New Photo Gallery

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I have just created a new photo gallery for the photos I took yesterday. I try to update my pictures every week, so that I have up-to-date images as often as possible. I took all the photos myself using tripod. I don’t need a photographer every time I need new portfolio. I think, if you have a tripod you can take good photos of yourself as well – almost as good as professional photographers, even with a mobile phone. Just use natural light and maybe a little bit of editing and makeup – not too much. The photos I took yesterday, I didn’t wear foundation at all, no eyeliner, and no eyeshadow either. I only applied a little blush on my cheeks and a little bit of lipstick. And that’s it. I try to keep a natural look on every photo of mine. I don’t really use makeup anyway. And when I use I use very little. Then I put a date on each gallery. So it clearly shows when the images were taken. This time, I’m wearing smart, casual apparel. Next time, I will wear something different. So there is a variety of my photos with particular outfits. It’s very convenient taking pictures of myself with a tripod since I can update my photos as often as I like. The summer light really helps as well. Yesterday, I could take some clear images without having to manipulate them at all. I just uploaded them to my gallery as they were, no editing. You can also view the new gallery here.

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