Egg Yolk Face Mask

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I’m using egg yolk face mask right now. I planned to do it yesterday. But then I was working on my screenplay constantly, so I just forgot and apply it today instead. Now, I’m waiting for it to completely dry, so that I can wash it off. Then after, I will have a soft, radiant, astringent skin like a baby face. I will mask once or twice a week. Egg yolk is a perfect face mask because it extracts all of the impurity from the skin and leaves the skin soft and clean. Egg yolk has lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more. And it’s very sticky. And therefore, it’s an ideal face mask to draw out the dirt, filth, oil, etc. and rejuvenate the skin since it is so rich in nutrients. I sometimes also use egg yolk as a hair treatment. And it will leave my hair soft and shiny. So, I rarely buy beauty or cosmetic products at all. I just use what I have in the kitchen as my skin care. The only things I buy are makeup, shampoo, soap, and similar, since I can’t make them myself. I can. But it will take time and cost more sinceĀ I have to make them in a big quantity at a time, which is not worth it if I will just want to make them for my own use. So I don’t bother. But something like face mask, face oil, serum, and the like, I can make them in a small amount at a time – just for my own use. Like face oil or serum, I can just make only one bottle each time. Then when I have used it up I can simply make a new one. So, it’s very simple to make and rather affordable. I want to go to bed early, so that my skin can relax if I want to have a younger looking skin. But it seems, I will be working on my script up till late again tonight.

Waiting for the egg yolk face mask to dry before I wash it off.

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