Busy Working On Set

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I am busy working on set at the moment. So you may not see me blog every day. Today is my only day off for now, and that’s why I can blog. However, the people who wish to apply for my short film project, Escape from Death, please do apply. I still look for people to participate in my short film for the shoot next month. I am still shortlisting people. People keep applying constantly. So even though I am busy working on set myself for the time being, but I do read every application whenever I have time to check my emails and reply to people during my breaks, to keep up with all the submissions that are coming in. Because, when I get home I will take a shower and go straight to bed, ready for the filming early next day. I won’t have time to do all that when I come home. There’s no time for that anyway since I will be coming home late, get some sleep, and back on set again the next day very early in the morning. So I have to make use of my breaks to a great length instead.

The selection process will be divided into two stages: First the shortlisted people will have to send in a self tape, then I will shortlist people from the self tapes again and invite them to audition. And the audition will be a final step to choose the right candidates for the roles. I give myself more than 100% for my¬†short film project since I will promote the film some more and send it to more film festivals this time. I have a good feeling about it. This is an opportunity where my knowledge and skills in filmmaking, writing, and as an actress can be put to good use. And I will utilize it to a full extent. This will be my chance to test my ability as a screenwriter, filmmaker, marketer, and as an actor as well. Therefore, I so look forward to finalizing my project, working with interesting, talented artistes, creating a work of art together, and so on. I really work hard to write a good screenplay, too. I read my script over and over again, to be sure it’s exciting, riveting, and intriguing.

Now, I will have a bath, ready to continue to work on the film set tomorrow. Then, I might watch a great film or read a good book, afterwards. And then go to bed early. I will not look at my manuscript today. I just want to relax.

My recent selfie from last week.

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