Learning by Making

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I stood up at 3 am today. It’s pretty early. Then I took a nap this afternoon because I was a little tired. I had no idea why I got up that early? So tonight, I think I will go to bed late and spend time working on my screenplay, Escape from Death. Even though it is just a short film about 15 Minutes long, but I plan to submit it to some major film festivals, so it needs to be good both the plot and the acting. Therefore, my script needs to be good to begin with. So I focus on drafting a compelling manuscript first, then the acting, the shoot, the post-production, and so on. This is my chance to become a professional screenwriter and actress. So I have to work hard to get it right from the get-go. But I don’t put a lot of hope in it. I mainly do this to train myself to be a good filmmaker and actor. By writing a lot of screenplays (good or bad), acting in my own films, making lots of boring or interesting movies, trying to get people to care, and more, I automatically gain the useful experiences in filmmaking I need. So, I don’t really waste my time anyway. You can only be good at something by making mistakes, trying it several times before you get it right, practicing, experimenting, etc. So, I learn a lot along the way. It’s the best way to learn something, I think. Just do it. No one can become a good filmmaker by making just one movie. You just have to keep making it and seeing, where are your mistakes?, how can you improve it?, can I make something no one has ever never done it before?, what if I make this just for fun, but others may find it super interesting? And so on. So you never know how it will turn out and what you may find along the process. So the practice of writing and filmmaking gives me lots of insight, knowledge, new ideas, confidence, and skills I need without going to film school. You can teach yourself a lot of things by jumping right in – just get started. I may make lots of boring films to begin with since I’m still learning. But it’s better than nothing.

Can’t wait to start shooting my next film, Escape from Death.

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