I Love Reading

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I love reading as well, not just writing. Well, if you love writing you also love reading. Who doesn’t? So when I have time I try to read as much as I can. It’s so relaxing reading a good book. It really feeds my imagination and takes me somewhere new – both real and imaginative places. I also like studying screenplays. It’s as fun and entertaining as reading novels or books. I also learn a lot in script writing by reading other manuscripts – both good and bad. So, when I like a film I have watched I find its script and read. And I’m amazed how a good screenplay can make a good film. But a bad screenplay can rarely make a good movie. So, a good script is the start of everything.

I have read many exciting, well-written screenplays, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Conjuring. Then I compare them to the movies and can see it for myself that it is a fact. Especially The Conjuring, I have read it many times. I don’t know. It’s just so good and horrifying. Basic Instinct script as well, it’s so exciting and entertaining to read that I have to reread it again and again. So I’m not surprised the writer, Joe Eszterhas, sold the script for a huge sum. And I read somewhere that he only wrote the screenplay in 13 Days. And when I read the¬†screenplay I wasn’t surprised it only took him 13 Days since there’s a lot of white space on each page, which made the script a fast read. But you still understand the whole meaning, the plot, the characters’ personalities, their motives and goals, and still be entertained, despite less text on the pages.

I started reading Game of Thrones late last year or early this year. I don’t remember. After having read the first few pages I can see why it’s so sensational – both the novels and the TV series. The story is unique and the writing style is very good. A good book or screenplay doesn’t require a reader to read that many pages to find out how good or bad it is. The first few pages or max 10 Pages is enough to hook or turn the reader away. I come to this conclusion by reading many books and screenplays myself. Yes, I have read somewhere about it that the first few pages or 10 Pages is very important, which I now agree.

Another book that I have read and liked is The Onion Field. The writing style really turns a true crime story into something very entertaining to read. I liked it so much that I have to read it again soon. The same with “The Girl on The Train” and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I think, I have read them twice. But I didn’t like the films that much. But I haven’t watched Fifty Shades of Grey, yet. And I don’t think I will. But I did see¬†The Girl on The Train which I didn’t like it. It somehow didn’t translate into film that well.

A relaxing evening with scented candle and books. I made the candle myself.

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