Pork Panaeng Recipe

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I like making curry dishes almost every week. And panaeng curry is also one of my favorites. It’s simple, quick, and flavorful, with minimal ingredients. Panaeng was a dish that my mum made so often. And we all loved it. I love the simplicity of it, but at the same time tasty. The combination of fresh Thai sweet basil, kaffir lime leaf, and some slices of red chili that we add to the end of the cooking process, as a finishing touch, creates a very refreshing savor to the dish. All of the ingredients can be bought in supermarkets, except the panaeng curry and Kaffir lime leaf. But you can buy them in Thai/Chinese shops. Warm panaeng curry with tender pork or chicken on a bed of freshly cooked jasmine rice or brown rice is heavenly delicious. I can never get tired of it.

Serves: 2 Persons

Cooking Time: 15-20 Minutes


2 Pork chops or 400g pork, chopped

2 Tablespoons panaeng curry paste

2 Tablespoons cooking oil

2 Tablespoons fish sauce

250ml Coconut milk

1 Red chili, sliced

1/2 Handful fresh Thai sweet basil

3-5 Kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced (stack the leaves together and roll it tightly, then slice it thinly)


  1. Heat oil in a pan or wok over medium high heat, when the oil starts getting hot add panaeng curry paste, lower the heat a little bit, and fry it until fragrant.
  2. Add about 230ml of coconut milk, increase the heat to medium high heat, stir everything together until the coconut milk begins to boil, then add pork and fish sauce. Slow cook it, until the pork is cooked and the coconut milk is reduced, which should take about 5-7 Minutes.
  3. Add the rest of ingredients, including the rest of coconut milk, give it a couple of quick stirs, then turn off the heat, and remove it from the heat.
  4. Serve it straight away on a bed of freshly cooked jasmine rice or brown rice. Enjoy!

pork panang

pork panang dish

Very easy to cook Pork Panaeng.

Pancakes With Chocolate Ice Cream And A Chocolate Milkshake

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The weather is so warm every day now. And I just made a delicious dessert and a milkshake for myself, which were pancakes with chocolate ice cream and a chocolate milkshake. I haven’t made them for a long time. It’s very yummy. It’s so easy to make. And it tastes much better than buying it. Now that my stomach is full, I’m ready to continue with my self-taped auditions. I have decided not to attend dancing & martial arts classes this week. I have to really get the selftapes made first. I have to focus now. The weather is so nice. I feel tempted to go out every day and enjoy the sun. But, I have to slow down a little bit. I have several self-taped auditions to be created. I also have to finish editing my screenplay. As soon as these are done, I can take a break and go out some more. I will spend today looking for good monologues to practice. Then, I will stand up early tomorrow to start making selftapes. When the selftapes are done I will continue with the script’s revision.


strawberry and pancake

pancakes with ice cream

Yummy pancakes with chocolate ice cream and a chocolate milkshake.

The Casting

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Back home again from casting. I didn’t expect anything. It was fun anyway. You get to meet new people and the people who may or may not cast you. But we have at least meet each other face to face. And they get to see my personality, talent (s), how I look, and so on. So for me, even though I may not get selected, but I think the trip to the casting and the chance to get to perform was worth the time anyhow. Each time I attend a casting or audition my confidence increases, regardless of the outcome. And I still have some self-taped auditions to make, as well. I will continue to look for the monologues today. Hopefully, I will find some monologues that I like tonight, so that I can start recording it tomorrow. I might have to skip a dancing class again tomorrow since making self-taped auditions is more important. It concerns my career. The dancing lesson is just an exercise and hobby, which I can attend whenever I want or have time.

After casting, I wanted to go buy some more sport clothing that are still on sale now. I only have one sport t-shirt from Adidas, which you see me wear it every time I go to martial arts or dancing classes. So, I really need some more. And now, it’s a good time to buy before the sale period ends. But the weather is too warm today. I then had to hurry myself home. I couldn’t walk around in the heat, especially when the streets were packed with people. I also need a few Kung Fu outfits for my martial arts classes. I don’t really have one. And since I will attend it weekly, I will have to look for martial arts clothes to wear for the classes.

Below is a video I made some time ago after the first day I learned how to fight with sword & shield. It might not look so exciting since I had no one to do the fight choreography with. But I promise, next time I attend the martial arts class again I will film it from there 🙂

Early Bedtime

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I just got home from filming not long ago. I will go to bed early today, partly because I stood up pretty early today since I had a very early call time, and partly because I have to attend a casting tomorrow as well. So, I want to save my energy for tomorrow. And when I get home, there are also some self-taped auditions to be made. But before that I have to first practice and learn the monologues by heart. And I haven’t found the monologues that I like, yet. Tomorrow, I will search for them again after I come home from casting. I have already cleaned my studio. So, there is no clutter anywhere to block my productivity. And that’s why I feel as if I have more energy now. Sometimes, small, unimportant things might potentially be the real culprits. And sometimes, little, happy moments – as little as buying beautiful flowers to put in your vase, smile to people more often, take a new route home, etc. – might increase your creativity, happiness, and the like. Something we tend to oversee always surprises us the most, I think.

