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I had just finished my movies’ synopses and changed their titles and genres as well. After working through the loglines and synopses, I found out that they’re not just horror movies. They also fall under a sci-fi genre. So, I had to alter everything in one go today. I dedicated my whole day just to do this since I want to start shooting my short film asap, which I had also changed its title to Final Day. Then tomorrow, I will try to finish revising the screenplay for it. But I have two meetings tomorrow, too. So, I’m not sure if I could do it. If not, then I will do it on Tuesday instead if I’m not busy. Or, I might do it tonight. Then I can start filming as soon as possible. I plan to shoot my short film first this year. Then my feature film, The Existence, can be made next year when I have enough fund to create it. When you visit its page don’t forget to read its synopsis as well, to get an idea of what it is about. But the short film, I will fund it myself which will be a very low-budget film. I am very exited with the films. I think, I have found the right movies and genres to make. I like sci-fi/mystery/thriller movies. So, I shall enjoy to make these two movies to a great extent. Can’t wait!

I might continue to work on the script tonight anyway, to move my filmmaking project forward as much as possible. Time to start filming. I really hope, I can start shooting within next month – in time for the Halloween.

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