Rewriting my Screenplay

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I have done a lot to my script today. I am glad that I take the time to revise my short film screenplay. I have thus discovered that I do not need some of the scenes and characters at all. It’s too much for a short film. It makes it lose focus and makes it difficult for me to produce the film as well since I have to find those locations, actors, props, etc. as describes in the manuscript. It’s just too much and unnecessary. So today, I’m taking my time to cut out some scenes, actors, filming locations, etc. Then, I will have to rewrite the script after I am happy with what I have left in the script. It’s such a relief. Therefore, I like analyzing my own screenplay, looking for mistakes, unimportant scenes, dialogues, characters, locations, and so on, and only concentrate on things that have something to do with the story. Now, it’s easier for me to write the script when I know what I should focus my energy on instead. Then, I can, perhaps, start filming it very soon. When you lose focus, what your film is really about, you try to pop everything in it that has nothing to do with its concept. Consequently, you end up spending more time trying to figure out where your script is going? And it’s going nowhere because it has forgotten its destination. And that’s why I seem to be working on my screenplay forever. I think, I started working on it since earlier this year. And now, the summer is almost over, and I still wrestle with my script. Now, I know why. And since I know where the mistakes are I can now finish the script faster and with more exciting plot and characters.

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