My Filming Project Starts Now!

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I have begun to look for cast & crew today already. Tomorrow, I will post on more places. I have been busy looking for cast & crew all day today. By the time I have all cast & crew ready, I will also have finished my script. I’m too tired tonight to continue to work on my screenplay. I will start tomorrow morning again. And hopefully, I can finally complete it tomorrow. I am happy with the premise & themes. I won’t change it again. So tomorrow is about refining the script, then I’m done. Then the next step is to find the cast & crew to collaborate with. It’s good that I start searching for cast & crew now. It will take some time anyway before I have everybody ready for the shoot.

I will watch a good film tonight to relax after a long day. I have seen Paddington 2 once which was good and funny. I think, I will watch it again tonight. It’s one of entertaining underdog family movies, definitely.

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