Stop Destroying The Nature

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I stumbled upon Steve Cutts’ animation film some weeks ago that I would like to share which called MAN or Man vs Nature. It’s like a wake-up call to us what dangers are awaiting us if we continue to be selfish disregard for nature and without thinking of consequences. It may not affect us now. But it will, certainly, affect the new generations soon or later if we don’t do something about it now. I have read and seen latest news about rainforests around the world are being destroyed by big industries my heart hurt so badly. It’s not just the rainforests that are being wipe off the face of the earth, the wild animals that live there are also being killed, which sadly causes the extinction of many rare species – both plants and animals. It’s their home. When people are destroying their home where do they go? They die or extinct. Why do I feel so deeply affected? Because, I am from Thailand – a country that still has rainforests, wild animals, rare plants and species, and so on.

I also grew up in the woods at some point because we moved a lot. Sometimes we lived in the cities and sometimes in the woods – back and forth, back and forth. Because, my father was a teacher and he preferred teaching children in less civilized places – to give them the opportunity to be educated. At that time, many places close to the boarders in Thailand were still dangerous for the teachers. Maybe, it is still now as well. If the children were being educated and knew too much they would be difficult to manipulate when they grew up. Therefore, so many teachers got killed. Many of them moved back to the cities and many denied to be stationed in the villages close to the boarders in fear of their lives. But my father didn’t care that much. The future of children was more important. So we moved a lot between villages and sometimes in very dangerous zones.

And that’s how I got to learn to love nature. It has become a big part of my life. As a result of that, my heart is shattered by the news of nature and animals are being eradicated from the world whenever I see or hear about it. This animated short film is no doubt so inspiring. So I hope, people will make more and more educational films like this in the future.

Quick Meal For Dinner

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I open my refrigeration, no more food left again. Time to go do some shopping again tomorrow. Luckily, I do have some frozen meals in the freezer, which I batch cooked them about a few weeks ago and put each portion in a takeaway box or a freezer bag. Then, I put them in the freezer for an easy, quick meal later when I don’t feel like cooking or running out of food again, but don’t have time to go shopping. I take a box of chicken green curry out of the freezer and put it in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes. In the meantime, I add a good amount of water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Add the Thai rice flour noodles into the boiling water. Lower the heat to medium heat and boil them for about 2-3 minutes. Keep stirring them to loosen them up. After 2-3 minutes, I turn off the heat, remove the pot from the heat and drain the noodles. Then I add cold water into the pot and place the noodles back into the pot with cold water in it, to cool the noodles down and to let them expand their texture. Thai rice flour noodles are the only noodles that you need to let them cool down in cold water before you can eat it. Then I drain the noodles and let them sit to dry for about 3-5 minutes. By the time the noodles are ready, so the chicken green curry. I then take the box of chicken green curry out of the microwave, transfer the content into a big bowl and add the noodles. Mix everything together and eat. It’s yummy!

The sun starts shining a lot now. Luckily, I did have the blinds installed yesterday. So I pull down the blinds to block the sun from coming into the studio. That’s better. And by the time I finish writing a blog post which I’m going to do in a minute, the sun will already subside. I turn on my laptop and start writing this blog post. After this, I will finish reading the novel. I did not finish it earlier today because I took a nap. When you read constantly, your brain gets tired. So, it needs some rest. When I am done with the reading I may feel in the mood to continue to work on my manuscript. Or maybe, I will watch a good film instead.

I sometimes like to make Thai iced coffee when I feel like drinking delicious drink for the summer.

I Love Auditioning

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I love auditioning. I don’t expect much. I regard all auditions as an opportunity to get better and better each time. So, I don’t feel that upset if I will not be selected. Auditions make me prepare and practise more and more. It motivates me in a way, to work harder to make my dreams come true. It reminds me of that I love what I do. That I want to become an actor. I am just so glad that people do have an interest in inviting me to the audition in the first place. It means, they must see the potential in me. So, even though I might not get chosen. But, I am happy that I get a chance to try and show them that I could be the one they’re looking for. It’s fun getting to perform and present my skills in front of people. I went to audition yesterday which I think I won’t be selected. But, I could be wrong. Anyway, it was fun. I didn’t even think about I will be selected or not. All I wanted to do was to perform, have fun meeting new people, and feel good about it. And I feel that I learn something new each time. So, I do get something valuable out of it regardless of the outcome. Being rejected doesn’t discourage me. On the contrary, it gives me even more energy to try harder. Maybe, I didn’t try hard enough. I record my own audition each time before I actually go to the audition. Then I watch it. So I can see what it is that still needs to be improved. And so on. It’s a very good idea to see myself perform. So I know why sometimes I don’t get selected, so that I can work on it to maximize my chances.

