The Power of Technology

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I am very busy at the moment. I plan to shoot my short film asap. But it seems, I might have to postpone it another more week. But that’s it. I have lots of applications which I haven’t even had time to go through and respond to them all – only some. So hopefully, this weekend, I will be able to do it. I have to if I want to complete my short film within two weeks from now. Giving myself a deadline is also a way to do whatever I can to meet the end date. Otherwise it could go on forever.

Tonight, I might continue to work on my screenplay as well. I write a lot every day. Even though I don’t blog that often now since I’m busy, but I do write daily. I have a lot to write, actually. But it can only benefit me. Writing every day gives me more confidence in writing, and at the same time improves my writing skill. And I love writing. So I enjoy the process to a fullest extent.

After finishing this blog post, I will continue to work on my script on my mobile phone. I work on my cell phone as much as I work on my laptop. At night time, I don’t like sitting up with my laptop on my lap and work. I just want to lie down and use my mobile phone for my work instead. Mobile phone has become a very convenient thing nowadays for writers. You can use it to perform lots of tasks without using a computer or a laptop. I use my mobile a lot, more than I use my laptop. I think. I also read and write a lot on my mobile, especially at night.

And when I can’t sleep I just grab my mobile and continue to write. Or, when I have something interesting I want to add to my screenplay before I forget it I can just do it straight away, using my mobile to add, delete, adjust, etc. the manuscript. Right now, I’m also blogging using a mobile app.


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