I’m Buppha Wittaya-Amponpunt from Denmark and I’m a multilingual actress (Thai, Danish, and English), a writer, and a filmmaker who currently resides in London.

I consider myself an optimistic, enthusiastic, and creative person and I’ve always been fascinated by films. So in 2004, I decided to attend Copenhagen Technical College (kts) in Copenhagen, Denmark, to study Film & TV Production.

And there, I also started performing in my own student films. That’s how my enthusiasm in acting established and how my acting career began.

My interests in school subjects, for example, math, physics, biology, psychology, and stage combat, including the places I have been formed my choices of genres, tones, passion for writing, writing styles, and inspirations.

The last 14 years have seen me really immerse myself in my work. I’ve brought my unique style to some brilliant projects, from commercials to feature films. By now I am addicted to making films, for which there is no known cure, except to make more.

By the way, I have just finished making my first short called, Instant Risk, which I wrote, produced, directed, filmed, edited, and acted as the lead actress in it as well. I am glad that I have, eventually, created something of my own.

Currently, I am working on my next short and first feature film projects with the same name, Escape from Death, a horror film that is based on a true story. And again, I will write the screenplay, produce, direct, and play the lead actress. I plan to shoot the short film first which will be soon. Stay Tuned!

Logline: Brown-eyed, brunette, mysterious, attractive spy or top assassin, could play a working class or a successful (business) woman.