Working on my Movie Treatment

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I have finished the synopsis of my feature film, The Existence. Next is the movie treatment. I have already written it. Now, it’s time to go back and revise it. I have done several versions of outlines, loglines, pitches, synopses, treatments, and even the characters, including the rough scripts. I just write and write whatever comes into my mind. Then, I will fix it later. And that’s what I’m going to use my weekend for. And hopefully, to finish the screenplay as well. I like the narrative and concept. I just have to find a thrilling, compelling way to tell it. But, I think, it’s getting very exciting already. The more I work with it the more I can see and feel that this is going to be a good, unique, original movie. Well, it’s inspired by a true event anyway. And since I know the story very well so I can tell it truthfully, and in a way that only me can write and tell the story.

The reason why I want to complete my feature film’s screenplay before I make the short film which is a short version of it, Final Day, because I want to have the feature-length manuscript ready before I shoot the short film. If I started filming the short film without a script of the feature film ready it’d be difficult for me to pitch my movie to potential producers, distributors, and the like. I could. But, if I already had a spec script in my hand it would be easier to have the script optioned and, finally, purchased by a producer, production company, or studio. Because, I would sound unprepared if after people had seen my short film and would like to see my spec script for the feature film version and I say I haven’t written it yet – get back to me in a year time. All that things I have done would be such a waste of time, actually.

And when I begin to shoot my short film I will also be busy with lots of things, and therefore will hardly have time to write the whole 120-page screenplay anyway. So, while I’m working on my film treatment now I can continue with the feature-length movie script right after. Then, I will have everything ready to move on to the next phase. The solid foundation has already been established. Then, it’s simpler to build anything on top of it. I think that’s a good idea.

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