New Sport Outfits

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I went out and shopped my sport outfits today. I bought a pair of Adidas pants and shoes as well. I also bought a nice pair of second-hand jeans for just £5 from a charity shop, which I really like. The shoes, I will use with my normal clothes just for fashion, not for sport since I already have my sport shoes. The new shoes are just for a comfortable walk when I have to stroll around London. And I do walk around the city a lot. So I need comfy shoes to walk with. But at the same time, they need to look fashionable as well, so that I can wear them with most of my clothing. I can’t really wear my sport shoes for going out. But this new pair of sport shoes are more suitable to use as a fashion item, too. I like the plain white color of it. So I can wear them with most of my apparels.

I also went for a walk this morning before I went shopping. I walked to Wimbledon Village. I never took a walk to Wimbledon Village before. I always walk to Putney instead. So at first, I thought it would take me about 30-45 Minutes to walk to Wimbledon Village. But then, it only took me about 25 Minutes, which is even closer to Putney. It takes me about 30 Minutes to walk to Putney. Well, it is the same distance anyway then. 25 Minutes wasn’t that much of a walk. But then I went shopping, afterwards. So I did walk a lot anyway. I walked all day, actually. I just came home about 20:00 pm. I feel amazing now. I try to walk at least 30 Minutes a day and every day. And I will try not to skip it.

My new Adidas shoes and pants.

New second-hand jeans.

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