Early Bedtime

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I just got home from filming not long ago. I will go to bed early today, partly because I stood up pretty early today since I had a very early call time, and partly because I have to attend a casting tomorrow as well. So, I want to save my energy for tomorrow. And when I get home, there are also some self-taped auditions to be made. But before that I have to first practice and learn the monologues by heart. And I haven’t found the¬†monologues that I like, yet. Tomorrow, I will search for them again after I come home from casting. I have already cleaned my studio. So, there is no clutter anywhere to block my productivity. And that’s why I feel as if I have more energy now. Sometimes, small, unimportant things might potentially be the real culprits. And sometimes, little, happy moments – as little as buying beautiful flowers to put in your vase, smile to people more often, take a new route home, etc. – might increase your creativity, happiness, and the like. Something we tend to oversee always surprises us the most, I think.

I will try to go to bed now. Goodnight.

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