My Film is Ready to Shoot Next Month

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So far, I have already posted my ads on and looking for cast & crew for my upcoming short horror film, Escape from Death. If you fit the bill, you can alternatively send a CV and showreel (s) to me directly to

I plan to shoot the film early next month. So I have time to assemble the cast & crew, have meetings to discuss the project, plan the shoot, rehearse, and so on. This looks exciting! The jobs are unpaid since I fund the film myself. But in return, everybody who takes part will get a lot of exposure and, probably, get noticed because the film will be sent to some major film festivals. So, it’s a great opportunity not to be missed. And plus, everyone will get a credit on IMDb, a copy of the footage for their showreel, be fed, and travel expenses will be covered within London only, and possibly, continue to work on my feature film project as well with the same name. This short film is just a short version of the feature film I plan to make, afterwards. The feature film version will also be submitted to film festivals. And if I do get a fund for my feature film everyone who works on the feature film will get paid.

You can view the ad and apply for the job on Shooting People here

And on Mandy here

Or email your CV and showreel to

I look forward to collaborating with you soon!


I also look for extras about 3-5 people to play a group of demons or zombies, any gender and ethnicity. If interested, please email me with your CV and showreel if you have one. Thanks. If you’re on Mandy you can also apply on Mandy here.

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