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I have come to the point where I’m not sure whether or not I want to make the film myself or just sell the manuscript? Making film is a big challenge for me. Maybe not quite. I did make my first short film and write the script for it in no time at all. I also directed, shot, and edited the movie myself. I think, the most original screenplay and easy to write comes from an original idea (of course) that spontaneously springs to your mind. Or some stories that you have in your mind, or know very well for a long time waiting to be told which makes the plot unique and original since no one knows it better than you. So, they can’t tell the story the way you do. Or, you just love a specific subject so much that you feel fun writing about it in your own way. That’s why I just write and write.I don’t read books about writing. Heck, I don’t even care about my grammar. But of course when I have to sell the finished screenplays the grammar has to be correct. But before then, I will just write whatever I want to write without fear of embarrassing myself about my grammar. I don’t care if everyone will like it either. But there must be some people that will like it. And that’s enough for me.

But since I’m also busy working on set myself, attending acting classes, martial arts classes which I haven’t attended it for a long time now because I’m busy, and many more, maybe I’d be better off just write and sell the scripts. I don’t know yet. I must wait and see. Because, I still have a strong desire to produce my own films. So, my interest in filmmaking is still there. It hasn’t gone anywhere. I just don’t think I have time to do it. I will just take a little step a day. So I can digest it slowly and see how badly I want it done.

horror movie

Watching a Romcom

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Today I will relax and watch a romcom, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I love watching romantic comedy as well such as Amélie, What Women want. Funny enough, I read the book long before the film was made. Then when I accidentally saw it on telly I thought to myself, this film has the same title as a book I have read before. So while I was watching the movie I realized it’s made from the book, of course. I think it has many good lessons for both women and men, who don’t want to waste their times for something that is not gonna go nowhere. You take initiative by following him/her on social media sites, liking his/her posts, and sending him/her message. But no responses from the other part?! No follow back, no likes, and so on. Just discreet flirts through social media sites back and forth, back and forth. Like cat-and-mouse – Tom & Jerry. Are they the games people play? If you really like someone you openly let the person know, your friends & family know. You take the initiative. I am not afraid of taking initiative. That’s how I find out fast if someone feels the same way and is being serious with me or not. So I don’t have to waste my time.

My Movie Teaser Lacks Sound

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My movie teaser lacks one more ingredient which is music or sound. I will need to make a new one with music or sound in it. Otherwise, it will seem bland. So today, I will spend the time creating a new teaser with music or sound. It will enhance the experience a lot. How can a horror movie be scary with no sound? Maybe some manage to horrify the audience anyway. I spent a lot of time making the teaser. Because making a movie intro or title is not that simple. You have to find the right design for the film and its genre, including the era the film takes place. And my movie took place in the 80s. Everything then has to reflect that such as the title, color tones. And the songs as well if I’m going to use the music not just scary sound. So, there’s a lot that goes into a 30-second teaser, actually. Then think about the whole movie how much work that has to be done? But I like it. I do it with a real interest in the project. So every step of the way does entertain me. That’s why I woke up pretty early today at around 5:30 am. I felt so excited about my movie project, so I could barely sleep. Every day, as soon as the sun rises, I jump out of bed. I try to move my film project toward its goal each day. There’s not a day I don’t work on it, except when I have to do the filming. I mean when I have to work on set for other productions. So the days I am not on set, I pursue my own plan constantly. I’m so thrilled to bits about the activity that I can’t stay away from it. By the way, I won’t be filming the entire movie myself. I will use a DOP this time. The film will be made professionally with different people working on each department who are skilled in what they do. I also welcome new talents, to give them the opportunity to try their skills out.

Below is another version of the teaser I have made, which I think it looks more horrified. But it doesn’t seem to echo the 80s that much. So, I will make a new one again with music or sound. What do you think?


This teaser looks more like from the 80s. But it doesn’t look like a horror movie enough, I think.


But this one doesn’t look like from the 80s. But it does look more horrified, I think.

My Film Teaser Is Ready

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My film teaser, Nightmare in Hell, is ready! You can view it here. I have been busy creating the teaser and website for my movie. So I haven’t posted much lately. Now, I have finished making the teaser and the film official site. I can start blogging again, to update you my progress. Feel free to follow Nightmare in Hell on Tumblr, to keep yourself up-to-date with its latest news, updates, teasers, trailers, clips, release dates, and more. I am not done yet with the website editing. There’s a lot to do. And I also want to create various versions of the teaser – to see which one works best.