I want to start writing. But I am not done yet with the reading. I only have a few chapters to go. So I think I will finish reading completely before I start working on my screenplay.

A selfie from Spitalfields Market about 2-3 days ago.

New Curtains, Finally

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I finally got the new curtains installed yesterday, just before I left for audition. I didn’t think they would show up at all. So I was ready to go out. Then they arrived around 4:15 pm, at long last. But they supposed to be here between 2 – 4 pm. Anyway, the curtains have now been installed. Nothing more to say. The weather is quite dull today. And it will be like this for the rest of the week. And maybe next week as well. That’s it? The summer has now left us? Maybe not quite. Who knows. Maybe after this week the sun will begin to shine again.

But when the weather is like this is actually good for me. Then I feel in the mood for writing. All it’s quiet in the early morning, except for the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. The winds seem to slightly move the entire area in motion. That’s why I feel like writing in the early morning. It’s when I feel more creative. All the things and possibilities I could think of flow into my mind at this time of day, giving me valuable sources for my writing and story. It’s an ideal place for a writer to live, indeed. A cozy, comfortable suburb with lots of trees and parks around me.

I have lots of plans today, actually. After this blog post I will first read, not write. Then, I will write. After that, I will practise my auditions. And so on. So, every day, I fill my calendar with tasks and to-dos, to keep myself on the right track. But, my life isn’t about ticking things off the list. I can be quite spontaneous as well. Sometimes, I do go out all day, walking around London, visiting the places I like, trying new foods and looking for new vintage stuff at the markets, relaxing and enjoying the world and life. I try to keep balance in my life. It’s not all about work and career. I do have a life. And I will enjoy it to a great extent.

The new curtains.

Before the new curtains were installed.

Audition Day

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I have to go to the audition soon. But I still have to wait for the plumbers, or whoever has to come to set the curtains up, to come and install the curtains. He supposed to install it last week. But he did not show up. So, my estate agent has made a new appointment that he will come today instead and install the curtains between 2 pm – 4 pm. It seems, I have to wait in vain again for a curtain installation this time since it doesn’t look like he will show up any time soon. So I think I will go out now. I hope, something good will come out of this audition this time. That’s how it goes with the audition or casting. You don’t always get cast. I try not to expect anything. But I can’t help it. You will always hope that you will be selected. Even though your chance of being chosen is quite limited. But of course, I can’t go to the audition and hope I will not get cast. It will make no sense if I don’t think I will be selected. But I am prepared for a rejection. It somehow makes me stronger and try harder.

Before I’m finished writing this blog and about to go out the guys do finally arrive. Now, they are going to install the curtains. They tell me it will take about half an hour. And my audition is 5:30 pm. And it’s not too far. So I think I will make it.

My selfies from yesterday.

New Name of My Film

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I decided to change the name of my feature film to Escape from Death instead. I think the new title is more suitable for the story. I’m also going to make a new short film with the same name. I will start shooting the short first. I’m working on the manuscript for the short film now. First, I plan to film the short this week. But I think, I will spend time to work on the screenplay first. I want it to be as thrilling, chilling, and exciting as possible. If the script is good I will then proceed to the next step which is to start shooting the film. I have to assemble the cast & crew. And the first thing that makes people want to work with me and my project is the screenplay. So, I need to produce a really compelling script before I begin to look for cast & crew. The same as my previous short film, Instant Risk, I did let people read my script first before they decided to work with me. Personally, I also think the script was good. I might develop it into a feature screenplay later on. Now back to the script for my next short and feature, Escape from Death, I will take my time to write it as exciting and captivating as possible. When I’m happy with it I will start shooting and producing the film – not before that.

I have an audition late this afternoon. When I get home I will start working on my short film screenplay. Hopefully, I can manage to finish it tonight. If the script looks good I will start shooting the film asap. I plan to make a 5 – 10 minutes short film. So, the scripts will be about 3-page long for a 5-minute short. Then, it’s about 7-page long if it’s a 10-minute short film.