I will try to go to bed now. Goodnight.

beachI love walking on the beach.

An Alternative Career

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I love music as much as I love films. So maybe working in music industry could also be my alternative career choice? Or, I could work both in film & music. Many people do. Today, it’s a good idea to do more – to work in more areas in entertainment industry. That’s why I like working in entertainment industry because the opportunity and possibility are endless. You can work in as many areas within entertainment industry as you like if you have many talents and can cope with being busy. Of course, you have to know your limit and strength as well. But when you think of the uncertainty and continuous rejections in entertainment business then it is a good idea to be in as many places within it as possible. You never know. Maybe I get rejected from one area, but then I get accepted from another area of entertainment industry. So, it can only benefit me.

Because I love music so much, I did try to become a musician before I even considered becoming an actress. But I can’t sing. And I can’t play instruments. So, I gave up the idea. But I can, probably, become a songwriter instead since I love writing. And I can dance. So, I can still work in music industry if I want to. I just don’t have to sing or play instruments. I remember when I was with my ex, he’s a guitarist, he tried to teach me how to play guitar when he had time. But I couldn’t learn it. So I gave up learning how to play guitar. But it’s not only guitar – all kinds of music instruments. Maybe, I just gave up that easily. If I was persistent I could eventually learn it. Who knew. So, I might consider branching out into music industry as well. It’s always an option. It’s also because while I was dancing yesterday at the dancing class it began to dawn on me, how much I love music and how much I enjoy moving my body to the music. It made me rethink about my career path. But I still love acting and films. I will not leave it, though. I just want to work with music, too.

Below is a song from Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World. Enjoy!

Just Back From Dancing Class

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I just got home from dancing. It’s amazing, getting to exercise, learn new skills, and have fun. I am very hungry now. And I had just had a small bowl of pasta. But it’s not enough. But I’m not gonna eat more. I have to control myself. Otherwise, there’s no point of exercising, just to come home and devour a huge portion of food. After finishing this blog post I will take a shower, then find a good film to watch. After bath, I don’t think I will still be hungry. I just ate spaghetti. So I will wait a little bit before I have a bath. Tomorrow, I have more self-taped auditions to make. I am auditioning almost every day, basically. Then later on this week, I also have to attend a casting. So everything is going good for me right now. It seems. I have to find time to work on my own project, then. It looks like, I don’t really have time to write at the moment. Maybe, I will not watch a movie tonight anyway. I will continue to work on my screenplay instead. But I need to relax, as well. It’s been about work and work constantly for me lately. So I need to take some time off, too, to clear my mind and stay away from my project for a while. Then come back with a new vision, perspective, insight, idea, etc.

That’s it for now. I will not write a long blog post now, tired.



My English Skill

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Once in a while, I do go back and correct my grammar in my previous blog posts. Because sometimes, I’m tired or I don’t really want to spend time to go through my grammar. When I finish writing the post I hit publish and never look back. Then I go do something else. But when I do have time, I like to go back and correct my grammar. It’s just good for myself as well, to improve my English. But people do make mistakes sometimes when they are in a hurry or too lazy or busy to correct the grammar. Some don’t even care. But I have to begin to care if I want to become a writer. So, excel myself in English is a must. Well, I don’t have to be that good in English. Have a master’s degree in English or anything like that. Some successful writers don’t have that either. Just the passion to tell good stories and an okay level of English should be fine. Some writers, they don’t even write the novels, books, etc., themselves. It’s true. And I have not even been to English classes in UK. Well, I have studied English elsewhere. But that’s a long time ago. And my English exams were not good. But over the years, I have taught myself English. Living in English speaking country does help, too. Anyway, I try to attempt to become a screenwriter. I think, my willingness to succeed is more important. If I tell myself I can’t because of this and that, I don’t think I will have accomplished anything at all.

Big Ben Tower in London.

Escape from Death Short Film Script

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Tonight, I will try to go through my screenplay. I think, it looks good. I just need to polish it a little bit. Then it’s ready for the next phase, to be made into film. I think writing the script was hard, rewriting it even harder. But I enjoy every step of the way. I have a feeling, it’s going to be more interesting than my previous short. I think because I do a better preparation this time to tell a good story, find more film crew to make the film with instead of filming the whole film myself, look for various channels to distribute and promote my film, and I even plan to take a directing class as well. So hopefully, my next horror short, Escape from Death, will look more professional than my last short film. And I aim to submit to more film festivals and in good time. I am so excited how it will turn out this time.

I don’t do much marketing and promotion for my film at the moment. I want to completely finish my manuscript first before I start doing anything else. I don’t want to be distracted with all other things before my script even finishes. Then, it will take me even longer time to complete it. I don’t have a partner or collaborate with someone, so that we can help each other doing different things. I’m doing this alone. So, I can’t do all the things at once. But once I finish correcting the script, I will start promoting it vigorously. And that is the exciting part of it. Can’t wait!