Now I can relax a little bit. Now that one mission is accomplished. I might read something. I also need to go out to buy some soft drinks, desserts, fruits, and so on. The weather is getting nicer and nicer. But I don’t have any soft drink or dessert at home at all, except tap water. And sometimes I don’t feel safe drinking tap water. And next week the weather looks even more summery. I miss Brighton again when I see the sun shines. I went there about two weeks ago. But it was quite chilly back then. So I wasn’t there that long and I didn’t explore much of Brighton. I want to go back there again. But since I don’t know anyone there I think it will be boring for me. So, I don’t think I will go back there. Time to go to the next destination. I have lots of beautiful places in my mind that I want to visit in UK. Let’s see where will I find myself next?

Brighton Beach Photos

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Just finished editing some of the photos from my visit to Brighton Beach a week ago. There are lots of photos. I can’t adjust them all in one go. I have to modify them bit by bit. Then after this, I will also have to put the teaser for my film together. I will have a break now, have my dinner, relax, and start again. Hopefully, I will be able to wrap the teaser up tonight. Just click on the images below to view the gallery:

Oatmeal With Spinach

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I start my day with a healthy breakfast as usual. Today is oatmeal with spinach and a boiled egg and a good cup of coffee. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is so wonderful. It makes me feel so energetic. I love healthy food, especially when I make it myself. It’s purely comfort and delicious. I got up early as always, which was 7 am. So I can get my work done as much as possible. 7 AM is not that early, though. I normally stand up at around 4 am or 3 am even when I have to be on sets, depending on the locations and my call times. I remember, when I did The Mummy (2017) my call time was 4 am. So, I stood up at around 2 am. In fact, I didn’t sleep at all. Maybe a little. Then, we had to run a lot on set. I ran all morning long. Waking up early to an exercise. That’s why I love my job. So 7 am is quite late, compared to what I generally have to wake up. But since I don’t have to be on set today I can awake a little late. There’s no need to awaken at 4 am when I just stay home and work on my own project. Around 6 or 7 am is fine.

I took lots of beautiful photos from Brighton beach a week ago. I will edit them and post them later on. And then, I will (try to) finish editing my teaser today as well. Stay Tuned!


Healthy breakfast, oatmeal with spinach.

Lazy Sunday

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I don’t really want to call it a lazy Sunday. But, all I do today is reading, watching films, and editing videos. I actually do work because this is what I do for a living. But, maybe because it doesn’t sound like work for others who have a regular 9-5 job Monday-Friday. So, I use the word “lazy Sunday” instead of “creative Sunday” which “creative” doesn’t sound so absurd or intriguing enough. But “creative” was the exact word I should be using for what I’m literally doing the whole day today, to be precise. In fact, I do work more hours and days than others who have normal jobs because I, pretty much, control when I want to work and when not. And I, mostly, decide to work more than I should. It’s funny enough, with this type of freelance job, you end up letting the job control you instead of the other way around. Because, then nobody tells you when you can have a break or something like that. You just work 24 hrs if you can. There’s no time limit. So, that’s one of the flaws of working for yourself. You get the freedom to do what you want and when. But freedom doesn’t come without nothing. So often time, you get carried away, so that you end up working more than you should. As a result of that, there’s no clear line between personal and professional anymore. But even though, I am aware of that, but because I love what I do I don’t really care if I have to sacrifice all my time to creating art. I somehow feel rewarded for what I do.

Anyway, I have to eat. So I just make this easy lunch, bagel with spinach and smoked salmon and two boiled eggs on the side. Then I have it with a glass of beer. I don’t drink alcohol that much. Just once in a while or socially. I love to cook as well. But at the moment, I’m very busy with writing and working on my first feature film, so I don’t really spend time to do the cooking no more. Only if I genuinely feel like to. But now, since I work almost constantly on my new screenplay and my upcoming feature film project I need to cook at home more often and store lots of food, so that I don’t need to go out and do the shopping all the time. It’s just so time consuming, walking around in the supermarket buying stuff. Then, I will have less time to create art. So, a few days ago, I went shopping like there’s going to be a WW3 anytime soon.

Well, I have a very good reason to be paranoid when you think about the tension between Russia and America at the moment. I don’t want to talk about politics that much since it can be an extremely serious topic. I therefore try to avoid it at all costs. But honestly, we should be involved more in politics to help make the world a better place to live for everyone. We should all make peace not war. There must be a better way to communicate and make peace instead of using weapons to destroy each other, till there’s no more soul left in this world.

Back to my fridge. It is now filled with lots of food, which looks like a whole family living here when it’s just me. I can now work on my film project smoothly with no interruption, until I’m running out of food again. That’s the only purpose why I shopped too much food at once.

