The Casting

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Back home again from casting. I didn’t expect anything. It was fun anyway. You get to meet new people and the people who may or may not cast you. But we have at least meet each other face to face. And they get to see my personality, talent (s), how I look, and so on. So for me, even though I may not get selected, but I think the trip to the casting and the chance to get to perform was worth the time anyhow. Each time I attend a casting or audition my confidence increases, regardless of the outcome. And I still have some self-taped auditions to make, as well. I will continue to look for the monologues today. Hopefully, I will find some monologues that I like tonight, so that I can start recording it tomorrow. I might have to skip a dancing class again tomorrow since making self-taped auditions is more important. It concerns my career. The dancing lesson is just an exercise and hobby, which I can attend whenever I want or have time.

After casting, I wanted to go buy some more sport clothing that are still on sale now. I only have one sport t-shirt from Adidas, which you see me wear it every time I go to martial arts or dancing classes. So, I really need some more. And now, it’s a good time to buy before the sale period ends. But the weather is too warm today. I then had to hurry myself home. I couldn’t walk around in the heat, especially when the streets were packed with people. I also need a few Kung Fu outfits for my martial arts classes. I don’t really have one. And since I will attend it weekly, I will have to look for martial arts clothes to wear for the classes.

Below is a video I made some time ago after the first day I learned how to fight with sword & shield. It might not look so exciting since I had no one to do the fight choreography with. But I promise, next time I attend the martial arts class again I will film it from there 🙂

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