other way around. Today, I just want to watch some good films and relax.

I will visit Amazon now and browse some good Movies

Yummy pizza I bought from a supermarket yesterday. So, it’s not a free food 😛

Weekend Off

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I have a weekend off again. Then tomorrow, I have to continue to work on set. Even though I am free this weekend, but I haven’t done much. I had been sleeping all day long yesterday. Then I was out and did my shopping. Then I went to bed early and automatically stood up at around 4:30 or 5 am this morning. I am used to getting up pretty early to be on set. So, even though I don’t have to work on set today I still wake up early. I plan to just relax, answer emails, and maybe work a little bit more on my screenplay today. But then, I might go to stage combat class again this evening, which I do on Sundays. But not on every Sunday, though. I only attend the workshop whenever I feel like to or when I have time. But I might go today. I haven’t been there for about a couple of weeks now. If I’m not too tired I will go. But I have to get out of bed quite early again tomorrow. So, I don’t know if I should attend the stage combat seminar anyway. I will be standing up all day tomorrow again, I think. So maybe, I should save my energy for tomorrow instead.

At a beach in Brighton this Spring.

Busy Working On Set

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I am busy working on set at the moment. So you may not see me blog every day. Today is my only day off for now, and that’s why I can blog. However, the people who wish to apply for my short film project, Escape from Death, please do apply. I still look for people to participate in my short film for the shoot next month. I am still shortlisting people. People keep applying constantly. So even though I am busy working on set myself for the time being, but I do read every application whenever I have time to check my emails and reply to people during my breaks, to keep up with all the submissions that are coming in. Because, when I get home I will take a shower and go straight to bed, ready for the filming early next day. I won’t have time to do all that when I come home. There’s no time for that anyway since I will be coming home late, get some sleep, and back on set again the next day very early in the morning. So I have to make use of my breaks to a great length instead.

The selection process will be divided into two stages: First the shortlisted people will have to send in a self tape, then I will shortlist people from the self tapes again and invite them to audition. And the audition will be a final step to choose the right candidates for the roles. I give myself more than 100% for my short film project since I will promote the film some more and send it to more film festivals this time. I have a good feeling about it. This is an opportunity where my knowledge and skills in filmmaking, writing, and as an actress can be put to good use. And I will utilize it to a full extent. This will be my chance to test my ability as a screenwriter, filmmaker, marketer, and as an actor as well. Therefore, I so look forward to finalizing my project, working with interesting, talented artistes, creating a work of art together, and so on. I really work hard to write a good screenplay, too. I read my script over and over again, to be sure it’s exciting, riveting, and intriguing.

Now, I will have a bath, ready to continue to work on the film set tomorrow. Then, I might watch a great film or read a good book, afterwards. And then go to bed early. I will not look at my manuscript today. I just want to relax.

My recent selfie from last week.

I Read Every Actor Application

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I read every actor application for my upcoming short horror film, Escape from Death. Every cast & crew submission will be read and selected carefully by me. I am passionate and serious about my filmmaking project. So, I devote my time to find the right candidates for my project. I have spent almost half a day already sorting through submissions, looking at CVs, headshots, showreels, etc. I don’t even have my breakfast, yet. As soon as I got up, I started going through applications right away since they come in constantly. When I’ve finished the first set of submissions I will take a break, have my breakfast, and continue to work on my screenplay to finally complete it. Then, I will start studying the applications again. I have a feeling that this project will be interesting. Therefore, every morning I wake up with incredible energy and enthusiasm to continue to work on my project, to move it forward as much as I can. And I might hold an actual audition as well, to see everyone perform.