Why I Like Going to Martial Arts and Dancing

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I love martial arts as much as I love dancing. I watch lots of action movies that contain martial arts fights. I also see a lot of music videos that have dance in it. I go to martial arts and dancing as a form of exercise and to gain new skills. And the choreography and technique are very much alike, I think. Both dancing and martial arts have to be choreographed, to achieve the lively, stylist fighting scenes – the same with dancing. So, by going to both dancing and martial arts classes, my moves improve. Fighting is like dancing in a way. You have to shift your body a lot – to the left, right, duck, jump, and more, to avoid being hit. Therefore, it’s pretty much the same like dancing. So they both naturally help elevate my tempos and steps.

Above is a video which assembles most of Tony Jaa best fight scenes. So, if you love martial arts you may find it both entertaining and inspiring.


At a martial arts class last year, doing boxing, kung fu, armed and unarmed fighting, sword & shield fight, and many more. I took a long break. Now, it’s time to go back.

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