A New Kind of Audition

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I’m very busy at the moment. I’m rarely home. I haven’t blogged since Saturday last week because I have been busy since then. Tomorrow, I will be out all day long again. It’s the time of year that I get busy. Or maybe just this year. Working in entertainment industry can be difficult to predict when you will get busy. It depends on the projects and lots of things. It’s not like a regular or a typical job. Sometimes you get really busy and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you have a long downtime you begin to wonder: This is it, my acting career is over, no one likes me no more, maybe I’m too old, maybe I don’t have the right look, maybe my acting is horrible, maybe……

That’s the way it is in entertainment business. You have to be persistent, be patient, be active, be productive, always improve your skills, and more. If you can’t do this and can’t cope with rejections, downtime, and sometimes being busy constantly, then it’s not the right job for you. As far as I’m concerned, I love every moment of it, regardless of how much or less work I have. I just love acting, doing what I love, and enjoying the process of making my dreams come true. So I don’t mind the downtime. It also gives me time to relax, rethink my strategy, work on my own filmmaking project, write, make new plans, attend acting workshops, martial arts class, and so forth. So, I see it as an opportunity to recharge my energy and gain new knowledge in the meantime. Therefore, it doesn’t affect me that much.

I went to audition on Sunday last week. I have never been to this type of audition before. I normally do a 1-minute monologue. And that’s it. But this one, we did Shakespeare, dance, and a modern monologue as well – 3 in 1 audition. But it was fun. It really challenged my skills and talents: What and how many skills I actually possess, can do, or can acquire. I have never tried a Shakespeare play before. But it wasn’t that bad. I just had to jump right in without fear. Then we danced. I haven’t been to dancing classes for a while. But when I started dancing again last week I could feel I still love dancing. So I have to start going to dancing classes again. Then I performed a 1-minute modern monologue at last. It was a fun and good experience, indeed.

After that, I wanted to go to martial arts class as well because, like dancing, I haven’t attended it for some time. And I normally attended it on Sundays. I am busy with my script and my filmmaking project at present. So I stop doing all of the other things – just for now. But I think, I may have to start going to dancing and martial arts classes again. Just to keep training. Otherwise, I will never be good at it if I stop and start again for so many times. I have to keep practising regularly if I want to make some progress.

From when I attended martial arts class – last year, I think. We learned lots of things, for example, boxing, kung fu, armed and unarmed stage combat.

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