Audition Tape

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In this audition tape, I perform a one minute monologue from the film, The Notebook. It’s the lead actress’ monologue, Allie (Rachel McAdams) – one of my favorite actresses. Some of her movies I have watched several times, such as The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Vow. I begin to practise my audition as often as I can to get used to audition. People are always nervous when they have to audition or go for a casting for something. I don’t know why. So, I must find a way to overcome it. Therefore, the days that I don’t audition for no one, I pretend I have to go to audition and record it and watch it how I have improved, such as my vocal, acting skills. I think, it’s pretty good technique. It makes you perform it as naturally as possible since it’s something you do regularly. So, you already get used to it. I really hope, it helps me get better and better at auditioning. And not only that, it also helps me train my vocal and accents – British & American. When I listen to myself I can hear what needs to improve. I plan to take a vocal training again soon. As an aspiring actress, writer, and filmmaker, I am constantly striving to advance my skills. You will never stop learning, which is true. And I always look forward to gaining new knowledge, skills, insight, etc.

New Curtains

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I have been waiting and waiting all day for a new curtain installation. I was being informed they will come and set them up in the afternoon today. Now it’s 3 pm and no one is here yet. I rang the office and being told they will come at 5 pm instead. Well, I will have my lunch now. Then, I will practise my monologues after I have something to eat. There’re lots of things going on right now. And I will start posting casting calls today for my new short film as well. And if possible, I will start shooting the film this weekend if all cast & crew can work this weekend. I haven’t even talked about the story of my next short to anyone, yet. What it is about, genre, where it will take place, and how many actors, and more. This time, I will shoot the film first, create a trailer, then I will start talking about it. And as I mentioned before, this time, I will only write the script, produce, direct, and play the lead actress. But I will not shoot the film myself. It will be interesting to work with film crew this time. Last time when I made my first short, Instant Risk, there was no film crew – just me and actors.

Still waiting for curtain installation. 

Return to Dancing Again

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I like dancing. I have not been to dancing classes for a long time now. I start to miss it. So I will begin to dance again soon. I don’t really go to the gym. But I love dancing. It’s also an excellent form of exercise. So even though I don’t go to fitness club, but by dancing I do keep myself in a good form anyway. It’s a fun way to work out. I also get to learn new skills how to dance, I lose weight, have fun, meet like-minded people, and make new friends, perhaps. From now on, I will go to dancing classes once or twice a week. I also love music. So, dancing to the music and keeping my body in good shape and health at the same time is just a fantastic combination. Sometimes, I enjoy dancing so much that I forget I am sweating a lot and that I am practising. And I don’t feel that hungry either when I get home. I may eat something light and drink a lot of water. And that’s also one of the reasons why I love doing exercises because it makes me drink water more frequently.

Lunch Break

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I had a late lunch today since I just got back from shopping. There are no shops and supermarkets around me. So, I had to catch a bus to go do my shopping in Putney or Wimbledon sometimes. There is one small one in the area. But that’s about 15 – 20 minutes walk. Then I have to walk back with heavy shopping bags. So I prefer to go do my shopping in either Putney or Wimbledon instead. It’s almost the same distance anyway. Then the bus stops right outside the village, which I can easily walk to my place. I live pretty much in a village. I could get myself a bicycle. I might consider that. I could also shop online instead. But I don’t like buying food online since I can’t see or feel it. And sometimes, I got delivered things that did not look like in the pictures when I ordered it. I got disappointed. So I stopped ordering food online.

Chorizo slices

chorizo slices on a bread

mature cheddar cheese

I love chorizo and cheddar cheese. So today, I had to have it for lunch. It’s so yummy with good bread and butter. I had 3 small pieces of bread with different topping on each. One with two slices of chorizo on top of a cheddar cheese slice, one just with a small slice of cheddar cheese, and one with creamy blue cheese.

fresh fruit smoothie

Then I served my lunch with a glass of healthy, fresh fruit smoothie, which I made it myself with orange juice, cranberry juice, banana, and a few ice cubes.

rioja rose wine

Every summer, I have to enjoy rose wine. It’s a celebration. So, after lunch, I have myself a glass of Rioja rose wine. It’s really good when I just had the chorizo and cheese for lunch since Rioja wine and Chorizo are from Spain. So, they’re made for each other. I should have it while I was having my lunch instead. Anyway, fresh fruit smoothie was better. I needed something healthy, so. I will drink my Rioja rose while I’m writing. Because now, I will resume my writing. And it could take me all night again since I want to finish this short film project this week. So, I have no time to waste. But I enjoy my work. I want to become a screenwriter and filmmaker so badly, so that I devote more than 100% of my time to it. I have to be so passionate about it, to the point of insanity. Because, becoming a screenwriter and filmmaker is not that easy. It’s a tough industry. There are thousands if not millions of people out there competing with each other for exactly the same thing. And I do not believe in luck. Luck is not my friend. Otherwise, I would have won a lotto by now. I believe in hardworking, dedication, perseverance, and be positive. For me, that’s the only way to success.