Stir-fried Pork With Bamboo Shoots in Chili Oil

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Just got home from a photoshoot not long ago. We were shooting in Camden Town. So after work, I wanted to walk around Camden Town because the weather was so nice earlier today, sunshine and all that, but I was a little tired from work and from getting up early, so I just came back home right away. I don’t normally walk around after work anyway. When my job is done I always hop on a bus or train on my way back home almost right away. You work with a big group of people all day long, so when you’re finally free you just want to be alone. Enjoy the time off for the rest of the day, watch good films or read books, eat ice cream, and relax. So when I got home I made a nice, tasty Thai dish for myself. It’s just stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots in chili oil. I always store bamboo shoots in chili oil, red and green curries, coconut milk, noodles, jasmine rice, soy sauce, and the like, so that I can make quick but delicious Asian/Thai food in no time at all. Now that I’m full, I will have my dessert now which is chocolate ice cream. When I have spooned the ice cream into a cup ready I will find a good movie to watch. That’s how I’m gonna spend the rest of the day today. Just home sweet home.

Nightmare in Hell Teaser is Coming Soon

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I will make a teaser for my upcoming film, Nightmare in Hell, very soon. I’m so excited! I will spend today planning the film teaser. This is quite challenging but exciting to see how it will turn out. It will test my ability to entice potential audiences to watch my horror movie once it’s released. I will not shoot the teaser today, just doing the groundwork. But, who knows. I might film the teaser today anyway if I’m in the mood for it. It’s not that long. Maybe just 30 – 90 seconds. After that, I also have to edit it. So, even though I record it today doesn’t mean the teaser is ready today. To get it right, the editing process can be the most complex, creative part of film production. I already have the scene for the teaser in mind. So, it’s a matter of when I will start shooting it.

I will begin to look for cinematographer soon since I decided not to shoot the film myself anyway. It will be difficult because I will be playing the lead actress in it as well. And this is a feature film – not a short film that I made earlier in which I filmed the whole short myself, Instant Risk – it therefore needs to be made professionally with another DOP. If I were to shoot the film myself again, I would, probably, mess up the whole project, and the film might turn out amateurish. This is not The Blair Witch Project film in which the cast shot the whole movie themselves, which was a very clever way to not hire director of photography and got away with it discreetly. So, it depends on the story what it is about and what is the best way to tell it. And for my work, I don’t think, I can avoid that. But for the teaser, I think, I can easily shoot it myself. Lucky me.

Ghost Stories Before Bed

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Ghost stories before bed was something I was very much obsessed with when I was a kid. It was one of the most exciting things to do when you’re young. Kids love fantasy, fairly tale, folktale, mystery, and ghost story is no exception. I remember, when I was young me, my siblings, and our friends, would always sit in circle telling each other ghost stories before bedtime. And the spikes of moonlight that penetrated through the windows would transform the atmosphere of the room into an uncanny undertone with its blue tint. Every little sound that occurred from the breeze, tree leaves rustling in the winds, the raucous call of the nocturnal crows flying past our house and some of them sitting on the tree branches STARING DIRECTLY at us, and the whine of the dogs from a far distance, would give us goosebumps while listening to the spine-chilling stories. And we would then look around to see a sign of any supernatural that might be lurking in the darkness around us. And sometimes, I had a feeling that SOMETHING is standing right behind me, but when I turn around to look quickly – – nothing’s there.

So I think, it’s one of the reasons why I love all things mystery, which inspires me to write and make a horror movie or similar. This is just the beginning.

New Portfolio

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I have created my new portfolio on a separated website, to keep things organised. So, from now on, all my photos will be hosted on my other website created just for photos which is I will regularly add new photos onto my new portfolio site. As soon as I have taken new images, I will add them there. So, if you need to view my new pictures then please visit my other site instead. I have been editing pictures all day long. Now, I need to take a break. I might watch a film. What else can I do? I don’t have a TV. So, if I want to see new movies I go to Amazon or Netflix or Cinema instead. I want to take a nap, but I don’t feel tired, even though I went to bed 3 am this morning and got up 6:30 am. Because, I feel so excited to work on my film project I can’t sleep too much. I will make a cup of coffee now, ready to watch a good movie and relax for a bit, before I start working on my script again.