I am not finish with the self-taped auditions, yet. So, I have to assign time to make selftapes and to practise as well. It’s tough when you also want to be a writer, a filmmaker, and an actress. There are so many things to do all of the sudden. But this is what I like to do and achieve. So, I am okay with that. Have a lot of things to do is better than having nothing to do at all. And I learn a lot in the process. So, it only benefits me. I would be so happy the day that I become a successful director, writer, and actor. I believe, dreams do come true if you work hard.

Well, now, I will begin to rework my script and see how far I can go. I have to go to dancing class tomorrow. So, I have to try to work on my screenplay as much as I can. Then tomorrow, before I leave, I will make my self-taped auditions first. So it’s out of the way.


Another photo from Brighton.

Self-taped Auditions

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I’m searching for a one minute monologue for my self-taped auditions right now. I was thinking about using my own monologue from my own script. But maybe it’s not a good idea. It’s better that I use the monologues that have been used a lot for auditions. Or just something completely unique and new. I will see if I decide to use my own monologues anyway. Otherwise, I have many monologues from films that I like I want to use. So, it’s not difficult to find a perfect monologue for my selftapes. When I find one I like I will start practising, memorizing it, and doing the selftapes. I like doing auditions – both in person and selftape. I think it’s fun. I get to express myself, act in different characters, add my own personality and experiences in it, and so forth. And the most fun of them all, I get to perform and impress some strangers in just one minute. It really tests my ability to be able to do that. That’s why I like acting. It’s such a fascinating job. I am certain that many actors who chose this path because they love acting – not so much money and fame. Well, money and fame are just bonuses.

It’s my own showreel below I made some time ago which I just improvised the monologue. I didn’t write it or take it from anywhere. I did it just for fun and to try my improvisation skill:

Noodles for Breakfast

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I seem to be making Asian food every day now – morning & evening. Today, I made stir-fried egg noodles for my late breakfast again. I don’t really eat lunch. I eat late breakfast. So, I don’t need lunch. And I don’t eat much dinner either. I think it’s because of the heat, which is good. It helps me lose weight in a way. I am so in love with Thai food that I dedicate a new account on Instagram just for Thai food, @BupphaThaiFood, so that I can post tasty photos of Thai dishes whenever I make Thai food to share with other Thai food lovers. So, if you love Thai food don’t forget to follow my Thai food account as well for lovely photos of delicious Thai dishes.

I have some selftapes to make. I also have to clean my studio. Then go do some shopping as well. I do have food. But I have no more vegetables and drinks left. Vegetables are very vital. I have to eat it daily. But I like them as well. I can’t imagine myself eating Thai food without vegetables. It doesn’t taste good. It just feels like something is missing. So, I can’t just eat meat and rice or noodles. Vegetables are the main ingredients in Thai cooking. I can eat just vegetables and rice or noodles. But I can’t just eat meat and rice. It just feels so wrong. And I need vegetables and juices for my smoothies as well. So, I have to go out and do some shopping. I will go do some shopping first. Then when I come back I will clean my flat. Then when everything is nice & clean I will begin to make selftapes. I can’t be creative when things just lying around. It just blocks my productivity.

I planned to finish my horror short film screenplay, Escape from Death, last week. But I have lots of other things to do regarding my acting career. So, I couldn’t complete it anyway. But I have at least finished writing the script, which is the hardest part. My second step is to make adjustment. When I’m done with that I can start looking for cast & crew. Then when I have all cast & crew ready I will start shooting. When I break down my filmmaking project into small chunks I feel, I have more control over it. And I can see, it is realistic. I don’t feel lost no more. But, I spend more time crafting a compelling story since I want to make a quality movie this time. I want to become a screenwriter as well. So, this is my chance to train myself to become a professional screenwriter. I like telling good stories. And I love writing, expressing myself through words. So, this screenwriting profession is so me. Therefore, I work hard to become a good writer.

I also have to attend acting and dancing classes. I will go dancing again tomorrow. I felt bad I didn’t go dancing last Saturday. So, I will go tomorrow. And today I will look for acting courses, and, perhaps, directing workshops as well, to attend. I will also start attending martial arts class this weekend. Every week, I always find something to do to improve my skills. When I find acting lesson, coaching workshop, voice class, and more, that I would like to attend I book and pay for it. Then, I have no excuse not to attend since I’ve already paid for it. Doing something every day, to improve my skills and move myself toward my goals, keeps me active and positive. I mean, if you work hard to achieve your objectives then you’re likely to succeed. I’ve never heard of people who work hard, but not succeed in anything. Maybe, but it’s very rare. So I don’t wait for opportunities to come and knock on my door. I go out and find them.

noodles dish

Noodles for breakfast again.

frozen fruit drink

I love this frozen juice drink. It’s so summery.