The Making of “Escape from Death” Horror Movie

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I will spend the rest of today working on my short film project, Escape from Death. I suppose to go to dancing class later today. But I will have to skip it. My filmmaking project is almost done with its second stage which is the script’s correction. So, I want to get it done completely. Then, it’s out of the way. I really have to start concentrating on it, otherwise I can go on forever. Many new writers have the same problem as well. You work and work on it. The enthusiasm is high at the beginning. But then when you get to the middle, you lose interest or find it hard to make it to the end. Then you stop and never look back. It’s like when you come to Act 2 you don’t know what to do with it, how to survive the Act 2 and make it to Act 3 without the whole script falling apart? I will not let that happen to me. So, I will have to fight hard to finish the screenplay.

I went out this morning to do my shopping, eventually. Now, I have enough snack, dessert, ice cream, fruit, milk, etc. I can now work on my manuscript smoothly – all day & all night. Hopefully, I will be able to finish polishing my screenplay tonight, so that I can start shooting. I feel so excited how my horror film, Escape from Death, will turn out. I have never made a horror movie before. So, this is quite a challenge. At first, I thought making horror movie is easy when you think about you can use whatever you have to make the film. It can be just one or two locations, less actors, and so on. But, the main thing is how to make it scary? And that’s can be tricky.

I think, making a comedy or drama is even easier since you can just film it just like that – if you like. But horror movie is different. It has to look and feel spooky, scary, horrified, etc. Otherwise, it’s not a horror movie. And that will require a camera technique, setup, filming locations, FX during the filming and editing process, and more. So, when I take all these into consideration is not that easy, after all. And that’s why it takes me longer time to revise the screenplay because all of these have to be in the script before it can be made into film. So, anyone who reads the manuscript will know exactly what the film is about and what genre. If it’s a horror, is it scary enough? Does the setting evoke the sense of fear, paranoia, abomination, and atrocity, before the audience even sees the actors? And so on.

By the way, the 12 Thai football kids and their coach have escaped from the cave successfully today! Thanks to the rescue team for all the hard work they have contributed. Again, what a relief. We can now only hope something like this will never happen again.

banana split

My homemade banana split ice cream.

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