Afternoon Tea with Apple Crumble

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I’m enjoying my afternoon tea with apple crumble. I bought the black tea from Harrods yesterday. It had a nice scent when I smelled it before I bought it. But now when I drink it it doesn’t taste of much. But it’s a black tea. Maybe it tastes like that. I don’t know. It’s a long time ago I drank black tea. So I don’t quite remember how it tastes? Anyway, black tea is a good tea. So I will just finish this package first. Then I can buy a new black tea from a different brand, afterwards. It may taste better. But the¬†apple crumble tastes very yummy, which I just bought from Sainsburys. It’s the best apple crumble I have ever eaten. It normally tastes quite dry. But this one from¬†Sainsburys tastes like a home-made dessert. I went out and did my shopping this morning, mostly just candies, because I’m going to work on my screenplay the whole day today – till I have to go to bed. So I need lots of snacks. It’s getting more and more interesting the more I edit it. I see my short horror film script, Escape from Death, as an experiment on my writing and storytelling, before I start working on a feature film manuscript. I have already written the treatment and the screenplay as a draft for my feature horror movie with the same name, Escape from Death. But I have not revised them yet. I want to work on my short film screenplay first, to practise my writing and storytelling skills. Therefore, I will just add, delete, and modify it as much as I like until I’m happy with it. And it looks good so far. I’m glad that I take the time to experiment with it before I start filming, and before I move on to write and make my feature film. It’s my second short, after all. So I just want to make a better film than the last one. If I don’t care how interesting the screenplay and film will be then there is no point of becoming a filmmaker. As a storyteller, I want to create a good art. I want to improve and make progress each time I create something.

Afternoon tea time with delicious apple crumble.

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