Friday Outfit

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I wear my new, white sport shoes already today with my favorite yellow, floral mini dress as my Friday outfit. I love them! They can go with all my outfits, actually. Comfortable to walk with, as well. I do have plain, cheap, white sport shoes from Primark. But they are not so comfortable to walk with. But I will not throw them any anyway. I will keep them when I have to work on sets. They have no logo. So, they are perfect for wearing on sets. And they’re cheap. If I lost them I’d not mind. Sometimes, I buy clothes and accessories from Primark just for working on sets. Then if I lost them, they got damaged, or even got stolen, then I’d not care. I actually lost my denim shirt on a film set that I bought from Dorothy Perkins a long time ago. I didn’t even notice it. I must have forgotten it when I changed my outfits. But, it’s okay because it’s not expensive. So, I do have a little bit more expensive apparels that I don’t bring them on sets. Then, I have cheap garments, mostly from Primark for use on film sets. Sometimes, cheap second-hand clothes.

Tomorrow, I have to attend an acting seminar and dancing class. Look forward to it. I already paid for the acting workshop, to commit myself to it. So I will have to go. Then, this Sunday, I will start going to martial arts class again. Can’t wait.

actress buppha

yellow mini dress

flowering dress

women's denim jacket

White sport shoes with floral mini dress, a denim jacket on top, a gold fairy-tale necklace, and a 70’s style bag. What a cute combination for a sunny Friday. 

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