Comedy Night

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I’m working on my own horror movie project day & night. I need to take a break and see a comedy. I like watching Bridesmaids. I have seen it many times already. And tonight, I’m going to see it again. It’s such a good, funny film that always makes me laugh. Finally, a good comedy with all female leads that manages to make you laugh again and again.  Kristen Wiig is hilarious. The whole cast is just so funny. If my horror film fails I may try my hand at comedy movies instead 🙂

So tonight, I will just relax and watch a few good movies if I can. If not, then just one film. I have to see a movie anyhow to entertain myself since I don’t have a television. So, Netflix and Amazon are the places I go to when I need some entertainment. And I love watching movies and read books. But I have been reading and writing too much lately. So I need a change. If I don’t read or write I watch movies. And that’s it. I bought a book from Amazon not long ago, I don’t even have time to read or finish it, so many things to do. I have read the novel once which was very captivating. So I have to read it again. And it’s a long time ago I’ve read it. So when I start reading it again I can’t remember a thing.

I also want to re-read Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. I love thriller/suspense/mystery/sci-fi/fantasy. And that’s why I want to make horror movies and, perhaps, sci-fi films as well in the future. I just like reading books and watching films that keep me on the edge of my seat constantly, or, take my imagination to a whole new level. I also like The Girl on The Train novel, but never watch the film. I have heard it’s not very good. I think, it’s because I was just disappointed that the film didn’t use the novel’s original setting which was London. I think, many people, like me, were expecting to experience another side of London, as the author has experienced it, in movie as well how it would depict London scenes you’ve never seen it that way before, or no one has described it that way before. Instead, it used New York’s setting. So I never try to watch it. I might, at some point. I rarely read romance or comedy. But I do see romantic or comedy movies once in a while. Not that much. Just for the change.

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