Working in The Background

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I made a little horror clip with demonic eyes yesterday, to see how it looks. I think, it looks good. I have not blogged for a very long time because I am busy working in the background on my feature film project, Nightmare in Hell. I really want to get this project off the ground. So, I must work harder, until my production materializes. Making a film is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work, researches, and coffee. But, I am determined to create my own work – no matter how stressful it could be. So, I enjoy every step of the way. The more I put my heart and soul into it, the more I realize this is something I really want to do and be. I jump out of bed early every morning, excited to continue to work on my project and script. It’s a long way to go before my film is actually finish. But I think, the reward is worth the wait. I also have to contact several locations where I want to film, asking them for permission to shoot there. And that’s why the sooner I start on my film making project, the better. So I have time to prepare all the things I need to make my film. So, it’s not that simple. If I can’t film there no problem, I can find similar places. So, it’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And that’s why I don’t have time to blog as often as I was used to, or as I want to. I am serious about this film. And I must do whatever I can to get it made. I don’t mind hard work if that means, I get to do what I love and to work with like-minded people, who are into films, art, and creative stuff. So, it might seem like I don’t really do anything since there’s no activity on my blog for the time being, but believe me I do work constantly on my film project every single day.
buppha actress

New Notice Board

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I decided to buy a real notice board for my post-it notes anyway. I don’t like sticking something on the mirror. It just doesn’t look right. But I won’t hang it up on the wall. I just let it stand against the windows, on the dining table, on the balcony. It really helps me visualize my film a lot better now that I have written down all my thoughts, imaginations, locations, setting, characters, etc. on the post-it notes and stick them on a notice board. I can see where the story is heading. Is it in the right direction? Is everything in chronological order? Before, I stored everything in my head and my computer. And my laptop is like a shambles. Every time I want to see a scene, to work on it, I will have to turn on my laptop and find the folder with all my documents for my screenplay in it. It’s taking me time to go through all that. And it doesn’t really help me visualize the scene as if I have it written down in front of me, move it around, erase it and write something new on it, and so on. It works so much better for me this way. But I still keep everything on my laptop. It just a combination of methods that makes it possible for me to work on my project more smoothly and effectively. Now my notice board is an amalgam of diverse, useful elements which will create my upcoming feature film. Now I think, I will work faster since I have everything organised right in front of me.

I put the pizza in the oven. I will have my dinner in a bit. Today, I don’t feel like cooking. I just want to save all my time to work on my manuscript. And I will wake up at 4 am or 5 am tomorrow to start working on my script right away. So I have extra hours to work on it. I am so excited about this project. And I want to make it better than my last project. I want to improve myself each time I work on a new project. But the whole point is, I just do what I love doing. My passion for my work is the real force behind all this. It keeps me going. If I didn’t like what I do I wouldn’t be able to stand it every single day.

post-it notice board

Feels Like Summer

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Today is such a sunny day. It feels like summer already. It makes me think of barbecue party, beach, a tour to different markets in London – trying a variety of foods and drinks, buying bohemian clothes and jewelry, sitting in the sun with a cold glass of beer, enjoying the weather, sunshine, and the urban life – thinking life is good. I feel like going out today, actually, walking around and enjoying the nice weather. But, I have a duty to do which is to work on my screenplay, to try to finish it as soon as possible. After my job is done, I can start relaxing. I think, I will use this as my motivation to complete my manuscript faster, so that I can go out and celebrate. It’s such a good timing. By the time I am done with my script, the weather will be so summery and all that which is perfect for party. So as long as I have not accomplished my manuscript yet, I must try to resist the temptation to go out and enjoy the refreshing weather for the time being. I may have to get up at 4 am in the morning every day from now on if I want to complete my screenplay as quickly as I possibly can. If I don’t have to be on set working because I normally have to stand up pretty early around 4 am to go work on a film set I wake up around 7:30 am daily which I think it’s quite late. So, I should continue to get up at around 4 am in order to finish my manuscript sooner. And since now it’s getting warmer and warmer, and the sun will come up more early, I think I will be able to rise and shine very early in the morning every day in the future, until my film making project is over. I will start greeting the day at about 4 am from tomorrow and see how it goes.

