New Passport

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I went to renew my passport at the Danish embassy in London not long ago. She told me I have to wait around 3-4 Weeks. But after a week, I got my new passport already. It’s very quick. My passport was about to run out. So I had to renew it in good time. Now, it’s out of the way. I renewed my passport on time because I knew I was going to travel a lot soon to various film festivals if my short sci-fi horror film, which could start its production process in the very near future – maybe within 1-2 Weeks from now, was selected and being shown at the festivals around the world. So, I have to be prepared to attend the festivals myself. It’s no point sending a film to festivals and if it’s chosen I won’t be attending it anyway. But even though, some of the festivals that I may not send my film to I will maybe visit them anyway, to see how it is. But most importantly, I have to finish my film first and see where I want to submit it to. I look forward to it already. The day that I have made my second short film Final Day, which I know it’s going to be better than my first short, and start planning where to send it to, where to promote and market it, what I can get out of making this film, how people will think of it, and so on. That’s how I measure the success of my film. Now, I have to try to complete the screenplay soon in order to begin the filming process asap!

At the Danish embassy to renew my passport about two weeks ago.

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