My Photo Website

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I have created a separate photo website, to showcase all my photos there. I need another site for all my images – both my own pictures and the stills that I take for my filmmaking projects. So, there will be lots of images to be uploaded regularly. Therefore, it is ideal to have a new website to exhibit just those photos. I anyway use Adobe Photoshop to edit my images, so I can also use its portfolio. It’s more sleek, elegant, and artistic. I will be taking more and more pictures for my film from now on. So, do keep an eye on my photo website for latest stunning images. It doesn’t only host my pictures. I can also upload or embed videos as well. It’s more organized. I can just only embed my footages from YouTube or Vimeo or simply upload them that I want to display. Then organize them into categories, which makes it easier for people to see and browse through without distraction from ads or recommended videos. Check my photo website out here

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