My Beauty Secret

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Nature is behind my beauty secret. I love nature. And I try to utilize it in my daily life as much as possible. I even make and use my own natural cosmetics, such as face oil, face mask. I use, for example, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil as my face oils. Then I use green clay for my face mask. Sometimes, I just use egg yolk. Especially, the latter really makes my face feel soft and taut like a baby skin. I can feel the difference immediately right after using it. I just do it once or twice a week before I go to bed. And egg yolk face mask is my favorite beauty routine for younger looking skin.

I tried to run a handmade beauty cosmetic business before since I love natural, handmade cosmetics so much. But I had to stop it because I didn’t have time to pursue my dreams as an actress, writer, and filmmaker. I also made and sold handmade jewelry before which I also had to put a stop to it, again, because I wanted to focus on my acting career 100% instead. So now, I only make handmade cosmetics and jewelry just for my own use. I might, in the future, restart my beauty business if my acting, writing, and filmmaking careers didn’t go so well. But even if it did, having a side business that could guarantee a steady income as well would be ideal since nothing is certain in the entertainment industry, or in this world.

handmade cosmetics

Handmade cosmetics that I make and use for myself.

I like buying natural ingredients to use in the formulations of my own beauty products. I know almost all the shops in London where to buy them. I don’t like buying my materials online since I can’t see them for real right in front of me. I am a visual person, I guess….hehe. Today is Friday, I will use my egg yolk face mask before I go to bed. It’s best to do it before bedtime, then use night cream, afterwards. Then my skin can relax during the night. Then I will wake up with a nice, healthy glow skin in the morning. I try to go to bed early as well. The latest I will go to bed will be about 10pm. I discover that whenever I go to bed early and then when I get up in the morning my skin looks so youthful and healthy.

I also eat lots of vegetables. Healthy food is vital for a healthy skin as well. Tea is also good for the skin. Because, it’s no secret that it contains lots of antioxidants which are good for the skin, health, and more. My top favorites are green tea and black tea. I can see a significant change in my skin after drinking these teas. Speaking of tea, I will start drinking it more often than coffee since it does more good to my skin than coffee. And I do buy my tea in a tea shop or in the malls, such as Harrods, Selfridges. I don’t know. When it comes to tea, I care more about the quality, product, packaging, what it made of, where it’s from, where and how it’s made, and so on.

green tea

Tea is one of my beauty secrets of a younger looking skin.

And I don’t like using teabags. I prefer loose-leaf tea and let it infuse in hot water for some time before I drink it, so its minerals, aromas, and more, from the leaves will fully be extracted. And then I will get more benefits from it. Making and drinking tea is like a ritual for me. Drinking a cup of delicate tea gives me a sense of luxury and I feels so relaxed. And it’s like, it’s taking me to the place where the tea plants were cultivated and made. It’s an exceptional experience and journey just by drinking a cup of good, quality tea. That’s how a brand distinguishes itself from others by connecting the customers to a unique, luxurious adventure. And it works.

I am on my way out now to buy tea!

Speak soon.



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