4 Of Thai Football Team Have Been Rescued so far

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Every single day, I have been following the news anxiously about a teenage Thai football team trapped in Thailand cave since it all began. And today, I have finally heard a very good news that 4 of them had already been rescued and out of the cave yesterday. What a relief! But it’s not over, yet. The rest is still waiting to be freed, as well. But the divers are all very exhausted and need to relax before the next operation. One diver died, Saman Gunan, which was a very sad story. He tried to rescue others, but he died himself. He delivered the oxygen tanks to the boys in the cave, then on his way out he’s running out of oxygen himself and died. I felt so sad when I heard about the news. Well, he’s already dead. Nothing to do about it now. But, he will be remembered for sure.

The main focus is now, to rescue the rest of the boys as soon as possible because they have to race against time and water. At first, the mission seemed rather impossible since the boys can’t swim and dive, and many other things that made this mission sound impossible. They also had to learn how to swim and dive in a short amount of time in order to escape and survive. But the first 4 Boys who managed to escape successfully proved that whenever there’s a willpower everything is possible, which surprised many who thought the boys would risk their lives by diving and swimming out of the cave since they can’t swim and dive. And to teach them how to use an oxygen mask is not that easy either. It would take months or even years for them to fully learn how to use it correctly. But since the rescue team had to race against water and time, they had no choice but to start the rescue operation before it’s too late. Anyway, the idea appeared to work because 4 Boys are already out. They didn’t have to dive alone, though. Each boy was being accompanied by two experienced divers. And they will use the same method again with the next batch of kids.

People’re afraid they would panic since it takes about 6 Hours journey against the current to get to them and 5 Hours out again through the dangerous route: It’s pitch-dark, the water is also pitch-black like black coffee and muddy, some passages are extremely dangerous with jagged walls and incredibly narrow that the divers have to remove their oxygen tanks to be able to get through, the cave is also like a labyrinth which they could easily get lost in there, the current is also very powerful, and many, many more. And if they’re panicking because of the tiny spaces, narrow passageways, and darkness, which could easily make them feel claustrophobic, then it’d cause them more troubles. And the kids and divers could die.

It’s one of the most daredevil missions so far. And they are all kids except one adult, can’t swim and dive, the place where they are trapped is also not easy to escape. But 4 Boys are already out, and that is a major success and progress. The rest has to continue to sit in the darkness for more days, don’t know the difference between day and night, and the water is rising. But they have been sitting there for more than two weeks now. They are quite brave, actually. Most people would panic and cry constantly and lose their minds. So, I really hope the operation is successful – all will come out and go home safely.

And I would like to thank all of the supports we get from all over the world. It really means a lot. The teenage Thai football team was being found first by 2 British divers, actually. It’s a rare occurrence that brings people from all over the world together, to unite and work collectively to achieve a common goal. It’s so amazing.

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