Directing Class

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I’m about to go out to attend a directing class. I am serious with my movie projects: The sci-fi horror feature film, The Existence (2019) and the sci-fi horror short film, Final Day (2018). They are the same movie, one is a short and another is a feature. So, I work hard constantly to bring my filmmaking projects to life. So I want to attend directing, acting, and writing classes, to really improve my skills in acting and filmmaking. I don’t have to. But I want to. If you’re passionate about films and have watched lots of movies then it’s enough. I just want to gain new knowledge, to see if it will make any difference. I try to combine my long-time experience in film & TV, strong interest in the fields, and education together. And why not?

I aim to shoot my short film first very soon. So at the moment, I work day & night to complete the short film script asap. It’s getting more and more exciting and interesting the more I pour my heart & soul into it. I wake up every morning with excitement and can’t wait to write, to tell a unique story and make a good film. I’m done with the synopses and loglines, which help me a lot to see where my plot is going: Is it captivating, phenomenal, has a good message, entertaining, does it make sense, and so on? It’s really a true joy for me to try to move the story forward in a thrilling way as much as possible. At first, I wanted to stick to just one genre which was horror. But then, it looked like it contains some elements of sci-fiction as well. So, I changed them to sci-fi horror. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m also an actress. I also have to attend auditions and castings, including making self tape auditions. So, every day, there is a variety of things and tasks I have to do. Thank god, I don’t have a television no more. If I did I had no idea how much it’d slow down my productivity. That’s a good thing.

I will get ready to go out now. Speak soon!

Have a nice day.


The title of this short film has changed to Final Day instead.

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