Yoga Day

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Today, I will start going to yoga class again after a long break. I went to martial arts, yoga, and dance last year. Then I stopped because I wanted to concentrate on finishing my screenplay first. But it seems, it can take longer than I expect to complete and I begin to gain weight – out of shape – since I just stay home and write and eat. I do walk almost daily. But that doesn’t help much. So now, I have to start taking action before it’s out of control. I started attending martial arts last week. Then I attend dancing classes twice a week. Then now also yoga. I will not succumb to fat. That will be the last thing I will surrender myself to. So, I will do anything in my power to prevent that. Time to take action. After yoga class, then I will go to commercial dance class later today. I attend jazz and commercial dances every week. And I feel amazing. I also have to go buy martial arts outfit. I totally forgot about that. I found a shop that sells it not too far from Putney, actually. So, I will go there and have a look. I do different forms of exercises not only to gain new skills, but also to maintain my health. And actually, my wellbeing is more vital than new talents. So, first and foremost, I exercise just to stay healthy. All other things are just extras. And I feel great every time I have been exercising. It’s like my body tells me that I did the right thing. I always listen to my instinct and what my body tells me. And most of the time, they are right.

At yoga class.

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