New Film Project

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While I was working on my filmmaking project yesterday new idea just came into my mind. I might make a new, quick, short film before I finish making this short film that I’m working on at the moment, Escape from Death. This new film plan is an easy one. I can act alone or need one more actor. I can film and edit the whole thing myself, again, as in my first short, Instant Risk, which I shot the whole film and edited it myself, but there were 5 Actors in it. This time, I will only use 1 or 2 Actors. I can even make short film every week if I want to. One week one film. I will see first how it goes with my new short film task.

And beside that I will still continue to work on my current short film project, Escape from Death. But I’m not sure yet, if I will start making this new short film or not? Because, if I do it will mean my¬†current short film scheme,¬†Escape from Death, will be slower to complete, which I don’t really want to. I want to finish it as soon as possible, so that I can begin to submit it to film festivals. I might take one thing at a time. But my new idea seems so tempting. Well, I just wait and see what I will do. I will start working on my film script as usual today. Then, if I can’t resist the new film’s idea I will just make it. I just have to follow my instinct. If it feels right I will have to make it.

I will give myself some time to think about it today. And then if I really want to make this new film, which I don’t have a title or have written a plot yet, I will start preparing to film it right away. I don’t wait anymore. I won’t get things done if I continue to wait for the right moment to come. So, after this blog post, I might start planning already how I would make the film and how long would it take to shoot. But acting alone is boring. I might find one more actor to be in the film as well, which is not difficult to find one. I feel so excited already. Today is Thursday. I think I can make the film within 3-4 Days. Then by Monday, I might have the footage ready.

New selfie from last week, I think. Or just very recently.

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