A Busy Week

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I busy myself with lots of things this week. I think, it could be because Halloween and Christmas are approaching. I have lots of self tape auditions to make, working on my own screenplay and film project, looking for film festivals to send my film to, meetings, attending acting & writing classes, going through actor applications for my horror film, and many more. But I have everything under control. I’m getting used to being busy. And I love it. If I’m not busy then I don’t know what to do. I would probably be bored. So I prefer having some creative works to do all the time. It just keeps me going. This is what I love to do or feel that I was destined to become an actress, writer, and director. So, every moment or every step I take to move myself forward is a pure joy for me.

I also have my hands full today. And that’s why I stood up quite early today 5:30am. I set the alarm clock last night to wake me up at 6:30am. But I got up an hour earlier instead. It’s always like that. I think, it’s because I have dedicated my life and time to my acting and filmmaking careers. So, I’m always so energetic, active, and excited to start my day to do what I’m passionate about. I can foresee, I will be very busy from now on till the end of this year and continue to the next year as well. All of the sudden, New Year is just right around the corner. Wow, time flies.

But I love New Year. I think, it has something to do with a new beginning. I always look forward to a new start, experiencing something new, new opportunities and possibilities, new friends, new connections, and so on. Therefore, I’m always very enthusiastic about my future and what I can do each day to reach my goals. When I think of it that way I don’t see it as a difficult thing to achieve. I just enjoy the process of getting there, so I forget how challenging it can be.


Morning coffee.

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