Women’s Right

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It is very important that women start fighting back if they’re experiencing (sexual) harassment, discrimination, racism, or even crimes being committed to them. The silence only increases the problems even more. You may be seen as a troublemaker and get less job opportunities if you try to complain. But the people who dare to speak up make changes! And your dignity and right are far more important above all else. The people that don’t want to understand you or support you are not the right people to work with anyway, or have anything to do with for that matter. I like watching films or read stories that encourage women to come forward, to fight for their rights, be heard, be understood, get support, and more. I like to be inspired and learn how to tackle these types of issues since I’m a woman myself. So, I do sometimes experience similar problems many (color) women experience, especially in the workplace.

This film looks interesting on BFI website. I have, actually, watched many good, inspirational movies on its website. It’s really a good destination for filmmakers to discover unique inspirations and ideas. So I’m going to watch it here

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