A Scene From My First Short Film

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My first action short film, Instant Risk, is similar to The Long Kiss Goodnight, Jason Bourne, for instance. I think, the script is quite good. I may remake the film again from the same script in the future. And it will be a feature film this time. So, I will consider writing the feature-length screenplay one day after I am finished with my sci-fi horror movie manuscript. I am working on my sci-fi horror movie screenplay at the moment. I work backward. I want to complete my feature-length script first. Then I will write the short film version of the feature-length screenplay. Then I will have two spec scripts ready, one short film and one feature film, ready to make the movies. Writing a feature-length screenplay can be tough and take time. So, I want to get it done as soon as possible. Then the short film script can be written after. The big and difficult tasks have to be accomplished first. Other small goals can wait, in my opinion.

Watch a scene from my first short, Instant Risk:

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