A Teaser For My Film

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I am going to make a teaser for my upcoming horror film, so that I can really visualize how my screenplay will turn into film. Because, writing a manuscript is one thing, but how it will transfer into a motion picture is another thing. I can write about anything. But, what if it doesn’t really translate into a cinema film that will entertain the audiences? So, making a teaser now might be a better way to see how realistic my film making project is. A teaser could be between 30 – 90 Seconds, which is achievable. And it’s also a way to prepare my audiences beforehand what they can expect from my film. What it is they’re going to see. And so on.

For now, I use my mirror as a notice board for my post-it notes when I want to add and arrange the scenes in Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, etc. Then, I can always move the scenes around to suit the story, and that they follow a logical sequence. I could go out and buy a real notice board, but then I would have to make a hole in the wall to hang it up. And I want to avoid making holes in the wall as much as I can, to keep the flat nice & clean. So, I use the mirror instead. I can always clean the mirror after that.

After this blog post, I will relax and watch a good film. Maybe a comedy. I need some laugh after working on a horror script almost daily. And the weather is getting nicer and nicer, which means the Spring and Summer are not so far away. So, in the spirit of the seasons, I need a good laugh and be cheerful. I so look forward for the summer to arrive. I love summer dearly. It’s what I grew up with. I miss the sun. I am so ready for it. Then I can look through my wardrobe, to find my bohemian clothes to dress for the joyful times of year.


My temporary notice board for my post-it notes.

20170518_084628 (2)

20170518_084819 (2)

buppha actress

I’m so ready for the Spring & Summer.

Still Working on The Film Treatment

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Last night, I managed to finish a rough draft of the treatment of my upcoming film, A Tour to Hell, so today I can blog. I have been working on my manuscript constantly. So, I will not blog that often as I was used to. My dream job as a screenwriter is my top priority right now. When I have accomplished a certain task I have set myself I blog. If not, I won’t blog until I have reached my small mission. And yesterday, I moved toward my goal a little further so I blog today – to keep people updated where I’m at in my project. Today, I will start writing the real treatment of my film. Now I know, what I want to appear in my movie, then it’s easier for me to write the actual screenplay later on. It’s so much fun thinking, pondering, plotting, imagining, etc., how I want to make my film. Today will be another fun day writing the real treatment. And as I mentioned before, I am going to shoot the film myself again. I’m pretty certain about that. Maybe 70%. Because, no one knows the scenes, the plot, the setting, and the whole purpose of the story than I do. So I think, maybe I would just film the movie myself again, to make things easier. But who knows, I may find a cinematographer who understands my film as much as I do and will collaborate with me. I don’t want to start looking for cast & crew now since I have not finished the script, yet. So as soon as I’m done with the manuscript, I will start searching for film crew. This will be a very exciting, low-budget movie project. I can feel it. I can’t wait to begin, to start the ride, the true adventure. Making my own films is a way of whetting my brain and ability to make movies. The more I try, the more it works. It may be a trek for me before I begin to see some kind of success in the business of film making. But I enjoy every moment of it – no matter the outcome. In all honesty, when you do what you love you just don’t care about the result that much. You do because you like it. It’s as simple as that.

I just had a German Roasted Pork Knuckle for lunch. One of the good reasons of being single is that I can have dinner for lunch, candy for breakfast, iced tea before bedtime, and similar. I just live in the moment. Wherever I am in life I enjoy it. There’s no need to make life more complicated than necessary. Living a simple, positive lifestyle seems to be the best recipe in true happiness in life. Definitely for me.

I try to make the photo look as dreamy as possible. Just for fun.

I will be using this camera to shoot the film again if I’m going to film the movie myself as my previous short, Instant Risk.

All is Lost

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I lost all my posts, images, etc. yesterday because I decided to change web host since my previous host was quite slow and there’re always some problems with website performance. So yesterday, I exported all my web content and tried to upload to my new host, but I couldn’t. And I have no idea why. I can still try to upload the backup from my previous host and replace all content with the backup instead. I just don’t feel like doing it today since it can take time to go through the process. I might do it tomorrow.

This morning, I went out and took some new photos again. The weather is getting nicer and nicer day by day. So today, I must go out and get myself some new selfies. I will try to take new pictures as often as I can from now on.