Healthy Breakfast

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I’m having a late, healthy breakfast or brunch. It’s just some breads with cheese & jam, green smoothie, black tea, and some fruits. I just stood up late. Well, maybe not quite 8:30am on Sunday. But for me it’s late. Because, I went to bed around 2am this morning, working on my screenplay till late. I will continue today again. I haven’t touched my manuscript for more than two weeks now since I have been busy. So, last night, I just went crazy with it. Lots of things to write, all of the sudden. And I still have some self tape auditions to make as well. I have to read the scripts and memorize for my self tape auditions. And lots of many things I have to do, prepare, and catch up today. So, Sunday is not a day where I relax like most people do. To be exact, I work 7 Days a week. So, when I got up this morning I planned my schedule right away. So I have a control over what I have to get done and prioritize. It really helps me stay organized. Instead of keeping everything in my head. I have them on my calendar or on a to-do list. Then I can see what I really have to complete first, second, etc. That’s what it is. Life is a to-do list. It may not sound creative. But what else can I do? That’s the way we live today. It’s almost unavoidable for people who’re multi-tasking or busy and want to manage their times efficiently, to get the most out of time. Whatever that helps me to stay focus, increase my productivity, get things done as much as possible, and don’t mess up, I will do it.

I feel like going out and walk around London – just to take a break. But since my schedule is jam-packed with tasks I can’t go nowhere. And it’s raining anyway. So, I will just stay home and work on my assignments.

healthy breakfast

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