A Very Warm Week

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This week is going to be a very warm week, according to the weather forecast. The weather is so hot and humid today. I am sweating right now. Even though the sun isn’t shine at the moment, but it is very, very warm. I feel like going out and buy ice cream, soft drinks, fruits, and all that, to beat the heat. But then I have to wait for a bus to take me to either Putney or Wimbledon to do my shopping, so maybe I will just skip it. I don’t feel that hungry when it’s too warm. I just want to drink ice cold drinks all day long, to keep myself hydrated throughout the day. It is very important to drink lots of water in this weather. So, I drink more than I eat. I have eaten all my yogurts and fruits. I have no desserts or fruits left in my fridge. So, I might go out and buy some anyway since I will be working on my screenplay all night long again today. I might need some snacks, so I don’t get bored. I am more active and productive at night now, to work on my script. I think because of the heat and sun. I just want to go out and walk around in a park, enjoy the sun, drink ice cold drink, eat ice cream, etc. I am so tempted to go out during summer. It’s hard to resist. But I have to if I want to finish my manuscript (s). So tonight, I will see how much I can get it done. It’s just a revision. The screenplay was already done a long time ago. The rest is to shape it. So, maybe it will go quicker this time.

weather forecast

The weather is still very warm even though is about 20:00 o’clock already.

cold chocolate drink

chocolate milkshake

I really need chocolate milkshake right now 🙁

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