Visual Treatment

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I have taken some pictures to create a visual treatment of my movie. Having some idea of what the scenes, setting, locations, characters, and more, would look and feel like really helps me create the right tone & style for my film, The Existence (2019), which is a sci-fi horror. So, I must have some images that harmonize with its genre. I love photography and taking photos as a hobby. I wanted to be a photographer before. But I had to drop the idea because I wanted to devote all my time and energy to pursue my acting & filmmaking career instead. So, I didn’t have time to practise, running around and taking pictures all day long and every day when I could use the time to write instead. Since if you want to be a professional photographer you have to take lots of photos and edit them almost constantly. I couldn’t do that if I also want to be an actor, writer, and filmmaker. So I just do it as a hobby instead. I therefore sometimes walk around with my camera and take some pictures of ideal filming locations, setting, etc., and edit and color grade the stills to suit the look,┬átheme, and premise of my film visually and cinematically. I don’t need to exactly use all the locations in the shots I have taken. It’s just to create a visualization of the film look and where it could be filmed or find a similar locations instead. So, a visual treatment of my movie can, actually, help me make my film the way I want to make and write the treatment faster.

Below are some photos I took just yesterday:

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