My Short Film Screenplay Could be Ready Today

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I woke up at 6 am sharp today and started working on my short film screenplay right away. I worked until 12 noon. Then I needed to take a break. I then went out and bought a can of beer to celebrate. I don’t really want to drink alcohol while I’m working on my script. I just don’t want to lose focus. So I try to drink alcohol only when I need to stay away from my work for a while. And only little alcohol, like a glass of wine or a beer – just to chill out and relax.

I had worked on my script for 6 Hours since I stood up. I took a timeout at 12 o’clock exactly. I had written the whole script of my short film. And I think it looks good – so far. Now, the second step is to go through it again, adding something, taking something out, making some adjustments, and so fort. After this blog post, I will continue to work with it again. And if everything looks good today, which I hope, I will start looking for cast & crew asap. I will try to see if I can manage to finish my script today. I have a feeling, I can. And the screenplay looks unique & interesting. For me. I don’t know for others. Until I have shot the film and submitted it to film festivals.

It’s nice to have some feedback. I don’t care if it is negative or positive. Feedback is valuable for filmmakers. So you know how others see your work. You can only learn by practicing, I think. Therefore, I spend my time trying to craft a good short film script. Rewrite it again and again, until I’m happy with it. It’s just a short film. The screenplay for it might not need to be that perfect for some. Just get it written. So the film can be made. But for me, I take my time because I am experimenting with unique concepts, themes, plots, characters, and so on.  So, I am in no hurry. And now, I think I am happy with the new concept I have come up with. So hopefully, I can complete the script today. Fingers crossed.

cold beer

A glass of cold beer on a warm summer day to chill out.

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