I Read Every Actor Application

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I read every actor application for my upcoming short horror film, Escape from Death. Every cast & crew submission will be read and selected carefully by me. I am passionate and serious about my filmmaking project. So, I devote my time to find the right candidates for my project. I have spent almost half a day already sorting through submissions, looking at CVs, headshots, showreels, etc. I don’t even have my breakfast, yet. As soon as I got up, I started going through applications right away since they come in constantly. When I’ve finished the first set of submissions I will take a break, have my breakfast, and continue to work on my screenplay to finally complete it. Then, I will start studying the applications again. I have a feeling that this project will be interesting. Therefore, every morning I wake up with incredible energy and enthusiasm to continue to work on my project, to move it forward as much as I can. And I might hold an actual audition as well, to see everyone perform.


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