Walked Home

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I walked all the way home from Putney Station this afternoon because some roads had closed due to the Prudential Ride London 2018. It took me only about half an hour. So, it wasn’t that bad. Exercise is good anyway. And it drizzles all day long today. So I was walking in the rain, which was very refreshing. When the weather is so hot at the moment walking in the rain is exactly what I need. Luckily, today is the last day for the Prudential Ride London 2018, I think. Tomorrow, everything will go back to normal. Otherwise, I will have to walk to the station to get the train tomorrow morning. But even if I have to I don’t really mind. I will walk anyway. It’s not that far.

Tonight, I will find a good film to watch. And if I don’t get that tired I may read a book, afterwards. Or maybe, I just see one movie and go to bed early. I have to work on set again tomorrow. So I need to get some rest and get up early and be fresh. I think, I will do that. I will find a comedy to watch or maybe a horror movie again. But I have been watching lots of horror films lately. So I think, I need a little break from it. But when I browse through Netflix or Amazon I typically end up with some kind of horror/thriller/crime film anyway, or even sci-fi. Sometimes, I re-watch those films I have already seen again and again. So tonight, I might re-watch one of my favorite movies that I have seen years ago.


The road in front of my house was closed all day today due to the Prudential Ride London 2018. It looked dead quiet. But I think it reopens now. 

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