Food, beer, and mag for my lunch break.

My Film Teaser Will Be Ready Soon

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Just got home from filming. I don’t think I will be back to film tomorrow. So, I will devote all my time tomorrow to edit my film teaser instead, Nightmare in Hell. I have shot the teaser already. I will just need to edit it to see how it will turn out. If it doesn’t look good enough I will re-shoot it, until I’m happy with it. I really need to get my own film project going quicker. I want to finish it in time for Halloween this year. It may seem like I have plenty of time to bring my movie to an end. But, if I become complacent about my work I may end up having to spend months to complete it. And then, I may have to finish it after Halloween instead. Or even worse, never getting it made at all. So, I have no time to waste here – really. Consequently, tomorrow, I will try to finish editing my teaser. Then after that I will start getting the camera rolling asap, looking for cast & crew, film locations, finding the right film festivals to submit my film to, and so on. Just the thought of how happy I will be when I have, finally, created my first feature film I feel even more motivated to reach my target faster. The whole project doesn’t overwhelm me, on the contrary, I feel more confident that I can and will make it. I just have a positive feeling about it. I don’t know. I think, maybe because I love what I do and this is what I have always wanted to do since I started working in film & tv about 14 years ago. And ironically, I embarked on a film career as a filmmaker student at Copenhagen Technical College in 2004 and didn’t think about becoming an actress at all. But then we couldn’t afford to pay the actors for each film we made maybe just a few and we were also running out of time, I then had to act in my own student films once in a while because no none else in my group wanted to be in front of the camera, so I began to form a strong interest in acting as well. So much that I decided to only focus on my acting career and forgot about becoming a filmmaker completely. And now I’m back where I initially started, to begin my filmmaker career again. Hence, making my own films is a dream that I want to make it come true at long last. I might not succeed as a filmmaker, but if I could become just a screenwriter I would equally be so glad.

Now, I will watch a good film and relax ready to edit my teaser tomorrow. Goodnight and enjoy the music from Lana Del Rey – Born To Die.


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Guess what, my favorite breakfast is either oatmeal or just fruit. It’s not a fancy breakfast like full breakfast or similar. I like having my oatmeal with different variation, such as oatmeal with fruits, oatmeal with spinach or other healthy vegetables. Today, I have my oatmeal with strawberry, a little bit of butter in the middle while it’s still warm, and a honey dressing as a topping. It’s so summery early meal. But there is no sunshine today. And the weather seems to be on the decline. It was nice and sunny not long ago. Well, it’s not quite summer yet anyway. I went to Brighton a few days ago. It was warm and the sun was shining in the morning. But later on it’s cold. And I wanted to stay until dark to take pictures of the pier at night when it had all the lights on, but it was fairly chilly toward the end of the day, so I left Brighton around 7 pm. I did manage to take some nice photos of the beach and the pier. I will post the images later on. I’m still editing them. I promised myself some years ago that I will visit some of the beautiful beaches and piers in UK during summer, so I just did. It was fantastic, even it was a bit cold since it’s not summer yet. But I love beaches, so I needed to go see it. I can now tick Brighton beach off my list. Then I can move on to the next place in UK that I want to visit. I think next time I will travel when it’s warmer. It’s a waste of time when it’s still cool. Then I can’t enjoy the stunning, picturesque setting because I then have to hurry myself home because it’s freezing. I should bring a warm jacket with me, just in case. It’s always cold at nighttime in UK regardless what time of year. So, I should have known that. Next time, I will be more prepared.

Movie Teaser

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I plan to make a teaser for my movie, Nightmare in Hell, this week. I have to make it soon. I might do it on Thursday. Because tomorrow, I have to be on set again, so I can’t. But hopefully, I will have time to shoot the teaser on Thursday, or within this week. Then it’s out of the way. Then I can start editing it. I will have to make a really good teaser. So, even though, it can be as short as 30 seconds, but it has to be exciting. And that will be my challenge.

Then tonight, I will spend my time to read. I love reading as much as I love watching films. So, today’s a reading day instead of movies. I have some books on my shelf that I haven’t finished them yet. Well, because they’re boring. Maybe for me. I tend to put a book down pretty fast if it doesn’t captivate me enough. If the first few pages don’t have much to say I won’t bother. It has to hook me right away. And I don’t really buy actual books no more. But, I buy kindle books instead. Then, I can buy as many novels as I like and they won’t pile up in my studio taking up space. I will look for a good novel to buy and read. I have a few books in my mind that I want to read tonight. I will have to make a choice which one I decide to read first this evening.